Pussy Pumps Australia – Everything You Need To Know

Pussy Pump Guide
Pussy Pumps Australia, are clit pumps or vaginal pumps sold as a result of a growing trend in the world of sex toys. While they may not be as well-known as vibrators or dildos, pussy pumps offer a unique and exciting way to enhance sexual pleasure.  What are they, how do they work, how do you use them and what are the potential benefits and drawbacks? What are Pussy Pumps Australia? A pussy pump is a sex toy that creates suction around the clitoral area or the entire vulva. The purpose of a pussy pump is to increase blood flow to the genital area, resulting in heightened sensitivity and arousal. They come in various designs, offering different types of suction and stimulation. Pussy pumps create steady suction pressure, others add a pulsing suction that feels like oral sex. The suction created by the pump can give the appearance of an… Read the rest

The Pussy Pump Blog – A Boner For Adultsmart

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The pussy Pump Blog is one of the most open sexual blogs you’ll come across. It talks about pussy pumping and goes into the really fine details about it.

So Refreshing To Find A Blog Talking About Women’s Sexual Health

Frank and open discussions about certain female sexual issues are thoroughly covered with options, of course including pussy pumps, that can help correct them. Certainly, each topic is easy to get lost in and as the hours slip away.  The things pussy pumping does to a woman and will definitely make you curious enough to want to try. The Adultsmart Community Lifestyle blog covers a wide range of topics related to adult relationships, including sex and general advice. If you’re facing any challenges in your relationship and need guidance, the Adultsmart blog is an excellent resource to seek answers and solutions. Whilst the Pussy pump blog is strictly dedicated to… Read the rest

How to Choose a Clit Pump

clitoral pump
Choose a Clit Pump which is a form of sex toy women have embraced.  They provide sexual healt benefits as well as arousal and orgasms. In this guide, we’ve got you covered with details on choosing the right pussy pump. But first, what is a pussy pump and how does it work?

What is a Clit Pump?

If you love cunnilingus, then you are most likely to enjoy a pussy pump because it uses a suction technique similar to someone going down on you. Ideally, the pump is placed on a woman’s genitals, especially on the clitoris. Then, the suction is applied to make the organ seem engorged. Other women love having the pump on their vulvas as well just to give them a bigger looking vagina. Some pussy pumps are automatic, while others you’re expected to pump to your desired feel. Some pumps have a more intense feeling while… Read the rest

My Pussy Pumping Experience!

Pussy Pump Sex Story
My Pussy Pumping Experience! – From when I was a small child people have always been describing me as a social person. This is the main reason why I am not surprised that I have so many friends. Whenever I go out I always find myself surrounded by people who want to hang around me. At work I am the one the members of my team send to talk with our superiors. So I can as well say that I am a crowd puller. As a young woman I always like to explore the fun in the world. This is especially when it comes to my sexuality.  Here is my pussy pumping erotic story.

Read My Erotic Pussy Pumping Story

I can remember very well that it was on a Saturday morning and I did not have plans to wake up early. This is because I was not going to… Read the rest

Choosing A Pussy Pump – The Do’s and Don’ts

Fitting Choice
Choosing a pussy pump can be difficult. There are many choices, and it all depends on the type of stimulation that you want, and a variety of other factors. When you buy a pussy pump, you want to ensure that you can enjoy using the pussy pump that you will see progress. Most of all that you are getting results from your pussy pumping sessions. Because let’s face it, buying any type of sex aide can be confusing. Whether you buy a pussy pump or a clitoral pump will be a matter of personal preference. If the thought of one type turns you on, go straight for that. Most women will want to experiment with both types to see which type gives them the best thrill. So in that regard, purchasing a pussy pump might be the best option. Because it will provide you with stimulation to both the labia… Read the rest

Clitoral Enlargement Techniques – Create Extra Sensory Perfection

Clitoris Scale
Not only are there penis and vaginal pumps, but there are pumps to practice Clitoral Enlargement Techniques. Using a good quality vacuum pumping system can help in a size increase for your clitoris. The size increase has benefits – Many people that find enlarged clitoris to be aesthetically pleasing and attractive – It creates all sorts of sensory thrills for you and your partner. Add exciting and intimate activities including gender bending and gender play, It is # fun and cheeky for those who love the latest in sexual development and technology. A clitoral pumping system will consist of a small clear cylinder around ¾” by 4” which will be attached to a flexible tube. This tube will be connected to a powerful hand regulated and operated vacuum pump. Now this vacuum pump, through intense suction, will help in the promotion of blood flow by pulling blood into the clitoris… Read the rest

Rejuvenate Your Clitoris With Surgery!

Clitoral Plastic Surgery
Rejuvenate Your Clitoris – Women will sometimes complain of excess amount of skin that is sitting over their clitoris. This excess skin can sometimes project outwards and onto their clothes. An excess amount of skin over the clitoral hood can also result in reduced sexual sensitivity, or result in pain during sexual activity. Clitoral rejuvenation or clitoral hood reduction surgery, also known as Hoodectomy, is considered a minor corrective operation to remove excess prepuce tissue. This tissue surrounds the ‘hood’ and protects the clitoris on three sides. Rejuvenate Your Clitoris – What Does Surgery Entail? Some women may find it difficult or impossible to achieve orgasm due to a small clitoral node or excess skin covering the clitoral area. This results in reduced tactile stimulation or a complete lack thereof. Research conducted at Boston University School of Medicine has revealed a related condition called clitoral phimosis. This condition is similar… Read the rest