Choosing A Pussy Pump – The Do’s and Don’ts

Fitting Choice
Choosing a pussy pump can be difficult. There are many choices, and it all depends on the type of stimulation that you want, and a variety of other factors. When you buy a pussy pump, you want to ensure that you can enjoy using the pussy pump that you will see progress. Most of all that you are getting results from your pussy pumping sessions. Because let’s face it, buying any type of sex aide can be confusing. Whether you buy a pussy pump or a clitoral pump will be a matter of personal preference. If the thought of one type turns you on, go straight for that. Most women will want to experiment with both types to see which type gives them the best thrill. So in that regard, purchasing a pussy pump might be the best option. Because it will provide you with stimulation to both the labia… Read the rest

Guide To Couples Pussy Pumping!

Female Pumping
I am a pussy pumper – so let you tell me about my Couples Pussy Pumping experiences. Being proud to be a pussy pumper, today I write to you to bring you the low down of pussy pumping play. Consider this, pussy pumping 101. I was once like you, sitting on the other side of the screen reading people write about their experiences with pussy pumping. Wondering if it was the thing for me. I asked myself several questions such as; Will pussy pumping hurt, or will it cause damage?

Will my vagina look like vaginas in porn movies?

Will the vaginal swelling go down? Will my sexual partner find it weird that I want to pump my pussy? I had all of these questions in my head, and more. After having used them, after considering myself experienced with them, I think that they are delightfully humble little sex toys.… Read the rest

Fire Cupping – An Erotic BDSM Experience!

BDSM Cupping
Fire Cupping – An Erotic BDSM Experience – many people get excited by the New year. They will try something new and different and set time up to enjoy goals, exploring a new and increased openness. Sometimes, with the help of popular media, people might try new things that they’ve never even considered or even heard of. Cupping is a Traditional Chinese Medical practice that has existed for thousands of years. More recently it has been added in BDSM Play as an expression of sucking and pumping play.

Cupping Is Widely Accepted As A Remedial Therapy

During the Olympics there was a very public and visual display of Phelps on the diving box, ready to jump, cupping marks clearly evident across his body. This has been supplemented with popular celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, Helena Bonham Carter and even Justin Bieber all getting cupping treatment. So what is… Read the rest

LA Pump Vacuum Enlargement System!

Pussy Pumped
The World Famous L.A. Vacuum Enlargement System – Have you missed the memo on the latest rage?. . .  Large swollen pussy lips! These are the lower “love lips”… the labia and vulva. And this is just what everyone’s been looking for! Create the popular “Camel Toe” by using quality pussy cylinder and pumps!!! These high quality pussy Vacuum Enlargement System cylinders have three different sized cups that have been tailored for individual needs. They are tapered toward the top to match the natural shape of your anatomy for maximum comfort. A dedicated safety air release valve allows for quick and easy disconnection from the pump while maintaining pressure within the cylinder. No further parts are required. Through a strong vacuum, allowing the increase of blood in the vaginal area. With a regimented pumping schedule you can increase the size of your labia. Just think of it like you’re pumping… Read the rest