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A sexually-active woman who knows her worth and appreciates good tastes would know that in order to buy best dildos and sex toys you must simply go to the best adult stores. And what better adult stores would have top notch dildos for sale at one of my favorite websites  Pleasures N’ Treasures.

It is more than a statement of fact that stocking the best dildos for sale will make buyers happy in all parts of the world. Just name it. Whatever brand you might have come across in the past before are going to be available online.  Whether you are shopping in Canada, Australia or any other part of the world make sure that  you find an adult shop that stand by their brand and reputation.

Experience is the best teacher so look for a website that has been around for a number of years – no fly by night ecommerce, that has built up a customer base with product reviews and customer testimonials.  You will learn more from a business  customer reviews than you will by their advertising that is often ‘fake news’.  When looking for the best dildos on line it is important to know what it is that you are desiring for in a sex toy that will encompass look, feel, materials, design and so much more.  Personal taste and preference is very important.

Logically, anyone would want to know then what dildos are available?  There are various types of these dildos for sale.  A few examples to wet  your appetite.

Dldos can be classified into three main groups as follows:

  • Large dildos – when you think of hard and length
  • Vibrating dildos – which is everything you want and much more
  • Realistic dildos – for fun that is super and realistic

Now, in all of the above, there are a variety of different brands of dildos which can serve and satisfy you in pleasurable ways.

Take for instance the Lifelike Lover Classic Realistic Dildo. At six inches in size, it is a sight that would arouse the most fantastic of erotic fantasies. Our bulging friend is not only flexible but it is also firm and brings real feel and pleasures whenever you want to play. You would no doubt agree with us that it is properly primed for hands-free adventures because of its suction cup base. Its full body and veins make the whole experience realistic and mind-blowing.

Are you still thinking of what else you can get when you want to buy your best dildo?

Have you considered the Lovehoney Curved Silicone Suction Cup Dildo? Measuring at an irresistible length of five and a half inches long, it no doubt is one of the best dildos for sale because it simply packs everything that a woman would ever want in a lover made of silicone. And then it packs more. The curved shaft is designed to pleasure your P and G-spots. Its suction cup is strong and has a safe flared base. The only component in this love equation is actually you. Now, ask yourself what is keeping you from letting go and letting the Lovehoney take you there?

When you shop at adult stores online you actually come to view and learn aobut the best dildos for sale. And when you think of the best dildos for sale in Canada, Australia or worldwide, you may think of Desire Luxury Rechargeable Strapless Strap-On Dildo Vibrator. There is no reason to look at anything else when it comes to hands-free pleasures. This dildo is made from premium silicone and it is double-ended for shared fun. Your clitoral bliss is guaranteed because of its bunny ears, while the perfect fit and angle are achieved by its posable pony.

The kegel muscles of the wearer keep this strapless strap-on tightly in place, and by inserting the pony (which is the sorter of the two shafts) it is really great for pegging and same-sex adventures.

It must be stated that in order to benefit from shared arousal with the Desire Luxury Rechargeable Strapless Strap-On Dildo Vibrator, you must explore the complete range of patterns and vibration speeds. And to achieve this, the wearer would have to find the best angle and fit that works for both partners by tilting the pony.

And when it comes to the stats that makes this particular dildo one that you must buy if you want the best dildos, then you should consider these: it has 4.5 inches of insertable length for the wearer along with a circumference of 4.75 inches, while an insertable length of 5 inches and a circumference of 4.25 inches is available for the receiver.

Do you need a pleasure tip for getting the best out of your new dildo? Before you begin your foreplay, always spray your dildos with a water-based lube that will make your sex sessions all the more enjoyable.  If you find that your desire has been properly aroused, check out the ranges at sex stores online.

Casual Sex!

Easy Sex

Having a fling or one night stand as the case may be can brighten up your day and put a smile on your face. This is particularly true for persons that are experiencing a bit of a drought or you are in between relationships. The growing evidence that having a friends with benefits type of arrangement or just a fling can leave both parties feeling super excited. This claim has been substantiated by several studies with popular sex and relationship expert, Chantelle Austin supporting the notion. “FWB [scenarios] allow busy individuals to have their sexual needs met, and a companion where needed, without having the time commitment of building and maintaining a healthy relationship,” says Chantelle Austin.

One of the most exciting parts of casual sex and having an f-buddy is the fact that no emotions are involved, which can leave both parties feeling great and excited. However, this does not take away the position of love in a relationship or talking bad about the big L, as it only helps to reiterate the fact that finding and keeping can be a daunting task.

Making a relationship work is a difficult task, to say the least as parties involved have to sacrifice their emotions, time, and finances to ensure they are happy. It gets even worse when the relationship fails or is short of the happily-ever-after fantasy most people dream of, leaving both parties feeling used and messed up. On the other side of the situation is a no-strings-attached relationship where there is a better chance of both parties leaving each other feeling cheerful even after an eventful time.

“Friendship with benefits is a kind of romantic compromise in which the agent gives up romantic love,” says Aaron Ben-Zeév, a professor of philosophy and expert in relationship issues. Fortunately, people get to a particular stage life where the only thing they need is a romantic relationship that is free of any emotional attachment.

Casual sex is also great for persons that are not ready to get married as it allows them to have sex without being tied to a particular individual. “Another perk is being able to have more than one friend with benefits for added spice and variety, and back-ups, if one isn’t available when you need them,” says Chantelle Austin.

Another amazing thing about casual sex comes from the popular saying that variety is the spice of life as having sex with a particular person over and over again can be somewhat boring. This is so as it becomes difficult to keep the attraction and spice and attraction. Some experts have even gone ahead to start that man did not evolve to be monogamous in nature. However, this does not take away the place and importance of marriage in the society and no one should actually give up on settling down and sticking to a partner. It only means that you can enjoy yourself and have short-term lovers while you are single.

In the words of Chantelle Austin, “Multiple short-term casual relationships can keep a feeling of romance and initial fire ongoing, as one loses its spark, a new one can be started. The downside, never getting into the deep love connection but then, you have to go through a few false starts until you find that life-partner in crime.”

Besides the feel-good hormones that bounce around after orgasm, sex buddies are also great for filling your sexual needs created by a broken relationship at least before you meet your next love. This also helps to avoid jumping on the next possible potential relationship that might eventually leave you heartbroken.

“Friends with benefits can fill the sexual and companion needs in between long-term relationships and give people opportunities to become better lovers and better partners by learning and making mistakes with their casual flings,” says sexpert, Austin.

All in all, one of the major fun parts of casual sex is the lack of control of one party over the other. This point is clearly stated in Austin’s words where she noted that “Having friends with benefits often has a much more casual feeling to it and therefore neither one owns the other or has much of a say over how the other lives, whom they see and what they do, allowing for the freedom to be and do what they want and enjoy the sex and company when they choose. For people who can create relationships with a similar freedom structure, they thrive too.”

unadulterated sex
Casual sex

Casual sex is great but only for the well-prepared ones, as women are often victims of letting their emotions get the better of them. Therefore, it is advised that anyone entering such a relationship should throw his or her emotions out the window for the time being.

Pussy Pump Blogs Boner For The Adultsmart Blog!

Sex Blog

The pussy Pump Blog is one of the most open sexual blogs you’ll come across. It talks about pussy pumping and goes into the really fine details about it. It’s honestly so refreshing to find a blog channel that talks about women sexual issues and what’s more it’s designed for the male population so they can help their female partners experience the great intensity that comes with sexual pleasure. You can get lost for hours just reading on all the amazing things pussy pumping does to a woman and will definitely make you curious enough to want to try.

The Adultsmart Community Lifestyle blog, on the other hand, talks about everything adult relationships go through, from the sex to general advice. If you feel like you and your partner or just you are going through something in your relationship that you don’t quite understand, then the Adultsmart blog is where you should be taking all your problems to get your questions answered.

While the Pussy pump blog is strictly dedicated to talking about the education and personal experience of pussy pumping, the Adultsmart blog is a bit more general and talks about everything so we see how the pussy pump blog might be a little head-over-heels-in-love with the Adultsmart blog and we’ve got the proof to back-up our claims.

One-stop shop

The Adultsmart blog is a one-stop shop for all things relationships and if there’s a problem pussy pump did not address you can be sure it was addressed here on this blog. They deal with everything so you don’t have to go through a relationship struggling. They are like your secret recipe for keeping a healthy and happy relationship.

Adult sex shop

See all those fun pump toys talked about on pussy pump? You can definitely find them at Adultsmart’s online shop for all sex toys you could possibly think of, lingerie lubes and any other products you’d wish to purchase. Their products are best-quality, highly tested so their customers only get the best experience with whatever product they want to work with.

Best advice on the block

If we started going over all the kinds of different advice offered on this blog, we’d spend an entire day and night just going over it but we are going to list some:

Dating and relationship advice

For couples that are just starting out or have a bit of experience, there’s always something at the corner waiting to break you two up and so need constant advice on how to deal with your partner in such situations and how best to act. They can’t fix everything between you too but they sure do try and we applaud them for that.

Secret fetishes

Fetishes are something most people like keeping secret because they normally fall out of the scope of what might be considered acceptable sexual behavior but not at Adultsmart. Here all your fetishes and secret desires are addressed and talked about openly so you don’t have to feel like you’re the only one.

Sex toy guide and BDSM

The pussy pump blog talks about one specific kind of sex toy and goes into deep details about it the Adultsmart blog talks about all kinds of sex toys and how to use them. It also goes into details for those kinky lovers, going into the ins and outs of what goes down in a BDSM session, what to expect, where the limits may lie and any other kind of information you might find necessary.
Just but to mention a few of the topics on the whole issue of sex.

A page out of the big sister’s book- or brother

The pussy pump blog definitely looks a lot like the Adultsmart blog with the theme colors and some of the items on the menu and one of them is the testimonials. Adultsmart goes the extra mile in letting other people know that there are others like them out there somewhere by collecting testimonials and posting them with the consent and Pussy pump definitely does the same. There are quite a number of women talking about their experience with pussy pumping and it’s a great morale booster. And who doesn’t want to be like someone they admire and look up to?

A little erotica to stimulate you

Stimulate yourself and or with your partner with some steamy erotica to get you in the mood depending on your kink. One of the reasons why pussy pump loves Adultsmart so much is because they post those naughty stories you want to read in the dark and in your bed when you’re ready to go on a little self-exploration journey or you want to get your juices flowing before your partner gets home and really get things going. There are all kinds of stories and they are neatly arranged with titles and categories so you go through the stack like a pro!

They both care about your health

These two sites both go out of their way to discuss sexually-related issues and will even include medical expertise where necessary. Pussy pump addresses issues that could be associated with pussy pumping- anorgasmia and goes into deep details and if you’re looking for other kinds of health-related issues, hop on over to Adultsmart and get to understand a certain condition in full. They go into details about issues covered and will best advise on what to do about said issues.

In conclusion

We could go on and on with all the reasons why the pussy pump blog loves the Adultsmart blogs and like we said, we could spend an entire day and night listing the points because when it comes to sex and relationships there’s just so much to talk about!

Adult Blog Users
Adultsmart Viewers

The one thing that clearly stands out is that both blogs are so similar in that they both want you to get the most out of your relationship, emotionally and sexually. They both go into deep details on the different topics addressed and give a wide range of information.

They talk about topics that are typically considered taboo in a nice and confident way that honestly makes you think about trying some of the things and the testimonials come in handy too. Knowing that someone else somewhere is into the same stuff you’re into boosts your confidence levels into either trying it out to see if it works for you or sees just how far you can push your body to accept your demands, therefore taking charge of what really goes on down there.

And there my friends is some of the reasons why Pussy Pump is crazy for Adultsmart.

Pussy Pumps To Treat Anorgasmia!

Anorgasmia Symptoms

If you have ever felt that you had regular difficulty achieving orgasm after sufficient sexual stimulation, you may be suffering from a medical condition called Anorgasmia. This unfortunately is a problem affecting a noteworthy amount of women which has the potential in causing personal distress and even the unfortunate event of a relationship breakdown. If you are satisfied with your ability to climax, then there’s no need for concern. If you’re suffering from a lack of orgasm or the intensity of your orgasms, talk to your doctor about Anorgasmia as this is a real medical concern.

Since the clitoris is full of nerve endings, and already sensitive to the touch, the use of a clitoral pump may help with Anorgasmia. By pumping and directing more blood flow into the clitoris, suffers may experience a clitoral orgasm. This is a natural way to possibly cure Anorgasmia and exercise the nerve endings found in the clitoris and vagina. The promotion of blood flow will actively help in the restoration of sensitivity and the ability to experience an orgasm.

Each orgasm, however brought upon, will vary in intensity, frequency and the amount of stimulation needed to trigger a climax. Some women do not consistently have orgasms with vaginal penetration alone. Some women must have clitoral stimulation in order to achieve an orgasm. If you are bothered by the lack of orgasms you experience or the intensity in which they happen you may be suffering from sensitivity issues, relationship issues, emotional and psychological distress, depression and anxiety or simply an inability to relax.



The way an orgasm feels varies from woman to women and could even differ from sexual experiences, partners, between the lingerie that they wear and environments. Not every woman may have orgasms like they are portrayed in popular media and there is no need to have self-doubts upon yourself and performance.

In recent studies involving women in the US, only 29% of women state that they will always orgasm with their partner, 10% of women have answered that they’re never had an orgasm with 15% saying that they struggle to achieve climax the majority of the time.

Causes of anorgasmia are varied and range from physical to mental illnesses and difficulties. The condition is generally classified in the medical field as being of a psychiatric disorder. However, this is limiting in its definition as it can also be caused by such things as diabetic neuropathy, multiple sclerosis, and genital mutilation. Further, it might be caused by surgery, pelvic trauma a hysterectomy, spinal cord injury.

The use of anti-depressants might also cause anorgasmia in both men and women, specifically with SSRI’s or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. Studies vary but the reports state that anywhere between 17 and 41 percent of users of such drugs will experience some form of sexual dysfunction.

There are four different types of Anorgasmia which may be temporary or lifelong:


Lifelong Anorgasmia:

is when a woman has never experienced an orgasm before. This is also known as primary anorgasmia. This is significantly more prevalent in women, though it can happen with men with underlying medical issues. Women who suffer from this form of anorgasmia might have it accompanied by an abnormally low level of sex drive and sexual excitement. Vascular engorgement is limited and sufferers might also experience high levels of frustration, increasing restlessness or even pelvic pain. Some researchers also believe that a lifelong or primary anorgasmia might be the result of an unusually harsh, or repressed, upbringing which has taught an individual that they are not supposed to enjoy sexual activity and that sexual activity is not a cause of pleasure.


Acquired Anorgasmia:-

Is when a woman use to have orgasms, but now have difficulty reaching an orgasm. One who knows their body well would know when they are suffering from acquired Anorgasmia, because they have previously achieved orgasm at least once in their lifetime. This is also known as secondary anorgasmia. Causes of secondary anorgasmia might be related to drug or alcohol abuse, depression and grief, pelvic surgery, or even as the psychological effects of rape.


Situational Anorgasmia:-

Means you are able to achieve orgasm only during particular situations. Situational might entail that an individual will orgasm from one sexual partner, but not the other, or will find that they are only responsive to specific forms of stimulation. These are all common variations of human sexuality, and are normally not considered to be problematic. Women who say they can only achieve orgasm by their clitoris or only when they have vaginal insertion may suffer from situational Anorgasmia. It is noted that most women cannot reach orgasm though vaginal penetration alone. These ladies must have clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm.

Lastly there is a generalized Anorgasmia where the lady is unable to orgasm in any situation or with any partner.

A clitoral pump is a device intended for ladies’ pleasure that is connected to the clitoris or labia to make suction and expand blood stream to the privates. This gadget gets from the male model, the penis pump, which showed up in the mid-1900s and is proposed for sexual improvement, or the treatment of sexual dysfunction and clitoral or labial rejuvenation often experienced after menopause.

A clitoral pump may be utilized on the clitoris, clitoral hood, labia (both minora and majora), and the whole genital region and, at times, the areolas. The clitoral pump, similar to the penis pump, may be utilized preceding, or amid, masturbation for the desired impact. The clitoral pump is not intended to be connected to the vaginal opening nor within the vagina, since it may bring about wounds.



The reasons to use a clitoral pump is not just confined to sexual joy purposes. Their utilization is frequently prescribed by doctors for treating female sexual issues joined with anorgasmia. Enhanced blood stream to the private parts may be attained to through standard use of the vacuum device.  This rejuvenation is a substitute to surgical procedures such as Labiaplasty etc.

Clitoral Enlargement Techniques

Clitoris Scale

Not only are there penis pumps and vaginal pumps but there’s also a range of clitoral pumps as well. Using a good quality vacuum pumping system can help in a size increase for your clitoris. The size increase has numerous benefits, firstly there are many people that find enlarged clitoris to be aesthetically pleasing and attractive, however the general approach with enlarged clitorises is that it can create all sorts of sensory thrills for you and your partner. Clitoral pumping, and female pumping, lends itself to all sorts of fun, exciting and intimate activities including gender bending and gender play, BDSM and medical scenes/roleplay as well as it being fun and cheeky for those who love the latest in sexual development and technology.

A clitoral pumping system will consist of a small clear cylinder around ¾” by 4” which will be attached to a flexible tube which is in turn connected to a powerful hand regulated and operated vacuum pump. Now this vacuum pump, through intense suction, will help in the promotion of blood flow by pulling blood into the clitoris and surrounding genitalia. As the clitoris, the clitoral hood, parts of the labia and vagina become engorged with blood you will see and feel the clitoris “grow” from being sucked into the clitoral chamber.


Some people will find that the resulting tugging sensation is enough to induce an orgasm, where some people will be reduced to writhing around in sustained pleasure. However, what is the point of clitoral pumping? Clitoral pumping varies between individuals in much the same way as other pumping fetishes do in terms of that there’s generally a myriad of reasons as to why they’d like to pump up a specific body part. For clitoral pumpers, they might be interested in an enlarged clitoris that is big enough for penetration, for others they might just enjoy the thrill of playing with a swollen engorged clitoris which is extremely sensitive during pumping play and pumping sessions. Other people might prefer the sensation that is applied to the clitoris after the pump has been removed. This intensity is not for everyone, and some people might find it to be too intense. Here are the basics on how to do it:

1.      Firstly you will need to prepare the area.

A clitoral pump will work best if the area has been warmed up with a damp cloth and warm water and good blood flow has been massaged into the area. For clitoral pumping, it does help to be in a state of arousal. With all this is mind it might be beneficial to have a bath and a shower first, as well as to shave any remaining pubic hair that you might have which could interfere with a seal.

2.      Use a thick water based lubricant.

Both around the clitoral region, and against the base of the cylinder to help create the perfect seal. Coating the clitoris and the inside of the cylinder at the same time to prevent chafing.

3.      Get a grip onto the cylinder.

You will need to be holding the cylinder tightly and snugly against your skin with one hand, and the hand pump will be placed in the other hand. Press gently down on the cylinder against the cylinder and slowly squeeze the pump so that you can create your seal. Once the suction has created the seal, you may let go of the cylinder.

4.      Go slowly.

Treat it like an experiment. Start off with the safety valve open slightly so you can feel some slight sucking sensations. Then try it with the valve closed, notice how each squeeze of the pump increases the vacuum pull on the clitoris and ultimately the surrounding tissue.  Pause after each squeeze and pump and see how it feels. Do not expect the clitoris to fill the entire chamber. Experiment with different pressures and pumping lengths to see how you go.

5.      Experience and enjoy the new level of sensations.

Stop pumping every now and then and just let yourself feel as to what’s happening and what’s going on. Spend a few minutes enjoying these sensations, or get your partner to provide some extra stimulation, letting them enjoy your enlarged clitoris in their mouth, with a vibrator, or even some light stroking.

6.      Do not over pump.

A little pumping will go a long way and over pumping can create issues. Now it won’t deaden the clitoris and make it fall off, but it can create bruises and other painful ailments. It is important that you do not over pump. If you’re finding yourself numb as opposed to being super sensitive, then you’ve probably over pumped. Make sure to do it less next time.

7.      Play around with your new equipment.

Some cylinders can actually have the tubing removed so that you can create a seal, and then remove the pump from the cylinder, leaving the cylinder attached to the body. From here the cylinder can be detached with the cylinders own quick release button. Play around with your new enlarged clit, you might choose to tug on it gently, tickle it with a stroking finger, or maybe even hold a light vibrator to it. Might even be time to call in a friend for some extra stimulation as well.

8.      Go slowly.

Some pumpers will report small and permanent increases over time, however for the most part the swollen tissue of the clitoris and surrounding region  will slowly reside immediately after the removal of the pump and return all the way back to normal by the next day.

Some clitoral pumpers will enlarge the clit to the size of a small penis for penetrative play, or for oral sex. Throw the sensation of this with a tighter feeling vagina and you have a sensual recipe for amazing play.