Clitoral Enlargement Techniques – Create Extra Sensory Perfection

Not only are there penis and vaginal pumps, but there are pumps to practice Clitoral Enlargement Techniques. Using a good quality vacuum pumping system can help in a size increase for your clitoris. The size increase has benefits –

  1. Many people that find enlarged clitoris to be aesthetically pleasing and attractive –
  2. It creates all sorts of sensory thrills for you and your partner.
  3. Add exciting and intimate activities including gender bending and gender play,
  4. It is # fun and cheeky for those who love the latest in sexual development and technology.

A clitoral pumping system will consist of a small clear cylinder around ¾” by 4” which will be attached to a flexible tube. This tube will be connected to a powerful hand regulated and operated vacuum pump. Now this vacuum pump, through intense suction, will help in the promotion of blood flow by pulling blood into the clitoris and surrounding genitalia. As the clitoris, the clitoral hood, parts of the labia and vagina become engorged with blood,you will see and feel the clitoris “grow” from being sucked into the clitoral chamber.

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Watch The Clitoris Grow When You Create A Vacuum

Some people will find that the resulting tugging sensation is enough to induce an orgasm. Others will be reduced to writhing around in sustained pleasure.

What is the point of clitoral pumping?

Clitoral pumping varies between individuals in much the same way as other pumping fetishes do. There are a myriad of reasons why people like to pump up a specific body part. For clitoral pumpers, they might be interested in an enlarged clitoris that is big enough for penetration. For others they might just enjoy the thrill of playing with a swollen, engorged clitoris, which is extremely sensitive during pumping play and pumping sessions.

Clitoral Enlargement Techniques
Clit Pump Examples

Other people might prefer the sensation that is applied to the clitoris after the pump has been removed. This intensity is not for everyone, and some people might find it to be too intense.

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Here are the basics on how to do it:

Clitoral Enlargement Techniques

1. You will need to prepare the area.

A clitoral pump will work best if the area has been warmed up with a damp cloth and warm water and good blood flow has been massaged into the area. For clitoral pumping, it helps to be in a state of arousal. With this in mind it might be beneficial to have a bath and a shower first. Shave any remaining pubic hair that you might have which could interfere with a seal.

2. Use a thick water-based lubricant.

Both around the clitoral region, and against the base of the cylinder to help create the perfect seal. Coating the clitoris and the inside of the cylinder at the same time to prevent chafing.

3. Get a grip on the cylinder.

You will need to be holding the cylinder tightly and snugly against your skin with one hand, and the hand pump will be placed in the other hand. Press gently down on the cylinder against the cylinder and slowly squeeze the pump so that you can create your seal. Once the suction has created the seal, you may let go of the cylinder.

4. Go slowly.

Treat it like an experiment. Start off with the safety valve open slightly so you can feel some slight sucking sensations. Then try it with the valve closed, notice how each squeeze of the pump increases the vacuum pull on the clitoris and ultimately the surrounding tissue.

Pause after each squeeze and pump and see how it feels. Do not expect the clitoris to fill the entire chamber. Experiment with different pressures and pumping lengths to see how you go.

5. Experience and enjoy the new level of sensations.

Stop pumping every now and then and just let yourself feel what’s happening and what’s going on. Spend a few minutes enjoying these sensations, or get your partner to provide some extra stimulation, letting them enjoy your enlarged clitoris in their mouth, with a vibrator, or even some light stroking.

6.  Do not over pump.

A little pumping will go a long way and over pumping can create issues. Now it won’t deaden the clitoris and make it fall off, but it can create bruises and other painful ailments. It is important that you do not over pump. If you’re finding yourself numb as opposed to being super sensitive, then you’ve probably over pumped. Make sure to do it less next time.

7. Play around with your new equipment.

Some cylinders can actually have the tubing removed so that you can create a seal, and then remove the pump from the cylinder, leaving the cylinder attached to the body. The cylinder can be detached from the cylinder’s own quick release button. Play around with your new enlarged clit. You might choose to tug on it gently, tickle it with a stroking finger, or maybe put the enlarged clitoris in their mouth, with a clit vibrator. Might even be time to call in a friend for some extra stimulation as well.

8. Go slowly.

Some pumpers will report small and permanent increases over time, however for the most part the swollen tissue of the clitoris and surrounding region will slowly subside. Immediately after the removal of the pump, and return all the way back to normal by the next day.

Some clitoral pumpers will enlarge the clit to the size of a small penis for penetrative play, or for oral sex. Throw the sensation of this with a tighter feeling vagina and you have a sensual recipe for amazing play.