Homemade Sex Toys to Try Right Now

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Do you know that the sex toy industry is a billion-dollar market industry? The companies in this business make models and modes of toys designed to awake a sexual desire and maximize pleasure. They can significantly boost our sex lives, regardless of whether we met someone IRL or on one of the best dating sites 2021.

However, it is necessary to say that we don’t need to buy sex toys. Why is that, you may wonder. Well, you will be surprised to hear this, but we have them already in our homes. Of course, you need a bit of creativity!

Now, we have to say that a lot of people raise certain health concerns regarding these toys. Some think that we need to avoid these objects at any cost because we will end up in the emergency room. However, it is not as dangerous as you think if you choose well. Before we go on to our suggestions for homemade sex toys that help you understand how sexual desire works, we would like to point out something.  It is necessary to remember that hygiene is key here. Before putting anything in or on your vagina, make sure that it is properly cleaned and sanitized. Wash it after you finish using it.

Homemade Sex Toy to Increase a Sexual Desire

Electric Toothbrush

It kind of makes sense, doesn’t it? Practically, an electric toothbrush comes with the same vibrating capacity as the vibrator. Maybe you are too shy to buy one because you are still living in your parent’s house. Or you don’t want to invest in it as you are not sure whether it is useful for you. You may still be exploring what drives sexual desire. In each of these cases, it can be a perfect option. If you put the vibrating handle in the space between your labia, we guarantee that it will give you as much pleasure as any vibrator.

Fruit & Veggies

What do you have in mind when you hear this? A cucumber? A banana? Yeah, you are right – basically, all the fruits and veggies that have a kind of elongated shape can do the job perfectly for you. They are especially good when you are trying to investigate what causes sexual desire to explode! Of course, you have to make sure to clean the fruit or vegetable you are using properly. It is also advisable that you wrap it in a food wrap to avoid getting infections. A condom can also be useful, but only if you don’t want to eat the plant.


The funny thing is that when we think about a sexual desire, we associate it with penetration. But, when we fully understand what’s sexual desire, we realize that other things can satisfy it. For example, many women like to use pillows or sheets to stimulate the clitoris; towels will do as well. What we would recommend, though, is that you choose one or two of these objects and use them only for masturbation.

Ice Cubes

Well, if you are concerned about safety, then you should go for ice cubes. They are the safest thing you can find as they are nothing else than frozen water. You can go over the nipples, down the torso, and then down the happy trail with a cube and play until the moment when sexual desire starts. You can also suck on the ice cube before kissing. But you still have to be careful when doing this because not everyone gets excited when they have something cold on their body.


Seriously, a bathtub? If this is surprising, then you never enjoyed a real bath. Imagine you came back from work, you are horny, but your partner is away on a business trip! You don’t want to put anything in your vagina, but it feels like you can’t control sexual desire. What can you do? Well, try this. Pour yourself a glass of wine and lay in the bathtub while putting erogenous zones under the stream. Of course, you will have to experiment with pressure and temperature to understand what gives you the most pleasure, but we guarantee you will enjoy it. Same as ice cubes, it is safe.

Final Words

We compiled a list of things that can help you explore a sexual desire in the safest possible way.When it comes to homemade sex toys, it is necessary to say that although there are many objects that you can, in theory, use, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are all safe. There is a risk of getting infected, so you must be extra careful and don’t harm yourself. What are your thoughts on the matter? 

 Author’s bio:  

Miranda Davis is a freelance writer in the relation and psychology area. Miranda is interested in such topics as building healthy relationships between people, love/sex compatibility, and how to find the right balance in life in general. She is currently doing specific research on the topic. Miranda loves cooking and long-distance walking.

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Other Hot Ways to Have Some Naughty Fun

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While using pussy pumps and other toys seems like a solo bedroom adventure at first glance (and first touch), you’ll actually find that these devices are just the tip of the pleasure iceberg. You’ve already read how couples loves to add these products to spice up their love life, and once you’ve got a taste for the wild and sexy side, there are lots of other ways to explore. Read on to find out how a lot more fun is waiting for you just around the corner.

Meeting Other Fun Fans

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A Time of Different Relationships

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Why are Licensed Brothels Essential Across the World?

licensed prostitutes

Brothels and prostitution are some of the major problems across the globe. Moreover, people don’t like talking about them. For centuries people have been debating if brothels should be legalized or not. In countries like Australia, brothels and sex work has been regularised and is legal. Therefore, brothels’ situation in such countries is far better than African-Asian or Middle-Eastern countries. In these continents, brothels and prostitution are not just illegal but also a sin, and yet they run, but conditions of these brothels are unimaginably worst. But there are countries like Australia, and Germany which have licensed brothels. There is a huge difference between a regular brothel and licensed brothel. This blog, we are going to discuss the same.

Every year hundreds and thousands of women of all age groups (above 18) join these brothels to earn money and living because of lack of work, education, or poverty. To run a brothel or work as a sex worker in Australia must be 18 years and above. The laws governing the sex industry of Australia are strict, and if not followed, owners and workers can be put behind bars for a long time.

The customers that come to one of the best brothels must follow some etiquette while they are with the girls. People come to the place to have sex with the girls. People have a tendency to opt for fun, especially if the regular days seem to be monotonous. Hence people sometimes go to brothels to take out their routine frustration. Here are some of the etiquettes that a person has to apply while he is in one of the best brothels of the town.

There are many advantages to having licensed brothels and legal prostitution industries. Some of these reasons are discussed here.


  • Health Safety: If the brothels run without a license, one of the primary concerns is about the health safety of both workers and their customers. These STD’s like HIV Aids can transfer and spread like a fire in bushes in these brothels. Not just the sex workers, but their unborn babies are also in danger of catching these diseases. Moreover, sex workers in illegal and unlicensed brothels cannot get access to any medical care. They are pressurized not to use protection. They are abused daily, and that again goes unchecked and unattended. If brothels are licensed, these diseases are kept under check and control; as per a few types of research in countries where prostitution is legal, the risk of catching STDs is reduced to- 33-46 %.


  • Control of Human Trafficking: One of the worst impacts of illegal brothels and sex trade is human trafficking. Thousands of women and girls of all ages are trafficked and forced into prostitution across the world. Many people believe that legalizing this trade will increase trafficking. But the reality is far from different. As per the records, human trafficking in countries like Germany has reduced to 10% in the past ten years. Germany is among a few of those countries where prostitution is legal. Yes, the reduction rate is prolonged, but any achievement in this area is still a big deal. If states have licensed brothels like that in Australia, then legal bodies can control the trafficking and abuse of sex workers.


  • Protection of Minor’s rights: Child prostitution and trafficking are the world’s worst problems. Children as young as 7-8 years are abducted and forced into prostitution in both developed and underdeveloped countries child prostitution is legal in almost every country, and some places have severe punishments as well for forcing a child into prostitution. Yet nearly 10 million children become victims of this industry every year across the globe. If you have licensed brothels, then the activities of pimps in this area are kept under control. Strict laws and legal brothels can protect the rights of minors.


  • Employment Rights: Once the children and women are trafficked and put in these brothels, they are used as sex slaves. The women who are stuck in these illegal brothels. They hardly even get proper food or medical care, so forget about any remunerations. Pimps and other middle agents reap the benefits of their hard work. If the workers refuse to work under such circumstance’s they are beaten to death. Most of the physical, sexual abuse in these brothels go unreported. But if countries have licensed brothels, such exploitation can be controlled. They will get care respect and the reimbursement they deserve for their hard work.


Concluding Thoughts

Prostitution has been part of human society for centuries, although it has always been behind the dark wall. Its time to change this scenario and bring change in the lives of women and children who suffer in the hands of this ruthless industry. But it is possible only if brothels are legalized and licensed like in Australia.