How to Choose a Clit Pump

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Choose a Clit Pump which is a form of sex toy women have embraced.  They provide sexual healt benefits as well as arousal and orgasms. In this guide, we’ve got you covered with details on choosing the right pussy pump. But first, what is a pussy pump and how does it work?

What is a Clit Pump?

If you love cunnilingus, then you are most likely to enjoy a pussy pump because it uses a suction technique similar to someone going down on you. Ideally, the pump is placed on a woman’s genitals, especially on the clitoris. Then, the suction is applied to make the organ seem engorged. Other women love having the pump on their vulvas as well just to give them a bigger looking vagina. Some pussy pumps are automatic, while others you’re expected to pump to your desired feel. Some pumps have a more intense feeling while… Read the rest

My Pussy Pumping Experience!

Pussy Pump Sex Story
My Pussy Pumping Experience! – From when I was a small child people have always been describing me as a social person. This is the main reason why I am not surprised that I have so many friends. Whenever I go out I always find myself surrounded by people who want to hang around me. At work I am the one the members of my team send to talk with our superiors. So I can as well say that I am a crowd puller. As a young woman I always like to explore the fun in the world. This is especially when it comes to my sexuality.  Here is my pussy pumping erotic story.

Read My Erotic Pussy Pumping Story

I can remember very well that it was on a Saturday morning and I did not have plans to wake up early. This is because I was not going to… Read the rest

What Is A Pussy Pump?

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What Is A Pussy Pump? – There are many interesting and unique sexual aides on the adult market. Some are considered to be outrageous, others have a practical purpose, and some are very confusing to understand until you’ve read about them. Pussy pumps and vaginal pumps fall into this latter category. So what is a vaginal pump? To put it simply, a vaginal pump works in pretty much the same way as a penis pump for men. The vaginal pump elongates the genital area, promotes blood flow and is used to enhance the genitals by tightening the labia minora, and vagina, which in turn makes a male’s penis feel tighter and bigger when inside the vagina.

What Is A Pussy Pump Used For?

A pussy pump is placed over the entrance of the vagina and over the clitoris for the maximum amount of stimulation. Once the air is pumped out… Read the rest

Pussy Pumps To Treat Anorgasmia!

Anorgasmia Symptoms
Non Surgical Or Medicated way to Treat Anorgasmia. If you have ever felt that you had regular difficulty achieving orgasm after sufficient sexual stimulation, you could be suffering from a medical condition called Anorgasmia. Unfortunately, a significant number of women are facing a problem that could cause personal distress or even the end of their relationship. If you’re happy with your ability to reach orgasm, there’s no need to worry. But if you’re struggling to achieve orgasm,  discuss it with your doctor as it could be a medical condition called Anorgasmia. The clitoris is a highly sensitive part of the female anatomy, and it can be difficult to experience an orgasm if you suffer from Anorgasmia. However, using a clitoral pump can help by directing more blood flow to this area, which can naturally exercise the nerve endings found in the clitoris and vagina. By promoting blood flow, you may… Read the rest

What Is Pussy Pumping?

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What Is Pussy Pumping? Female vaginal pumping is a sexual practice in which ladies participate in vacuum pumping their genitalia. The practice has now stretched out to different parts of the body, including breasts, nipples, clitoris, and labia well as any other body part that you’d like to apply it to. Suction containers and cylinders can be applied to virtually any part of the body, and even between people, making for some interesting combinations and techniques.

Some People Get Considerable Pleasure Through The Act Of Pumping

It’s not surprising that women have taken up pumping themselves. In fact, there are even ancient Chinese practices like cupping that have proven health benefits. Female pumping sheds light on new areas of the body, just like Chinese fire cupping has for many centuries. Historically, female sexuality has been shrouded in mystery, but societal attitudes towards it are changing. Vibrators and other sexual aids… Read the rest