Nancy’s Pussy Pumping Experience – Part Three!

Pussy Pumping Experience Part One…

As I moved to open the door I could see that she had been crying and tears were still falling down her cheeks.  This brought me back to reality as my breathing came back to something resembling normal.

She said, “I just can’t take it any longer Nancy!” as she cried walking into my lounge-room where just a few moments ago I was masturbating and squirting to porn videos.  She continued, ‘He drinks too much and when he has his friends around he is just a dick to me.  I despise men.”

Here I was still three quarters tanked from alcohol and rather than being the good neighbor her words were resonating with me, (she hates men), and any good thoughts turned to dirt as I imagined her licking my already raw cunt and what depraved things she could do with it.

He cries then became sobs as she collapsed onto me, her head buried into my shoulders.  My night gown opened slightly and my breast was exposed and she nuzzled her head into my womanly bossom.   I sat her down on the couch and whilst I sat down on the lounge feeling the moisture from where my pussy juices had soaked it just a few minutes earlier.

I said, “I know Amber. Trust me! I know! That is the reason I’m single. Men are extraordinary when you first meet them trying to impress them but when they think they have you they treat you like shit.  That’s not for me!”

I lent forward and put my arm around her shoulders and pulled her near to me. I held her and cradled her between my tits as she cried. “There, there. It will be okay.” I consoled her. “You can stay here today until things chill a bit.” I said in a comforting voice.

Even though my devilish carnal desires had been aroused I felt sorry for her too. No one, man or lady, ought to feel like they’re not wanted in their own home.

Amber looked at me and asked sheepishly, “Would I be able to stay here this evening Nancy? If it is an inconvenience don’t worry but I have nowhere else to go!” she said with tears running down her face.

“Of course you can! Tomorrow when he calms down, then you can chat with him. If he is that tanked now, there will be no reasoning with him. Things will be fine in the morning. You’ll see!” I said consoling her. “Need a drink?!” I said as I got up.   I could surely use one as I was starting to come down from my inebriated state.

I went to the bar and made both of us a stiff drink – and I mean a four finger one and sat down next to her.  To my surprise she downed it like a trooper – and not one to be outdone skulled mine too.

Grabbing her glass and preparing the next round she said, “Nancy, did you spill something on the table and lounge? I’ll clean it up for you if you want.  It’s the least I can do.’


For fucks sake I thought – as I took in the scene.  The glass table was soaked, the lounge was soaked and as I looked down on the floor I could see the (rosebud) anal pump that I had left on the floor.

I quickly answered, “No, don’t worry.  I knocked over a water container before.” Whilst the scent of female sex lingered in the air.

Her eyes had followed mine thought and as she took in the scene putting two and two together innocently she asked, “What’s that?” pointing at the pump.

I was embarrassed and did not know where to look thinking how am I going to explain this erotic story.  Turning every shade of grey and walked to the kitchen to grab a towel and clean up my mess.  She got up and followed me in and said, “Don’t worry.  There is nothing to get embarrassed about it.  I used to play with myself all the time before I met Justine.  Tell you a secret I still do and sometimes it is better than his real thing.  I am just curious as to what that thing is.”

She took the towel from my hands and began to clean up the cunt juice that was splashed all over the lounge and table.  Just viewing Amber clean up my pussy juice made my swollen pussy throb and drool juices onto my inward thighs. As I remained there viewing her clean up my squirt juice, I viewed her immense tits swinging forward and backward, her rear end teasing me as she twisted around. I could feel my juices streaming down within my thighs again…

I said, “Amber that is an anal pump.  Pussy pumps and anal pumps really get me off.  I love the feeling of having an engorged vagina and rosebud.  It turns me on so much.  Really I am sorry you have walked in on such a scene but as you can imagine I wasn’t expecting anyone.’

She said, “Don’t worry.  I already told you it is ok – if I was single and you came at this time the roles would quite probably be reversed.  You have me curious though.  I am no prude and play with sex toys and such but what the hell is a pussy pump and how does it work?”

“Thank Amber. I feel better that you understand.” I was still really horny, and I finished making Amber and I another stiff drink.  Five fingers this time and as I returned could feel my swollen lips rubbing against my thighs, juices getting thicker and wetter as they spilled through my gash.

I was so horny and having Amber now sitting right in that wet spot on the lounge was not helping anything. Was she teasing me or just being nice as I handed the drink to her.  This time she took three swigs before she had finished it all up.  Me being a regular heavy drinker already had my head up with steam from the first one but downed the burning liquid in my throat and felt the warmth rise up from within me.  I was almost all the way to be fully tanked again and my drunken nymphomaniac tendencies were coming to the front.

Pussy Pumping Experience

Her areolas could be seen through her cotton top and I wanted to suck them so terribly. I wanted to suck her nipples and have her taste my sex juices. As moved towards the lounge I let my robe open from the sides exposing my thighs, just shy of where my bald pussy and swollen pussy lips were.   I wanted to open it right up but was worried this was taking it too far when like a gift from the heavens she asked, ‘You were using the pussy pump before.  What does it do?

I said, “Yes Amber, I have been having a marathon sex session this evening with myself and have been using both the pussy and anal pump.  Would you like me to show you what it does?”

All hint of her distress had disappeared, and her facial expression looked like a naughty child caught with their hand in the candy jar, but still willing to take the consequences of taking those lollies out.

To my delight she said, “Amber, not only would I like you to show me what it did, I would love for you to show me what it does.”

A huge smile came across my face as I began to remove the belt from my robe….

Continued Part Four…..

Nancy’s Pussy Pumping Experience! PART TWO.

Squriting Wet Pussy

Continued From Part One….

With my juices flowing from my enlarge cunt I came and came again.  Until finally the spasms subsided.  There was a huge wet patch between my legs and the porn movie had ended and the monitor was replaying the intro over and over.   As I came to my senses the thought of that huge black dildo kept buzzing through my mind.

I went to my bedroom and grabbed my King Kong Dildo – all 12 inches of black sex toy and brought it back to the lounge room.  There is a glass table in front of my lounge chair and I pressed down the base of the dildo which has a suction cup until it was securely in place.  I liberally lubed it up and then changed the dvd and put on my fave gang bang feature.  As I pressed play I thought to myself, “It is time to stretch your pussy and give it one last blast”.

As the action came on I hovered my pumped up pussy over this thick member and slowly began to descend onto it.  My engorged pussy initially fought to keep this thick shaft that was wider than my wrist from entering my hungry hole but within minutes it slid in allowing me to feel stretched and full.  As the moans of delight began to emanate from the movie I also began to moan in unison.  I caught my profile through the reflection of the glass doors on the buffet and it made my vagina spasm in delight.

There, reflected in the image I could see a massive black dildo going 8 inches plus into my love hole.  I vowed that today was the day I would take all 12 inches of this monster cock.  My cunt had never felt so alive and delicious and the sloshing sound cumming from my juices had to be heard to be appreciated.  My legs now straddled the coffee table and I used my fingers to rub my clit and I thrust up and down, deeper with each stroke.  Pussy juices dribbling down the veined rod and pooling on the glass top.

I couldn’t take it any longer. I needed to assault my own engorged pussy like never before and thrust downwards taking the massive member inside me.  I could feel the head of it smash and bend my cervix as my bladder was pushed aside.  My womb was overfilled and had overreached it’s capacity as I cupped my breast and bit down on my nipple. I began to ride this dildo like I would a wild bronco and my moans had turned into the screams of a banshee as I rode the waves of ecstasy.

I yelled “Fuck me with that dildo you bitch!  Break my pussy you  fuck!” I


I shouted like a wild creature as my pussy spas-med over and over. I lifted my pussy off the dildo, and rubbed my clit as quick as I could with my finger. I began squirting against my thighs, onto the table. I straddled and let my pussy juice pour onto the table. It appeared as though I was actually pissing,  God did it feel great!!

I let my pussy spasms die down, still straddling the table and I lifted one leg over and for all intents and purposes fell onto the lounge chair, exhausted. I lit a cigarette, smoked it and then got up to go to the kitchen. I required another drink after that – I was sobering up and that would just not do. I could hear the woman on the porn video asking to “suck her mother’s pussy “.  If only I had a pussy to suck now.

I made my drink four fingers and neat as I backtracked to the lounge room and took my spot on the now soaking lounge. I was jealous of the young lady on screen for having a huge pussy that she was licking her mouth.  I watched the scene and as I got my glow up to inebriation once more began sticking out my tongue and making licking movements in sync with her wishing that juicy cunt was within my reach.

Absentmindedly I reached down to my pussy again and with my right hand began to stroke and swollen and ravished sex organ of mine.   As I drew my fingers away from my cunt they were dribbling in juices.  Not one to waste I eagerly put those fingers in my mouth and tasted my cum.  It tasted so good.  My fingers found their way back to my pussy and gradually began began to rub my vagina lips and then start to rim my ass.  I groaned as the sensations of my finger rose-budding my ass traveled up and down my spine, and slowly I began to penetrate my asshole with my finger with rhythmic insertions.  I groaned wildly. I was breathing like I just ran a mile. My desires and wishes were at the end of the day assuming control.

I couldn’t control myself and my body was glowing with warmth from the alcohol I had just downed so went to my room to get another sex toy.   This one was a anal vacuum pump and a butt plug.  My pussy was still pumped from the action before and my tingling asshole was jealous.  Not one to stand jealousy I had to satiate that anal hunger I was feeling.

The anal vacuum pump was similar to design to the pussy pump that I had used before but the vacuum cylinder was smaller, cylindrical in shape and from memory is called a rosebud pump.  You may find me weird but there is nothing like having a pumped up organ whether it be a clit, pussy or ass.  I lay on my wet lounge chair with my legs up in the air spread-eagled and positioned the cylinder so it was covering my cute butt hole and a secure vacuum was achieved and began to pump.  My rosebud began to fill the cylinder and I could see it engorging and swelling.

Adult Sex Story
Nancy’s Erotic Story

Pissed as I was I yelled to no-one,  “You need to fuck my ass, huh? Yes you bitch, go fuck my ass! Make my butt hole juice up for you bitch!” I was talking to no-one and anyone watching me as my ass ring continued to expand would have thought me insane. I gradually worked it until my now puckered butt hole could enlarge no more.  I released the vacuum and grabbed the butt plug, lubed it up and allowed it to enter my now spasming asshole, gently stroking it inwards and outwards.

I took the cylinder that I had just used to enlarge my ass and placed it over my clitoris and began to pump it.  Within moments the vacuum had it securely in place as I pumped up my clit was fucked my ass with the butt plug.   The dual sensations of pumping my clit and fucking my ass drove me crazy and I began to yell expletives as if I was possessed with the devil.  The cylinder from the clit pump was touching my still enlarged pussy that went to drive me even more insane with desire.

The perfect position was at long last discovered  where it was moving  my clit here and there. That was the perfect spot and I was thrusting the butt plug in so quick and hard I could scarcely relax and was panting with exertion! I shut my eyes, and my legs began shaking wildly. My pussy  and ass squeezed simultaneously and I let out an almighty yell….”AAAgggghhhhhhhh!!  fuck yes! Fuck yes! !” I shouted out as I squirted again my pussy and ass spasmed for what appeared eternity, retching cum everywhere on my thighs and the towel and the lounge. At last it stopped and I released the vacuum from the clit pump and released my butt hole off the dildo, and fell to the lounge. Hot goo was all the while flowing from my fat, swollen, pumped up pussy and my now puckered up butt hole.

As I began to come back to reality I heard steps in my front yard and then a pounding on the door.  Holy crap – what the hell!  “One moment”, I yelled as I grabbed the bathrobe and walked to the door.  Who could this be at this time of night as I quickly put on my night-gown – and nothing else.

Slowly I opened the door with the security chain on and peeked through.  There standing in my doorway was sexy neighbor Justine.  It looked like she had been crying but she was looking up at me in concern.

She said, “I heard yelling.  Are you okay?”

I said, “Yes Amber.  I must have had the TV on too loud.  Are you okay?”

Earlier in the evening I saw that Justin and her had been arguing so knew that she probably wasn’t.

She said, “No, Can I come in”.

Looking around at the sex toys scattered in my lounge-room, the porn video still on the screen, the pools of my cum on the floor, lounge and table.  The place smelt like an unclean brothel.

I said , ‘Of course’…

Continued Part Three…..

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Things You Should Know About Pussy Pumps!

A pumped up pussy

Once you decide that pussy pumping is something that you or your partner want to experience there are things that you should know.  Obvious things like ensure that you do not overdo it in the vacuum department that may cause blood to go to the surface skin and bruise.  Or pump it to the point of no return when the skins elasticity will no longer bring back those swollen vagina lips to normal size.

There are health benefits for pussy pumpers too!  So take the time to read all you need to know about pussy pumps!

Vagina Pumped
Enlarged Vagina

What Is A Pussy Pump?

Vaginal Pumps

There are many interesting and unique sexual aides on the adult market. Some are considered to be outrageous, others have a practical purpose, and some are very confusing to understand until you’ve read about them. Pussy pumps and vaginal pumps fall into this latter category. So what is a vaginal pump? To put it simply, a vaginal pump works in pretty much the same way as a penis pump for men. The vaginal pump elongates the genital area, promotes blood flow and is used to enhance the genitals by tightening the labia minora, and vagina, which in turn makes a male’s penis feel tighter and bigger when inside the vagina.

A pussy pump is placed over the entrance of the vagina and over the clitoris for the maximum amount of stimulation. Once the air is pumped out of the pump the pussy muscles contract and it is often considered to be a mini workout for your vagina.

There are several different models and designs of the pussy pump which stimulate the pussy and may be able to provide an orgasm to the person using them. The problem is this; in a similar vein to thecock pump which helps with erectile dysfunction, many vaginal pumps have not been tested adequately enough or they may be a cheap generic knock off version designed as a novelty use only without any of the medical benefits of vaginal pumping. Vaginal pumping promotes blood flow, it can change the appearance of the vagina, and cheaper knock off versions and novelty implements cannot guarantee that your vagina will become tighter over any period of time.

The LA pumping System is one of the most widely recognised pumping systems in the world. Indeed, the LA Pumping system, as well as other branded systems, are recognized by the United States Medicare System as being of benefit to people’s health and well-being. In the years between 2006 and 2011, the United States Medicare system spent more than one hundred and seventy million dollars on penis pumping systems. Since vaginal pumping systems work on the same technology, then it would be a fair statement to make that the technology used would have some benefits, else the government would have refused the funding. It is important to note that Medicare, and Insurance agencies still fund the cost of Vacuum Devices across the world.

Apart from Pussy Pumps there are other pumping systems for females such as for the clitoris, nipple or breasts. The nipple and Vaginal pumps work in very similar ways, that being the promotion of blood flow to the genital region for stimulation, increased size, and increased sensitivity. The breast cylinders are purely used for enlarging breasts via a vacuum method but both the clitoral and nipple systems enlarge their respective organs making them more sensitive and increasing stimulation and sexual desire.

Be A Little Game And Enhance Your Sex Life With These Interesting Products.

Pussy pumping and clitoral pumping have proven medical benefits and are recommended by Doctors and Therapists to cure many female sexual problems such as the condition of Anorgasmia.  Clitoral and vaginal rejuvenation can also be achieved in post-menopausal women with the correct use of pussy or clitoral vacuum systems.

Vaginal pumping or commonly known as pussy pumping was once a taboo subject among women.  This sensual activity has many pleasurable and proven health benefits and women are taking advantage of this more openly than ever before. Not only does a woman get extreme pleasure from pumping and the subsequent ‘sucking’ sensation on the clitoris but the added bonus of an engorged vulva and clit make sexual activities more exciting and sensitive areas more tender, susceptible and receptive to the sense of touch. Women may use pussy pumping as a masturbation device or to aid with clitoral and vaginal rejuvenation. Users have even reported a tighter sensation as well as the increased ability to orgasm after their vaginal pumping workout. Some may see vaginal pumping as an adult toy but vaginal pumping is now becoming a vaginal workout that has been seen to have the same benefits to women and their sexual health and lifestyle in a similar way that Kegel ball exercises have proven to be useful and beneficial.

Just like how a man uses a penis pump, there are specially designed attachments made exclusively for use on the vaginal area, clitoris, breasts and nipples. These cylinders are designed to assist with a powerful airflow to help enlarge the desired area by creating a strong suction which helps expand the desired area. Over time users will notice prolonged growth in the pumped area and will experience a heightened sensation to the touch after pumping.

pussy pump vibe
vibrating pussy pump

Use A Vibrating Vaginal Pump For Ultimate Female Pleasure

People may still think this is a taboo act, but the benefits really do outweigh the cons and once you discover this amazing feeling for yourself, you will ask yourself why I haven’t started this earlier. A common misconception is that pussy pumping will damage the vagina or hurt the user. Users will experience growth of the pumped areas which will reside back to normal shortly after pumping has concluded. This experience should not cause discomfort, but rather tremendous pleasure that’s hard to mimic using other adult toys.

Woman have been taking advantage of pussy pumping so they may enjoy larger body proportions which are easily achievable by the use of a pussy pump. Both men and women enjoy the engorged look and feel of the clitoris and vaginal area and the increased pleasure that comes from the result of more blood flow. Pumping may help users reach climax easier due to the increased blood flow to the larger clitoris and vaginal area. These are exciting benefits for both ladies and couples to embark on the mental, physical and spiritual experiences that are brought forth with by using a pussy pump.

The main goal of pussy pumping is the expanded look and feel of the engorged genitals and to provide women with heighten sensations during sex or masturbation.