Pussy Pumps To Treat Anorgasmia!

Anorgasmia Symptoms
Non Surgical Or Medicated way to Treat Anorgasmia. If you have ever felt that you had regular difficulty achieving orgasm after sufficient sexual stimulation, you could be suffering from a medical condition called Anorgasmia. Unfortunately, a significant number of women are facing a problem that could cause personal distress or even the end of their relationship. If you’re happy with your ability to reach orgasm, there’s no need to worry. But if you’re struggling to achieve orgasm,  discuss it with your doctor as it could be a medical condition called Anorgasmia. The clitoris is a highly sensitive part of the female anatomy, and it can be difficult to experience an orgasm if you suffer from Anorgasmia. However, using a clitoral pump can help by directing more blood flow to this area, which can naturally exercise the nerve endings found in the clitoris and vagina. By promoting blood flow, you may… Read the rest

What Is Pussy Pumping?

pumping technology
What Is Pussy Pumping? Female vaginal pumping is a sexual practice in which ladies participate in vacuum pumping their genitalia. The practice has now stretched out to different parts of the body, including breasts, nipples, clitoris, and labia well as any other body part that you’d like to apply it to. Suction containers and cylinders can be applied to virtually any part of the body, and even between people, making for some interesting combinations and techniques.

Some People Get Considerable Pleasure Through The Act Of Pumping

It’s not surprising that women have taken up pumping themselves. In fact, there are even ancient Chinese practices like cupping that have proven health benefits. Female pumping sheds light on new areas of the body, just like Chinese fire cupping has for many centuries. Historically, female sexuality has been shrouded in mystery, but societal attitudes towards it are changing. Vibrators and other sexual aids… Read the rest

Clitoral Enlargement Techniques – Create Extra Sensory Perfection

Clitoris Scale
Not only are there penis and vaginal pumps, but there are pumps to practice Clitoral Enlargement Techniques. Using a good quality vacuum pumping system can help in a size increase for your clitoris. The size increase has benefits – Many people that find enlarged clitoris to be aesthetically pleasing and attractive – It creates all sorts of sensory thrills for you and your partner. Add exciting and intimate activities including gender bending and gender play, It is # fun and cheeky for those who love the latest in sexual development and technology. A clitoral pumping system will consist of a small clear cylinder around ¾” by 4” which will be attached to a flexible tube. This tube will be connected to a powerful hand regulated and operated vacuum pump. Now this vacuum pump, through intense suction, will help in the promotion of blood flow by pulling blood into the clitoris… Read the rest

Yoni Massage Tips and Tricks – Ultimate Guide for Beginners

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Yoni Massage Tips and Tricks – massages have long been famed to help ease the stresses of daily life. Massages have been around for centuries and there are places which offer a variety of traditional massages with draw out histories. However, there is a new type of massage which is on the block, and it’s taking the world by storm. This new type of massage is becoming increasingly popular with couples wishing to express their love and affection for each other. And also with specialized therapists offering this service with numerous high end massage places across the globe offering this new type of massage. The new type of massage is  *Insert drum roll* the Yoni massage. Okay, you might be a little confused but let’s break it down. The word Yoni, is derived from the Sanskrit word for the ‘vagina’ or ‘sacred place’. This type of massage is a tantric… Read the rest

Rejuvenate Your Clitoris With Surgery!

Clitoral Plastic Surgery
Rejuvenate Your Clitoris – Women will sometimes complain of excess amount of skin that is sitting over their clitoris. This excess skin can sometimes project outwards and onto their clothes. An excess amount of skin over the clitoral hood can also result in reduced sexual sensitivity, or result in pain during sexual activity. Clitoral rejuvenation or clitoral hood reduction surgery, also known as Hoodectomy, is considered a minor corrective operation to remove excess prepuce tissue. This tissue surrounds the ‘hood’ and protects the clitoris on three sides. Rejuvenate Your Clitoris – What Does Surgery Entail? Some women may find it difficult or impossible to achieve orgasm due to a small clitoral node or excess skin covering the clitoral area. This results in reduced tactile stimulation or a complete lack thereof. Research conducted at Boston University School of Medicine has revealed a related condition called clitoral phimosis. This condition is similar… Read the rest

Labiaplasty – Everything You Need to Know About Designer Vaginas

Custom Vaginas
Designer Vaginas – It’s a strange term. A consumer and material world of sorts where we can not only design our homes, but also design our babies as well. We can easily take a holiday to an exotic country, experience a new culture and a new land. Now, in amongst relaxing and experiencing we can design a vagina. When we think of plastic surgery we think of face lifts, wrinkle free faces and Botox, but surprisingly these procedures are on the lower end of the growth scale. Labiaplasty surgery is one of the fastest growing cosmetic surgery procedures in the world. Almost doubling in the space of a year and being second only to buttock augmentation, colloquially referred to as the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL). A Designer Vagina surgery is where a woman will have her labia and genitals surgically altered to adhere to a specific look or request, which… Read the rest

Pussy Pumping Testimonials!

Pussy Pump Testimonials
Read pussy pumping testimonials from women and couples that have introduced pussy pumps into their sexual foreplay. Pussy Pumping Testimonials! I introduced my wife to pumping because I have been penis pumping for three years and she finally agreed. Now we are pumping buddies and we pump together every morning. I connect her to my pump and use a much lower pressure. She is so wet when she wakes and can’t wait until we get hooked up. We pump for and hour and then I hook up her clit tube so she can wear it while doing her normal things. We are having a ball GARY S I pump my clit at work. I love to pump my clit at work when everyone is around, but they don’t have a clue about what I am doing. My clit is over 1″ long nearly all the time. I pump 5-6 times… Read the rest

How To Find Pussy Pumps Online!

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Pussy Pumps Online -There are many interesting and unique sexual aides on the adult market. Some considered as outrageous, others have a practical purpose, and some are very confusing to understand. For me, pussy pumps and vaginal pumps fell into this latter category.

So what is a vaginal pump?

To put it simply, a vaginal pump works in much the same way as a penis pump for men. The vaginal pump elongates and promotes blood circulation to the female genital area. It is used to enhance the genitals by tightening the labia minora, and vagina, will make a male’s penis feel tighter and bigger when inside the vagina.

How Do You Use A Pussy Pump?

A pussy pump is placed over the entrance of the vagina and over the clitoris for the maximum amount of stimulation. Once the air is pumped out of the cylinder, the pussy muscles contract. This… Read the rest