Erotic Prose From Nala!

For so many years you were my greatest temptation

Yet here in this bar tonight, we laugh with intoxication

Hands falling on laps and thighs, a gorgeous flirtation

One that we, or at least I, proceed with trepidation

More than a decade now you have been my fixation

You must surely have been aware of this adoration

My love well outgrew our lasting friendship foundation

Gave into my desires, you’ve been the focus of masturbation

Yet still my heart yearned, growing with fermentation

Tonight will be different for this was an all new situation

No longer did we have partners as an added complication

I threw caution to the wind and shared that new information

You smiled, we kissed, dropping your emotional fortification

We drained our glasses, hands held, adjourned to a new location

We clumsily disrobed, fumbling with inebriation

While we, of course, listened to The Cure’s Disintegration

Hands and fingers stroked, caressed, in exploration

You surprised me when you spoke of your own infatuation

After all this time, my lonely heart found validation

When you fell to your knees and stroked my elongation

I feared a quick release after years of anticipation

Even more so when you progressed towards fellation

I shifted around, returning the oral delight in reciprocation

My tongue lapped and licked, my face parting your vegetation

We explored every inch of each other without hesitation

With words and smiles and hands we express our appreciation

Diving endlessly with you, emotions aside, chasing sensation

For every verse our bodies sing, kisses are the punctuation

Our bodies aflame like some kind of sexual cremation

On your back, guiding me inside of you, penetration

As per your insistence, I give you my organ donation

I fill you until your eyes pop like a Japanese animation

Your moans are a spell, a chant, a transfixing incantation

Between your thighs I move with an oscillation

While you counteract, our bodies in synchronisation

Our hearts and flesh combined, an amalgamation

Fluids exchanged, by mouth or through perspiration

Our rhythm gains momentum, our bodies in gyration

Spurred on by your cursive, blasphemous proclamation

Her movements and excitement draw me to ejaculation

Still inside you, you drain me and I feel every pulsation

Yet I’m still taken aback as our night turns to degeneration

Our night of passion transforms into a sexual mutation

As soon as you revealed your preference for deviation

At first it feels like I’ve failed, basking in emasculation

But you insist otherwise, you just like the domination

Naked, gagged and bound upon the bondage station

The leather whip in my hand, we begin with flagellation

The welts on your back, reddened with inflammation

This new experience brings on a transformation

Partners in pleasure and devotees to damnation

With your favourite toy, lubed, I enter your dilation

You beg to be released like a dog with starvation

I ramped up the toy to its maximum vibration

You moaned and came as I delivered her salvation

I soothed her afterwards with words of love and affirmation

The morning arrived after our night of fornication

We had become closer through our unification

You spoke of your fear of our imminent separation

But we delayed this, enveloped in hibernation

There would be only you and I, no civilization

Leaving bed briefly to satisfy hunger and hydration

Whenever I prepared to leave, you showed desperation

Your arms and smile were enough for gravitation

I called up my work told them I was on vacation

Our play that day was gentle, all in moderation

Far less extreme but with a much longer duration

Interspersed through hours of conversation

Our bond undergoing a drastic amplification

Being your lover feels like a magical hallucination

Nala is contributor at the adultsmart adult lifestyle blog. Read some of her works there….