Maintaining Vaginal Health: Be Vagilicious With These Top Tips

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Leading a healthy lifestyle isn’t just about eating right and getting regular exercise.  For us ladies, maintaining our vaginal health is an essential part of our overall well-being.  Vaginal health can sometimes be confusing because of conflicting or unclear information. We’re here to help so we’ve compiled a list of top tips for maintaining vaginal health.

Understanding the Basics: Vagina vs Vulva

First of all let’s find out the difference between the vagina and the vulva, as these terms are often mistakenly used interchangeably. The Vulva This refers to the external part of the female genitalia which includes the pubic mound, clitoris, labia, and the opening to the vagina, as well as the urethra.  It serves as a protective barrier for these sensitive areas. The Vagina This is an internal organ that serves as a connection between the vulva and the cervix, and ultimately, the uterus.  It is the channel… Read the rest

Vaginal Vacuum Devices – Sexual Wellness Help is Here

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An imporant part of a women’s health and quality of life is sexual wellness. This is her physical well-being as well as psychological, emotional, and social aspects related to sexuality.  I have put together a comprehensive guide that gives a detailed understanding of female sexual wellness.  In this blog I will focus on various treatment methods, including the use of vaginal vacuum devices. Understanding Female Sexual Wellness Sexual wellness is a huge concept that goes beyond mere sexual function.  It involves the ability to understand, appreciate, and enjoy one’s own sexuality throughout different stages of life.  It also includes having positive sexual relationships, experiencing sexual pleasure, and having the ability to control and make decisions about one’s own sexual health.

Factors Impacting Female Sexual Wellness

Female sexual wellness is affected by many things, including physical, psychological, and social aspects. Physical factors can be overall health status, hormonal balance, and the… Read the rest

Female Sexual Wellness: The Power of Pussy Pumps

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Female sexual wellness is an important factor of overall health and wellbeing. But changes to sexual desire can happen with hormone changes and menopause.  Stress, depression, medications, and other health issues also adversely affect a woman’s libido.  Thankfully, modern technology has ways and sex toys that can help these issues and so enhancing female sexual wellness.  Vaginal vacuum devices or pussy pumps play a very important part.

Female Sexual Wellness Post-Menopause

Menopause means several changes in a woman’s body like her sexual drive and responsiveness.  Women find it harder to get aroused and may be less sensitive to touch as estrogen and testosterone levels decline. This leads to less interest in sex and dissatisfaction in sexual intercourse due to dryness, pain, and difficulty achieving orgasm. “Satisfying sex depends on several things: presence of desire, arousal, absence of pain, and an ability to reach orgasm. After menopause, libido declines, and changes… Read the rest

Clitoral and Vaginal Vacuum Devices Can Treat Clitoral Atrophy Enhancing Female Sexual Health

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I understand the importance of sexual health and pleasure and a place for everything including Vaginal Vacuum Devices. Unfortunately, many women experience issues with their sexual health, including clitoral and vaginal atrophy. Clitoral atrophy is a condition where the clitoris shrinks and loses sensitivity, while vaginal atrophy is a condition where the vaginal walls become thin and dry. These conditions can have a significant impact on a woman’s sexual health and pleasure. There are treatment options available –

What Are Clitoral and Vaginal Vacuum Devices?

Clitoral and vaginal vacuum devices are a non-invasive treatment option for women with clitoral and vaginal atrophy. They work by creating a vacuum that increases blood flow to the genital area. This engorges the tissues and increases sensitivity. Clitoral and vaginal vacuum devices come in different shapes and sizes, and some are designed to stimulate both the clitoris and vagina simultaneously.

Understanding Clitoral and Vaginal

Read the rest

The Aphrodisiac Effect: Food That Revs Up Your Sex Engines

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The concept of food having an aphrodisiac effect has been prevalent for centuries. Many incorporate various items into their intimate experiences to enhance pleasure and ignite passion. Banana, strawberry, and chocolate are often touted as aphrodisiacs on top dating sites. Despite their reputation, few of these foods have scientific backing to support their supposed effects. Before detailing a list of libido-boosting foods, it is important to first understand the physiological impact of aphrodisiacs. What Does Aphrodisiac Do To The Body? A substance can induce an aphrodisiac effect due to its appearance or the way it reacts within the body. Food items that are commonly associated with female or male genitalia, such as bananas, lollipops, half-cut Sapodillas or Naseberries, and even half-cut oranges, can increase blood flow to areas that stimulate sexual desire and arousal. Understanding the fundamentals of aphrodisiacs is crucial to identifying the foods that can elicit such effects… Read the rest

The Pussy Pump Blog – A Boner For Adultsmart

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The pussy Pump Blog is one of the most open sexual blogs you’ll come across. It talks about pussy pumping and goes into the really fine details about it.

So Refreshing To Find A Blog Talking About Women’s Sexual Health

Frank and open discussions about certain female sexual issues are thoroughly covered with options, of course including pussy pumps, that can help correct them. Certainly, each topic is easy to get lost in and as the hours slip away.  The things pussy pumping does to a woman and will definitely make you curious enough to want to try. The Adultsmart Community Lifestyle blog covers a wide range of topics related to adult relationships, including sex and general advice. If you’re facing any challenges in your relationship and need guidance, the Adultsmart blog is an excellent resource to seek answers and solutions. Whilst the Pussy pump blog is strictly dedicated to… Read the rest

The Rise In The Popularity Of Sex Workers And Five Star Brothels – Debunked

Popularity Of Sex Workers
The brothel industry has recognized the Popularity Of Sex Workers. With time, brothels have also become legal in a lot of countries. There are normal brothels as well as five star brothels. It all depends upon your budget which one you are going for. High-class people are the set of people visiting the five star brothel. 5 star brothels especially take care of the hygiene, coordination and all the other things that a normal brothel does not do. Apart from just providing the services, the sex workers at five star brothels also provide some other services. Like friendship, security and the assurance that their client’s identity will not ever be disclosed. Listed below are a few features of a five star brothel that a normal brothel would not be able to offer-


Of course, when you are in the five star brothel, and you are paying for five star… Read the rest

How to Innovate In Sex Without Leaving Home!

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In modern life, the vortex of everyday life can make us fall into certain routines that can negatively affect our relationships as a couple so let’s try and innovate in sex. Having breakfast together, going out to work at the same time or playing sports on the same days. They are attitudes that can cause us to fall into a monotonous relationship where intimate relationships are harmed. Do you have sex on the same day of the week and at the same time? Managing sexuality in a relationship is crucial, just as much as attending to emotional needs. Neglecting either can lead to dissatisfaction and a sense of incompleteness, which can ultimately result in the breakdown of the relationship. Relying on sex professionals such as aussie escorts can give a boost to our optimism and, perhaps, to life as a couple. Prior to the pandemic, certain activities were deemed taboo… Read the rest