What Are Vaginal Vacuum Pumps – How to Use Them Safely!

What Are Vaginal Vacuum Pumps?

Vaginal vacuum pumps, also known as pussy pumps, are a type of sex toy that use the same vacuum technology as penis pumps. Offering benefits and sensations for users.

What Are Vaginal Vacuum Pumps?


Vaginal vacuum pumps create a vacuum around the vulva to increase blood flow and sensitivity to the area. This causes the vagina or clitoris to engorge. Typically, it is a plastic chamber with a silicone rim, connected to a hand-controlled or automatic pump. The hand-pump version can be a bulb, lever, and even an electric pump. Electric pumps offer more convenience with automated functionality. The pumping action creates suction, which increases blood flow to the vaginal area and can temporarily enlarge the labia or clitoris.

Why Do People Use Vaginal Vacuum Pumps?

One benefit is the increased sensitivity and intensity of stimulation. The suction created by the pump enhances blood flow to the vagina and clitoris, making touch and stimulation feel more pleasurable. This can intensify sexual experiences and enhance the sensations during both solo masturbation and partnered play.

The aesthetic aspect of vaginal vacuum pumps some also find appealing. Temporary swelling and enlargement of the vulva can look good and may contribute to power play scenarios, fetish play, or medical role play for those interested in BDSM activities.


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How Do You Use Vaginal Vacuum Pumps Safely?

Using a vaginal vacuum pump safely is crucial to ensure a pleasurable and comfortable experience. Here are some steps to follow when using a vaginal vacuum pump:


Before using the pump, some individuals prefer to trim or shave the pubic area to prevent any discomfort or entanglement of pubic hair.

Lube up

Apply a water-based lubricant to the rim of the pump chamber for a more comfortable experience.


Place the suction cup of the pump on the desired area of the vulva or clitoris to create a seal.


Start the pumping action by squeezing the hand-pump or activating the automatic pump. Begin with a slow and gentle pace until you start to feel the suction developing. The area may feel tight or pressured. Stop pumping after an additional pump or two.


For beginners, it is recommended to remove the suction cup after a few minutes. More experienced users may choose to leave the cup on for up to ten minutes after pumping.


To remove the suction, press or activate the release valve on the pump.


Allow yourself a few minutes to relax and adjust before engaging in any sexual touching or penetration. This time allows the blood flow to return to normal.


Due to the suction action, the vulva may feel dry. Apply more water-based lubricant before engaging in any sexual activity.


Clean the pump thoroughly after each use following the manufacturer’s instructions to maintain hygiene.

If you experience any pain or discomfort during the pumping process, stop immediately and remove the suction cup.

What Are Vaginal Vacuum Pumps

What is the Difference Between Clit Pumps vs Vaginal Pumps

While vaginal pumps and clit pumps serve a similar purpose, there are some key differences between the two. Clit pumps are smaller in size, specifically designed for clitoral stimulation. They create a vacuum around the clitoris to increase blood flow and enhance sensitivity.

Vaginal pumps are larger and intended for use on the entire vulva or vaginal area. They temporarily enlarge the labia and increase blood supply to the vagina.

When shopping for a vaginal vacuum pump or clit pump, consider your individual preferences and desired areas of stimulation. Experiment with different sizes and shapes to find the most comfortable fit for you.

What Should I Consider When Shopping for a Vaginal Vacuum Pump?

When choosing a vaginal vacuum pump, prioritize safety and quality. Here are some factors to consider:

Brand reputation

Stick with reputable brands that prioritize quality and safety in their products.

Size and shape

Consider the specific areas you wish to stimulate. Different pumps vary in size, so choose one that suits your preferences.


Opt for pumps made from body-safe materials such as medical-grade silicone or ABS plastic.

Ease of use

Decide whether you prefer a hand-controlled pump or an automatic pump. Choose one that aligns with your preferences and comfort level.

Cleaning and maintenance

Ensure that the pump is easy to clean and maintain for hygiene.

Choose a vaginal vacuum pump that meets your needs and provides a safe and enjoyable experience.