How to innovate in sex without leaving home

In modern life, the vortex of everyday life can make us fall into certain routines that can negatively affect our relationships as a couple so let’s try and innovate in sex. Having breakfast together, going out to work at the same time or playing sports on the same days are attitudes that can cause us to fall into a monotonous relationship where intimate relationships are harmed.

Are you familiar with having sex on the same day of the week and at the same time? Sexuality is a very important part of the couple that must be taken care of as well as the sentimental part. Otherwise we can run the risk that one of the parties feels frustrated or incomplete and causes the failure of the relationship. Relying on sex professionals such as aussie escorts can give a boost to our optimism and, perhaps, to life as a couple.

Before the pandemic, there were things that were unthinkable or held as extravagant or dangerous. However, with the confinement of the population, sexual practices that were considered forbidden, dangerous or extravagant, are now part of the erotic games of millions of couples around the world who seek to break the monotony. 

Here are some of them. 


Bondage, the best-known erotic practice

Immobilizing the couple by tying them with ropes, bandages or toy handcuffs is one of the most popular practices among couples. The boom of books like 50 Shades of Grey have helped to break taboos and encourage many couples to experiment with this type of sexual practice. You don’t need to be an independent Bangalore escort, your own partner can get in on the game.

Try new positions in bed

Much is said about the kamasutra but few couples have gotten down to work to put into practice the many positions that can be put into practice in bed. Maybe you don’t get bored of the classic “missionary”, but what if your partner does? Cheer up and take the opportunity to get to know your body better and look for more pleasurable positions.

Incorporate sex toys into your routine

If you are a somewhat modest person, nowadays you don’t even need to physically enter a sex shop to introduce an attractive component into your couple’s relationship. E-commerce allows you to review and get information about the infinite number of sex toys available to you and choose the one that best suits your tastes.

From a simple fragrance with pheromones, massage oil, attractive clothing or vibrators for shared use. 

Online sex

If you are single or in a long distance relationship, a good opportunity is to opt for online sex. A practice that has been increased by the pandemic and by the services of escorts and dating apps that offer sex virtually to their clients according to sites like Simpleescorts.

The new behaviors of society have made that sexual encounters by video call or the practice of sexting (sending erotic messages, photos and personal sex videos via cell phone), are an excellent way to break the monotony and add innovation to life as a couple. 

Turn your home into a spa

The bathroom, if it is big enough, or the bedroom can become a real spa if you set your mind to it. Candles and incense, with a glass of wine or champagne will help you create an erotic atmosphere to relax and enjoy with your partner in the shower or in the bathtub of a most exciting encounter.

So, innovating in sex is also a key factor to take into account to break the routine and avoid losing your loved one.  Any time is perfect to give free rein to your imagination and renew your life as a couple without having to leave home.