Erotic Prose From Nala!

sexy prose
Erotic Prose From Nala; For so many years you were my greatest temptation Yet here in this bar tonight, we laugh with intoxication Hands falling on laps and thighs, a gorgeous flirtation One that we, or at least I, proceed with trepidation More than a decade now you have been my fixation You must surely have been aware of this adoration My love well outgrew our lasting friendship foundation Gave into my desires, you’ve been the focus of masturbation Yet still my heart yearned, growing with fermentation Tonight will be different for this was an all new situation No longer did we have partners as an added complication I threw caution to the wind and shared that new information You smiled, we kissed, dropping your emotional fortification We drained our glasses, hands held, adjourned to a new location We clumsily disrobed, fumbling with inebriation While we, of course, listened to… Read the rest

My Pussy Pumping Experience!

Pussy Pump Sex Story
My Pussy Pumping Experience! – From when I was a small child people have always been describing me as a social person. This is the main reason why I am not surprised that I have so many friends. Whenever I go out I always find myself surrounded by people who want to hang around me. At work I am the one the members of my team send to talk with our superiors. So I can as well say that I am a crowd puller. As a young woman I always like to explore the fun in the world. This is especially when it comes to my sexuality.  Here is my pussy pumping erotic story.

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I can remember very well that it was on a Saturday morning and I did not have plans to wake up early. This is because I was not going to… Read the rest

Souxi’s Pussy Pumping Experience!

vaginal pump
Pussy Pumping Experience I’m fairly private in my sexual activities, and I had no idea that other women were also into pumping their clit. I started when I found my BF’s penis pump; just wanted to experience the sensation of the vacuum pressure. Before I started I had a huge clit anyway (about 2 inches), and now after a few months my clit is 3 inches erect. The penis pump was too wide to really play around with much, so I searched for what I might use. Let me tell you some 1 inch diameter clear flexible plastic tubing has become a favorite play toy. It’s long enough that I simply position over my clit (I don’t like including the hood as it inhibits the length I can suck my clit to). I begin sucking the other end of the tube, using my tongue across the end to hold pressure.… Read the rest

Nancy’s Pussy Pumping Experience!

Pussy Pump Erotica
Hi I’m Nancy and I’m 35 years of age and let me tell you about my Pussy Pumping Experience.  I work a common place Mon-Fri job. I’m single, no children, and live in a little house in an average neighbourhood in New South Wales, Australia. Nothing unique, that is without a doubt. I wouldn’t worry about living without anyone else. Alone time is appreciated but I do get a bit lonely sometimes. The thing is though that friends with benefits and my favorite vibrators satisfy me fine! So the sex is good and it goes without the unnecessary complications. By and by, I have a great deal of sex toys. I don’t just use women’s vibrators as well. My ex used to have a variety of sex toys for men, and I’d get into his stash and try those as well.

I am insatiable!! Can never get enough!!

Not that… Read the rest