Vaginal Vacuum Devices – Sexual Wellness Help is Here

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An imporant part of a women’s health and quality of life is sexual wellness. This is her physical well-being as well as psychological, emotional, and social aspects related to sexuality.  I have put together a comprehensive guide that gives a detailed understanding of female sexual wellness.  In this blog I will focus on various treatment methods, including the use of vaginal vacuum devices. Understanding Female Sexual Wellness Sexual wellness is a huge concept that goes beyond mere sexual function.  It involves the ability to understand, appreciate, and enjoy one’s own sexuality throughout different stages of life.  It also includes having positive sexual relationships, experiencing sexual pleasure, and having the ability to control and make decisions about one’s own sexual health.

Factors Impacting Female Sexual Wellness

Female sexual wellness is affected by many things, including physical, psychological, and social aspects. Physical factors can be overall health status, hormonal balance, and the… Read the rest

What Are Vaginal Vacuum Pumps – How to Use Them Safely!

What Are Vaginal Vacuum Pumps
What Are Vaginal Vacuum Pumps? Vaginal vacuum pumps, also known as pussy pumps, are a type of sex toy that use the same vacuum technology as penis pumps. Offering benefits and sensations for users. What Are Vaginal Vacuum Pumps?   Vaginal vacuum pumps create a vacuum around the vulva to increase blood flow and sensitivity to the area. This causes the vagina or clitoris to engorge. Typically, it is a plastic chamber with a silicone rim, connected to a hand-controlled or automatic pump. The hand-pump version can be a bulb, lever, and even an electric pump. Electric pumps offer more convenience with automated functionality. The pumping action creates suction, which increases blood flow to the vaginal area and can temporarily enlarge the labia or clitoris.

Why Do People Use Vaginal Vacuum Pumps?

One benefit is the increased sensitivity and intensity of stimulation. The suction created by the pump enhances blood… Read the rest

Pussy Pumps Australia – Everything You Need To Know

Pussy Pump Guide
Pussy Pumps Australia, are clit pumps or vaginal pumps sold as a result of a growing trend in the world of sex toys. While they may not be as well-known as vibrators or dildos, pussy pumps offer a unique and exciting way to enhance sexual pleasure.  What are they, how do they work, how do you use them and what are the potential benefits and drawbacks? What are Pussy Pumps Australia? A pussy pump is a sex toy that creates suction around the clitoral area or the entire vulva. The purpose of a pussy pump is to increase blood flow to the genital area, resulting in heightened sensitivity and arousal. They come in various designs, offering different types of suction and stimulation. Pussy pumps create steady suction pressure, others add a pulsing suction that feels like oral sex. The suction created by the pump can give the appearance of an… Read the rest

Souxi’s Pussy Pumping Experience!

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Pussy Pumping Experience I’m fairly private in my sexual activities, and I had no idea that other women were also into pumping their clit. I started when I found my BF’s penis pump; just wanted to experience the sensation of the vacuum pressure. Before I started I had a huge clit anyway (about 2 inches), and now after a few months my clit is 3 inches erect. The penis pump was too wide to really play around with much, so I searched for what I might use. Let me tell you some 1 inch diameter clear flexible plastic tubing has become a favorite play toy. It’s long enough that I simply position over my clit (I don’t like including the hood as it inhibits the length I can suck my clit to). I begin sucking the other end of the tube, using my tongue across the end to hold pressure.… Read the rest