The Pros and Cons of Clit Pumping

Pumped Clit

Women are very conscious about their sexuality and they love the feeling of being sexually active. Therefore, the introduction of the clitoral pump has met the needs of most women because it is exclusively designed for sexual pleasure. It is used on the labia to enhance the blood flow in the genitals. The use of a clitoral pump is not limited to sexual pleasures. It is also recommended by a physician especially when treating. Well, if you are interested to know more about clit pumping Read on and find out.

A clitoris is a very sensitive genital organ in the female.

Here are some pros of clit pumping.

It brings orgasms

When a clit pump is used on the vulva it heightens the sensation hence drawing more blood to the area thus increasing stimulation. It is very ideal for those women who don’t get easily aroused. It stimulates more intense orgasms. This heightens sexual responsiveness which makes you feel good.

It is a great way to exercise your clitoris

The clitoris also need to be exercised effectively just like any other part of the body. When it is stimulated it will vacillate to allow more blood to enter into the genitals which are a very good practice of maintaining it healthy. It is important to know that lack of effective blood flow in the clitoris can lead to clitorial atrophy. This medical condition is rare but it is characterized by the withdrawal of the clitoris into the body of fusing of the clit head and shaft. Therefore, clit pumping greatly helps in blood pumping which ensures your clit is healthy.

It helps in the growth of the clitoris

Most women are yearning to have a sizable clitoris for more pleasure Therefore, one of the ways to achieve this is through clit pumping. Normally, when a woman attains menopause the clitoris might be 2.5 times bigger but during such a time the sexual arousal is low. Therefore, it is better to grow your clit while you are still sexually active for better sex. Additionally, it will also help you to have more intense orgasms during your old age. I talked with women who admitted they are having mind-blowing organisms even in their sixties.

They add sexual orientation to couples

If you are having a partner and you want to make your bedtime more pleasurable then clit pumping is what you have been looking for. It is very ideal when it comes to foreplay which sets the right mood for good sex. This enhances intimacy with your partner which in return leads to more pleasure when having sex.

They are portable

Clit pumps are portable and easy to pack. When you are traveling you will not miss having great fun because you can easily pack it in your bag. Whether you are planning to have a dirty weekend in an undisclosed location or you want to spice up your business trip the clit pump will always gather for that. There are various types which you can choose from and I can prefer that you go for the one that perfectly fits your handbag.

However, clit pumping is incredible when it is done as required. Some side effects associated with clit pumping are as follows.

Cons of clit pumping

It can lead to pain

Clit pumping has also some safety precautions that should be followed. Pleasure will last as long as the pump is kept on. However, it might cause some swelling which can last for a couple of days before it disappears. In extreme cases, it can lead to pain when it is done beyond the limits. This is because it can lead to tissue damage because of the accumulation of blood in the clit. Women who are suffering from a skin condition and postmenopausal women should use it cautiously because their skin is not elastic and it can tear.

It can lead to infections

Before you begin clit pumping you should be very keen on hygiene. The clit pump should be effectively cleaned after use and stored where it will not come into contact with possible infectious agents. Some women fail when it comes to these and they end up contracting infections due to poor handling of clit pumps.

Erotic Prose From Nala!

sexy prose

For so many years you were my greatest temptation

Yet here in this bar tonight, we laugh with intoxication

Hands falling on laps and thighs, a gorgeous flirtation

One that we, or at least I, proceed with trepidation

More than a decade now you have been my fixation

You must surely have been aware of this adoration

My love well outgrew our lasting friendship foundation

Gave into my desires, you’ve been the focus of masturbation

Yet still my heart yearned, growing with fermentation

Tonight will be different for this was an all new situation

No longer did we have partners as an added complication

I threw caution to the wind and shared that new information

You smiled, we kissed, dropping your emotional fortification

We drained our glasses, hands held, adjourned to a new location

We clumsily disrobed, fumbling with inebriation

While we, of course, listened to The Cure’s Disintegration

Hands and fingers stroked, caressed, in exploration

You surprised me when you spoke of your own infatuation

After all this time, my lonely heart found validation

When you fell to your knees and stroked my elongation

I feared a quick release after years of anticipation

Even more so when you progressed towards fellation

I shifted around, returning the oral delight in reciprocation

My tongue lapped and licked, my face parting your vegetation

We explored every inch of each other without hesitation

With words and smiles and hands we express our appreciation

Diving endlessly with you, emotions aside, chasing sensation

For every verse our bodies sing, kisses are the punctuation

Our bodies aflame like some kind of sexual cremation

On your back, guiding me inside of you, penetration

As per your insistence, I give you my organ donation

I fill you until your eyes pop like a Japanese animation

Your moans are a spell, a chant, a transfixing incantation

Between your thighs I move with an oscillation

While you counteract, our bodies in synchronisation

Our hearts and flesh combined, an amalgamation

Fluids exchanged, by mouth or through perspiration

Our rhythm gains momentum, our bodies in gyration

Spurred on by your cursive, blasphemous proclamation

Her movements and excitement draw me to ejaculation

Still inside you, you drain me and I feel every pulsation

Yet I’m still taken aback as our night turns to degeneration

Our night of passion transforms into a sexual mutation

As soon as you revealed your preference for deviation

At first it feels like I’ve failed, basking in emasculation

But you insist otherwise, you just like the domination

Naked, gagged and bound upon the bondage station

The leather whip in my hand, we begin with flagellation

The welts on your back, reddened with inflammation

This new experience brings on a transformation

Partners in pleasure and devotees to damnation

With your favourite toy, lubed, I enter your dilation

You beg to be released like a dog with starvation

I ramped up the toy to its maximum vibration

You moaned and came as I delivered her salvation

I soothed her afterwards with words of love and affirmation

The morning arrived after our night of fornication

We had become closer through our unification

You spoke of your fear of our imminent separation

But we delayed this, enveloped in hibernation

There would be only you and I, no civilization

Leaving bed briefly to satisfy hunger and hydration

Whenever I prepared to leave, you showed desperation

Your arms and smile were enough for gravitation

I called up my work told them I was on vacation

Our play that day was gentle, all in moderation

Far less extreme but with a much longer duration

Interspersed through hours of conversation

Our bond undergoing a drastic amplification

Being your lover feels like a magical hallucination

Nala is contributor at the adultsmart adult lifestyle blog. Read some of her works there….

Guide To Female Squirting

Squirting Female

One of the most popular new sex acts for women to try is to have a squirting orgasm, although really the squirting part can be quite independent of an orgasm. Squirting, or female ejaculation, has been on the increase with its prevalence in many porn films, finding its way into its own category, both online and on DVD shelves.

Can all women squirt?

Physiologically, yes. Psychologically, individually, not necessarily. Put simply, there are a number of steps to maximise your chances of squirting, starting first and foremost with understanding what it is, and how your body can get there.

What is female ejaculation?

There are mixed ideas about where female ejaculation comes from (pun intended). Essentially, it all stems from direct stimulation of the G-spot and the Skene’s glands behind it. If you’re still looking for your g-spot, it can be found about a finger’s depth inside the vagina, on the anterior wall (front side) and will feel like a soft, ridged area that swells with arousal.

What you may not already know, is the g-spot is actually contained within the clitoral network! Check out this 3D printed model of the full clitoral network or this sketch to see just how it all fits into place. When aroused, those clitoral bulbs swell and arch back towards the spine, instead of aimed at the thighs, and will be stimulated at the area known as the g-spot.

But what is it exactly that ‘squirts’ out? Nope, it’s not pee. In fact, the Skene’s glands will produce a fluid with almost the same chemical composition as prostatic fluid, sans semen.

So how can I get there?

Firstly, with patience and practise. Get well acquainted with your g-spot, ensure your kegels are firm for a greater squirt, and work out the best mood, settings, and toys to get you off like never before.

Getting in touch with your g-spot.

As described above, it’s fairly easy to find your g-spot when you know what you’re looking for. Fingers can get the job done, but if you want to save yourself (or your partner) the work, look for a good quality toy for a truly intense experience. Something simple like the Evolved Rainbow G or the Nu Sensuelle Aimii is a great way to start. For something completely different, there are some great products on offer from Lelo, Fun Factory and Zalo.

Lelo has the Ina Wave and the Mona Wave, both having a gorgeously smooth, bulbous head, but the Ina also has an external massager, a more classic ‘rabbit’ shape. The ‘Wave’ part of the name refers to the movement the insertable end does, known as a ‘come hither’ motion.

The Fun Factory Stronic G is a solid toy with a fantastic curve at the tip to massage your g-spot. What makes it stand out is the ‘stronic’, essentially a hands-free, thrusting toy.

The Zalo Queen ranks very high for those who have discovered this hidden gem (although the elegant Swarovski crystal on it is not hidden at all). Utilizing pulse wave technology, the curved tip of this pleasure device will pulse and throb on your g-spot. The Zalo Queen Set also comes with a removable sheath that when in place, acts as a clitoral stimulation toy like a Womanizer. All of this makes the Queen one seriously versatile toy!

On with the show

Now that you’re in touch and confident with hitting your g-spot, it’s time to put everything together and get on the road to squirting. Remember, it may not happen the first time, or possibly even at all, so make sure you focus on all the amazing sensations you’ll experience while having a go. Even if you don’t squirt, you’ll be sure to have multiple mind-blowing orgasms!

Preliminary Activities

  • Make sure you’ve been working on your kegels! Your kegels, also known as PC muscles or your pelvic floor, are the muscles you use when you hold in a wee. By activating and holding them, you can start to work them to be stronger and firmer and just like using weights with your presses, crunches and squats, using kegel balls can help greatly with the process of getting these muscles to strengthen and deliver you more mind blowing orgasms. Look for something like Satisfyer Balls or the geniusly designed Aneros Evi to help with your new favourite workout.
  • It’s recommended to empty your bladder before getting started, but at the same time, keep yourself hydrated in the lead up.
  • If all goes as planned, things may get a little messy, so use a towel underneath you, or a waterproof sex sheet like the Scandal Super Sheet or the Kink Play Sheet.
  • Set the mood. Light some candles, put some Wildfire Tease oil into an oil burner, maybe read an erotic short story and, if you don’t live alone, maybe put on some background music and lock your door.

Tools of the Trade

  • As mentioned above, have you favourite g-spot toy handy.
  • Again, for external clitoral stimulation, your fingers will work a treat but a good sex toy will really help drive you over the edge. Try the intense Zumio X or Zumio S, the Fun Factory Volta, the pulse technology of a Womanizer Premium, or your favourite bullet. To truly ramp it up, go with what the professionals use, a strong, corded wand like the Doxy Number 3.
  • Lube is your best friend. Remember, only use water based lubricants on toys. You can’t beat anything from Pjur (pronounced ‘pure’), try the Pjur Woman Aqua (or Nude if you’re sensitive) for a lube that won’t throw out your pH balance, or the lovely and thick Pjur Toy Lube.

Turning up the Heat

Ok, now you’re all ready to go, with your toys and lube on hand, music in the background, flickering candlelight and the scent of lavender and rose geranium filling the room, the crunch of your Kink Play Sheet beneath an old linen sheet. Time to get down to business.

Arousal is key, and so is patience. Take your time, caress your body, love yourself. Don’t rush to penetration. As you play with your clit, be it with your fingers or a toy, she will start to swell, both externally and internally, and the more aroused you are, the easier you’ll be able to find your g-spot and the more pressure it will be able to handle.

When you do finally go for penetration, stimulate your g-spot with firm and steady movement (the ‘come hither’ motion is your best friend here) for some amount of time, definitely longer than ten minutes.

It may feel like you have to pee, and this is totally normal. You won’t pee, so don’t worry about it.

Continuing with stimulation of your g-spot, start building up speed, either on your toy or with fingers. Remember to try and stay relaxed and not tense up. As you journey towards orgasm, steer into the skid and let yourself go by pushing out with your kegel muscles when you feel the urge to pee.

Don’t block the entrance when you finally squirt, let it all freely flow, but keep stimulating your clitoris to keep you well and truly over the line.

As mentioned earlier, you may not squirt on your first attempt, or possibly ever, so don’t be hard on yourself in this case. Just enjoy yourself and all your newfound skills.

If you need any further information speak the the consultants at the Oh Zone Adult Stores, Sydney – they will only be too pleased to assist, Good luck!

Main Benefits Of Erotic Massages

Erotic massages are tabu for some and pleasure for others. No matter the case, there is no way to deny the fact that an erotic massage will offer numerous benefits. Our daily lives are filled with stress, relationship problems, anxiety and more. A Paris outcall massage offers you a way to escape and enjoy life more, together with the benefits listed below, just to mention the main ones. 


This is the most obvious benefit, the one that everyone knows. The erotic massage means you enjoy sensual touches for as long as you want to. All of your senses will come alive. You can even choose a duo erotic massage so that you get double the pleasure in just one session. 


Having a really long and stressful workday is much more common than it should be. The erotic massage will help a lot to deal with the stress since it will relax your mind and body. It becomes so simple to forget about your tasks, customers and all other worries you might have. 

If you want to relax, consider the erotic massage that starts with relaxing techniques. The masseuse will start with your toes, buttocks, arms, back and neck. The body massage basically follows the massages of the extremities for increased relaxation. 

We have to add that the erotic massage is deep, sensual and intense. Because of this, it can be more relaxing than with regular massages that are done for relaxation purposes. 

A Unique Experience

If you never got an erotic massage till now, you have to get ready for a completely new experience. Also, even if you did try the erotic massage in the past, the number of available options is much higher than in the past, with numerous different techniques that can be used. Always look for something special and different, all based on your desires and what you know you will love. 

Increased Trust

One of the benefits most people do not know is that an erotic massage also increases the individual’s trust. This can do wonders when there are work problems or after a breakup. 

No Monotony

Unfortunately, most people end up living a completely monotonous life. They just do the exact same things every single day. We need new things in our life in order to be happy. This is where the erotic massage can step in to offer a really good helping hand. In a salon, you can enjoy a nude erotic massage, a sensual erotic massage, a body erotic massage and many other massage types. 


When you get an erotic massage, you receive all the pleasure and attention you need. The experience is completely about you. A masseuse will make you feel like the most special person in the world. In many cases, clients are completely overwhelmed. Is this something you want? It will surely delight you. 

An erotic massage will make you happier and more confident. It will do wonders when it comes to self-esteem and nobody can deny the pleasure that you are going to feel. There is simply no reason why you should not enjoy one.

Jake Falcon: The High Flyin’ Propeller Swinger

Male Stripper Jake Falcon

Amidst the body oil and spangled thongs, male strippers are definitely juicy entertainment, albeit hot. Melbourne, for one, has plenty of male strippers joint with plenty of fine-looking gentlemen. But if none of them is as sexy and as sensational as Jake Falcon.

The Captain, as he is called in the hottest strip club in town – Super Lux is one of the Air Men from Sky Stripper. This Melbourne based entertainment company specializes in male strippers and dancers, topless waiters, and live entertainment. He is kind of Magic Mike meets Top Gun kind of guy. Gifted with a beautiful physique and charming personality, Jake Falcon, is your fantasy guy turned into reality.

His on Stage Personas

Jake Falcon embodies the pilot persona to a tee. He has the perfect body, the right stature, confidence that makes you want to fly with him on his jet fighter anytime. He can give Tom Cruise aka Maverick in Top Gun a run for his when he is dressed in a pilot’s costume. So, get ready girls because the Captain is going to touchdown not on the tarmac but on stage.

When not flying his jet fighter, Jake Falcon is a dangerous SWAT member who is highly trained to take the dancefloor by storm. His stature and personality project a serious attitude ready to face any hard-lined criminal. Girls, you better watch out, Officer Jake Falcon is prepared to launch an attack on the dance floor with his sizzling moves and fabulous body.

The tale of the movie Magic Mike lives on as Jake Falcon brings the onscreen persona ladies come to love on stage. See how our Captain dances the routines we like on the movie and feel the energy as he gyrates on stage. He is out to give Channing Tatum some severe competition. Who needs Channing anyway when you can have Jake Falcon in your party?

Many women dig for astronauts. The sight of men in space suits landing from their mission gives them the Armageddon feels. Well, you don’t have to go to NASA to see a real astronaut. Jake Falcon can be your astronaut if you want him too. See him as he slowly undressed down to his birthday suit live when you come to his shows at Melbourne’s premier male strip club – Super Lux. Seeing him as an astronaut will make your dream come true.

Book Now to See Jake Falcon on Stage

Want to see Jake Falcon?

There is only one place where the Captain is at Sky Strippers. This entertainment company has Jake Falcon on live shows, but you can book him on your private event. Whether it is a Hen’s Night, a Birthday party, or a special Girl’s Night, you and your girls can have him in a high-octane, powerful, and action-packed performance. See for yourself why this American import is the talk of the town.

Sky Strippers can help you plan the perfect party. It can be on one of their venues or location of your choice. One thing is for sure it will be a night to remember when you have Jake Falcon, the man of the hour from the Sky. Always look your best on your last big night out with a professional hair style by Nicole Hudson.