Why are Licensed Brothels Essential Across the World?

licensed prostitutes

Brothels and prostitution are some of the major problems across the globe. Moreover, people don’t like talking about them. For centuries people have been debating if brothels should be legalized or not. In countries like Australia, brothels and sex work has been regularised and is legal. Therefore, brothels’ situation in such countries is far better than African-Asian or Middle-Eastern countries. In these continents, brothels and prostitution are not just illegal but also a sin, and yet they run, but conditions of these brothels are unimaginably worst. But there are countries like Australia, and Germany which have licensed brothels. There is a huge difference between a regular brothel and licensed brothel. This blog, we are going to discuss the same.

Every year hundreds and thousands of women of all age groups (above 18) join these brothels to earn money and living because of lack of work, education, or poverty. To run a brothel or work as a sex worker in Australia must be 18 years and above. The laws governing the sex industry of Australia are strict, and if not followed, owners and workers can be put behind bars for a long time.

The customers that come to one of the best brothels must follow some etiquette while they are with the girls. People come to the place to have sex with the girls. People have a tendency to opt for fun, especially if the regular days seem to be monotonous. Hence people sometimes go to brothels to take out their routine frustration. Here are some of the etiquettes that a person has to apply while he is in one of the best brothels of the town.

There are many advantages to having licensed brothels and legal prostitution industries. Some of these reasons are discussed here.


  • Health Safety: If the brothels run without a license, one of the primary concerns is about the health safety of both workers and their customers. These STD’s like HIV Aids can transfer and spread like a fire in bushes in these brothels. Not just the sex workers, but their unborn babies are also in danger of catching these diseases. Moreover, sex workers in illegal and unlicensed brothels cannot get access to any medical care. They are pressurized not to use protection. They are abused daily, and that again goes unchecked and unattended. If brothels are licensed, these diseases are kept under check and control; as per a few types of research in countries where prostitution is legal, the risk of catching STDs is reduced to- 33-46 %.


  • Control of Human Trafficking: One of the worst impacts of illegal brothels and sex trade is human trafficking. Thousands of women and girls of all ages are trafficked and forced into prostitution across the world. Many people believe that legalizing this trade will increase trafficking. But the reality is far from different. As per the records, human trafficking in countries like Germany has reduced to 10% in the past ten years. Germany is among a few of those countries where prostitution is legal. Yes, the reduction rate is prolonged, but any achievement in this area is still a big deal. If states have licensed brothels like that in Australia, then legal bodies can control the trafficking and abuse of sex workers.


  • Protection of Minor’s rights: Child prostitution and trafficking are the world’s worst problems. Children as young as 7-8 years are abducted and forced into prostitution in both developed and underdeveloped countries child prostitution is legal in almost every country, and some places have severe punishments as well for forcing a child into prostitution. Yet nearly 10 million children become victims of this industry every year across the globe. If you have licensed brothels, then the activities of pimps in this area are kept under control. Strict laws and legal brothels can protect the rights of minors.


  • Employment Rights: Once the children and women are trafficked and put in these brothels, they are used as sex slaves. The women who are stuck in these illegal brothels. They hardly even get proper food or medical care, so forget about any remunerations. Pimps and other middle agents reap the benefits of their hard work. If the workers refuse to work under such circumstance’s they are beaten to death. Most of the physical, sexual abuse in these brothels go unreported. But if countries have licensed brothels, such exploitation can be controlled. They will get care respect and the reimbursement they deserve for their hard work.


Concluding Thoughts

Prostitution has been part of human society for centuries, although it has always been behind the dark wall. Its time to change this scenario and bring change in the lives of women and children who suffer in the hands of this ruthless industry. But it is possible only if brothels are legalized and licensed like in Australia.

Taking A Look At The Next Evolution Of Sex Dolls

toy sex

As a self-confessed ‘big kid’ I know all too well about wanting, needing, and having toys. Yes, many people tell me it is weird, or childish, but like I always say and what I try to instill into my children with not much success, is that if it makes you happy what the other people think doesn’t matter.

Why should we constantly conform to what society projects to be the norm, or ‘cool’, or even acceptable when it comes to preferences relating to our lives? These are our years and we should get to enjoy them in a way that makes us wake up each morning and not wish we hadn’t, to face another adventure of a day, and see what lies ahead.

Trying to ‘fit in’ usually ends up in a few situations:

One – You hate every minute of doing something you despise and would never have chosen to do if it didn’t mean you get to hang with the cool kids.

Two – The situation gets so far that you completely lose yourself and have got to the point of no return, and;

Three – You become depressed, even lonelier than before, and you end up by yourself anyway, despite all the hard work and effort to keep up with the Jones as the old quote goes. Is there a point to having a life then?

For me, I am a creative soul, my husband knows this, endures whatever it may be or lead to (sometimes a disaster, yes, but we live and learn) and this is how great relationships are born. I enjoy a more generic toy, the plastic and full of color ones, called what some may know as ‘pops.’ They serve no purpose, I do not play with them, I simply collect and display them.

Life for me is simple. Make a cup of tea and take a quick walk down the memory lane of some of the old-school generic toys we grew up with here https://www.pinterest.co.uk/manofgod8343/old-school-toys-and-old-vintage-idems/ and you’ll soon realize how things have evolved over the past couple of decades.



As we all know when we reach adulthood the ‘toy’ box seems to be filled with more delicate (or not) pieces of equipment, intricacies for the fantasy of bedroom fun, and usually locked away in the back of the wardrobe away from little kid hands. My husband and I have a ‘briefcase’ of sorts we delve into from time to time, just to add a different ‘spice to the rice’, am I right?

Check out this link for some great ‘play’ ideas and add that little bit of something extra this evening, surprise your partner or go it alone, the world is yours. The main objective is to do what makes you smile, or collapse in a pile of sweat and heavy sighing, both work.

The last thing we need is to see your son digging in the garden with the latest vibrator, enjoying the prong ears, and the fact that it vibrates while he digs. A sight I’d die to witness but would cut the earth open myself and jump in if it were me in that scenario, no thank you as hilarious as it sounds.


Toys for men.

There are indeed hundreds of variations of sex toys, gadgets, and outfits for women, and sometimes just for a split second, very split, I feel bad for my husband who although enjoys using the toys on and with me, it can get a bit repetitive and mundane.

Even more so if you are single and have been for a while, the reasons may vary but the goal remains the same, to feel loved, needed, and have someone to listen to you no matter the time of day. This is where I am excited to have been researching and learning more about the ever increasingly popular sex dolls.

If you are new to all this and have been thinking of embarking on such an adventure but hesitant for lack of knowledge, find out more on Anastasia Sex Toys website where you can read about, browse, and decide which ‘toy’ appeals to you and which would suit you and your interests. The personalization is limitless, you only need to make it become a reality.


Advantages of having a sex doll.

  • Strings. There are none, literally. Physically or emotionally, for some men, this is just the thing they are looking for if say they have come out of a long term relationship, or horrible divorce and can’t deal with human interaction on that level. A sex doll does what you want when you want it, and without the ‘nagging’ some would say.
  • No judgment. Thankfully they don’t talk and thus have no opinions, men who are insecure or have self-confidence issues can relax and be themselves and have a great night in without any pressure of trying to look a certain way or impress.

Being insecure is not just for women who see billboards of over photoshopped, stick-thin models adorned in the latest fashions, men feel this way too they are just better at covering it up. See how others deal with their insecurities https://www.quora.com/What-are-mens-insecurities and know that you are not alone in your feelings.

  • You get to pick and choose as you please, add all the features into one big gift of women, and have Christmas every day. No one person ticks all the boxes when we search for a partner, with a doll you can custom order and choose her look to tick boxes, you hadn’t even thought were something you were interested in, till you started.
  • You don’t need to continually dish out money or buy expensive gifts for a partner to keep them interested. One-time wise purchase and your money will be well spent.

No matter the decision or reason you take to get a sex doll it is your business, and your lifestyle to do with as you please if this means a doll that satisfies that empty hole, I’m all for it.

The reasons behind sexual desire

Desire Sex

The human brain is the organ that controls and generates all the human impulses and desires, including the sex drive. Said desire is necessary for the species’ survival, as it is the trigger of sexual intercourse when procreation is the uttermost goal. 


Although the primal origin of sexual desire may have been reproductive, currently, sex is rarely exclusively meant to be for said purpose. It is more commonly had for satisfaction purposes.

Variations of the libido

The stimuli that cause a reaction in the human being highly differs, as it is a matter of personal preference from each individual, which explains the wide variety of hot escorts in Sydney. In the same fashion, the stimuli by which people can feel an increased sexual desire, can be of several types, for example:

Visual stimulation

The most common way of arousal comes from visual stimulation. Some examples could be explicit images or videos, such as a series of pornographic or erotic photographs, as well as a pornographic video. The increase of sex drive can also come from images and videos without explicit sex, from a show, film, advertisements, etc.


But not only images and videos with erotic and sexual content are considered visual stimuli. Meeting people on the street can also cause an alteration of somebody’s sexual desire. It is not surprise for a person to see another one in the subway, at the club, in a concert… and feel aroused, without any explicit signal that points to a potential sexual interaction.


Imaginative stimulation

While not necessarily a sexual stimulus, someone’s imagination is a really powerful factor in the fluctuation of sexual desire. It is connected to our visual sense, and due to the great imaginative capacity with which to visualize any situation, many people get to explore their sexualities, discovering therefore their preferences and turnoffs.


The power of the imagination is limitless, without boundaries. Any individual can imagine a situation with another person, performing any kind sexual practice, at any place… Which means that the imagination occasionally serves as a link to “live” what is not really possible. Inside its imagination every person can have relationships with one another, regardless of it being a fictional characters, famous singers or actors.


Imaginative stimuli may even be influenced by a book or audio. An imagination creating and representing certain situations and scenarios. The only difference is that in this case it is guided and influenced by a text, be it a novel or an erotic story, or even by an erotic audio, or even VR porn something that is becoming more and more widespread. 

What happens when you are aroused?

Sexual desire influences a person’s body. Increased heart rate as well as blood pressure, redness of the skin, erect nipples, dilated pupils … in general, all the expression of the face as a whole is more desirable.


As for the genitalia, in men it is more visible since there is an erection, as well as an ascent of the testicles. Even the appearance of pre-seminal fluid is common if the sexual desire is very strong.


The genital area of women also changes, as experienced on a daily basis by the professional female escorts from Birmingham. The vagina increases in size up to 2 thirds of its initial size, increasing both its length and diameter.


Tips for improving sexual desire

Over time, people may feel that sexual desire is decreasing. It may be normal as you get older, but there are still ways to prevent the decrease or increase your sexual appetite. 


Stress, from a daily nerve wracking routine, or exhaustion can negatively affect people’s libido. Some tips to increase sexual desire are:

Physical exercise 

The positive repercussions in the organism that come by practising a spot are infinite. Physical exercise is one of the best treats that anyone can do to its body, since not only does it affect positively to the physical perception, but also to the mind. Thanks to physical exercise the blood flow of the body will improve, including the flow of the most intimate parts. 


In addition, practicing sport positively affects people’s mental health, as it helps to be more positive because it favors the segregation of endorphins, which help to be happier and in a better mood.


There is no doubt that food is another basic pillar in people’s health, and therefore also in everything that affects sexual health. 


A good and equilibrated diet will help to maintain the ideal weight, which means better self-esteem and self-confidence. 


Obesity can be a serious problem that affects, among other things, the production of testosterone, which is much lower in men who are very overweight.


A good diet, together with physical exercise, will make a person healthier, physically and mentally, as well as better prepared to maintain a sexual relationship, being able to last longer and at greater intensities.


Rest is essential for people. Adequate rest, sleeping a minimum of seven hours a day, will make someone’s health much better compared to people whose rest is not good. 


Failures to rest properly can lead to a drop in testosterone levels in men of up to 10%. Apart from that, if a person is very tired it is difficult to have sexual appetite. 


These are three of the basic pillars to maintain sexual desire. Physical exercise, food and rest. Taking care of these three aspects will not only improve the sexual appetite, but will increase the quality of life, since the physical and mental health will be much better.

How to Choose a Clit Pump

clitoral pump

The sex toy wave has gained popularity in recent years. Women have also embraced their sexuality and are now experimenting with different toys, either alone or with their partners. Other than the standard dildos, the clit pumps are other toys that enhance sexual arousal and orgasms. In this guide, we’ve got you covered with details on choosing the right pussy pump. But first, what is a pussy pump and how does it work?

What is a Clit Pump?

If you love cunnilingus, then you are most likely to enjoy a pussy pump because it uses a suction technique. Ideally, the pump is placed on a woman’s genitals, especially on the clitoris. Then, the suction is applied to make the organ seem engorged.

Other women love having the pump on their vulvas as well just to give them a bigger looking vagina. Some pussy pumps are automatic, while others you’re expected to pump to your desired feel. Some pumps have a more intense feeling while others are basic. Depending on your ideal goal, you need to choose the right one for you. Here is how the clit pump works.

How Does a Clit Pump Work?

A clit pump works by bringing in more blood flow around the genitals, specifically the clitoris thus making it easy for you to orgasm. The device works just like the penile pumps by allowing more blood flow and also increasing the size of the genitalia through engorgement. However, as you use the pumps, you ought to be careful so that you don’t hurt your inner tissues especially if the suction is intense. Learn your limits to avoid injuries.

How to Use a Clit Pump

It’s easy to use a clit pump with a little bit of experimenting to find out what works for you. For some people, the high tech pumps give intense pleasure, which may or may not work for every woman. Some people don’t like the intensity of the suction while for others, the feeling is heavenly. Well, you ought to determine your limits and control the device.

As you use the pump, make sure to use a water-based lube to ensure the seal remains intact during the pumping exercise. Otherwise, the suction feeling may be inconsistent and difficult to sustain. Some manufacturers have also improvised the pumps to incorporate vibrations and a penetration device. The difference between a pussy pump and other sex toys is that the pumps give a direct feeling or pleasure to the organ.

How Does a Clit Pump Feel?

Different people would admit to having different sensations while using a clit pump. If you’re open-minded and ready to explore, then you can introduce a clit pump to your bedroom. Once you identify your comfort zone, then you can expect the most intense feelings and probably an orgasm.

Ideally, the pussy pump makes your vagina feel tighter whilst the clit pump should make it longer, which could help you take a shorter time to climax. Besides, it’s a plus for your partner because a tight pussy gives him better contact which also helps in his orgasm. See, it’s a win-win situation in your bedroom affairs.

Buying Suitable Pussy And Clit Pumps

There exist so many different types of pumps in the market. Here is a guide on some of the available options for you.


However weird the name sounds, the brand is the most modern type of pussy pump in the market currently. Womanizer comes in different shapes and sizes to cater to different consumer needs.


Satisfyer also comes in different sizes and vibrations but gives a mild sensation on use. If you want to start out, then you can opt for this model because it’s not only cheaper than others but also gives lighter sensations.


This pussy pump is the latest in the market with a massive endorsement of Amber Rose. The pump is the right choice because it’s made of silicone hence easy to clean. Besides, the handle is also soft to hold while having your sex play.

•Doc Johnson Pussy Pump

The pump is rechargeable and automatic. Besides, the clit pump also has some vibrations, which could be excellent for some people. If you love concentrating on the feeling instead of operating the device, then, Doc Johnson pussy pump should make the right choice.

•Size Matters Pussy and Clit Pump

The pump makes an ideal choice for beginners because it’s manual. This implies that you get to control the pleasure. Most importantly, the pump can help you determine whether you like the suction feeling and also manage your limits.

The Pros and Cons of Clit Pumping

Pumped Clit

Women are very conscious about their sexuality and they love the feeling of being sexually active. Therefore, the introduction of the clitoral pump has met the needs of most women because it is exclusively designed for sexual pleasure. It is used on the labia to enhance the blood flow in the genitals. The use of a clitoral pump is not limited to sexual pleasures. It is also recommended by a physician especially when treating. Well, if you are interested to know more about clit pumping Read on and find out.

A clitoris is a very sensitive genital organ in the female.

Here are some pros of clit pumping.

It brings orgasms

When a clit pump is used on the vulva it heightens the sensation hence drawing more blood to the area thus increasing stimulation. It is very ideal for those women who don’t get easily aroused. It stimulates more intense orgasms. This heightens sexual responsiveness which makes you feel good.

It is a great way to exercise your clitoris

The clitoris also need to be exercised effectively just like any other part of the body. When it is stimulated it will vacillate to allow more blood to enter into the genitals which are a very good practice of maintaining it healthy. It is important to know that lack of effective blood flow in the clitoris can lead to clitorial atrophy. This medical condition is rare but it is characterized by the withdrawal of the clitoris into the body of fusing of the clit head and shaft. Therefore, clit pumping greatly helps in blood pumping which ensures your clit is healthy.

It helps in the growth of the clitoris

Most women are yearning to have a sizable clitoris for more pleasure Therefore, one of the ways to achieve this is through clit pumping. Normally, when a woman attains menopause the clitoris might be 2.5 times bigger but during such a time the sexual arousal is low. Therefore, it is better to grow your clit while you are still sexually active for better sex. Additionally, it will also help you to have more intense orgasms during your old age. I talked with women who admitted they are having mind-blowing organisms even in their sixties.

They add sexual orientation to couples

If you are having a partner and you want to make your bedtime more pleasurable then clit pumping is what you have been looking for. It is very ideal when it comes to foreplay which sets the right mood for good sex. This enhances intimacy with your partner which in return leads to more pleasure when having sex.

They are portable

Clit pumps are portable and easy to pack. When you are traveling you will not miss having great fun because you can easily pack it in your bag. Whether you are planning to have a dirty weekend in an undisclosed location or you want to spice up your business trip the clit pump will always gather for that. There are various types which you can choose from and I can prefer that you go for the one that perfectly fits your handbag.

However, clit pumping is incredible when it is done as required. Some side effects associated with clit pumping are as follows.

Cons of clit pumping

It can lead to pain

Clit pumping has also some safety precautions that should be followed. Pleasure will last as long as the pump is kept on. However, it might cause some swelling which can last for a couple of days before it disappears. In extreme cases, it can lead to pain when it is done beyond the limits. This is because it can lead to tissue damage because of the accumulation of blood in the clit. Women who are suffering from a skin condition and postmenopausal women should use it cautiously because their skin is not elastic and it can tear.

It can lead to infections

Before you begin clit pumping you should be very keen on hygiene. The clit pump should be effectively cleaned after use and stored where it will not come into contact with possible infectious agents. Some women fail when it comes to these and they end up contracting infections due to poor handling of clit pumps.