Making Extra Income with your Sex Toys Has Never Been Easier: Here’s How

You love your sex toys, right? That makes a lot of sense. After all, who doesn’t? But what if we told you that you were using them wrong.

You’d probably laugh and let us know about how you’ve been using your toys for a long time now, and how you have such an undying love and passion for them that you’re basically one and the same with them by now.

Well, that is cool and everything, but we’d like you to know that this is the exact reason you’re using them wrong. By using them wrong, we don’t mean that you don’t know how to derive maximum pleasure from them. We mean that these beautiful little toys are capable of more than just pleasure.

To really maximize their use, you can derive great pleasure from them while also earning a lot of money in the process. And by a lot of money, we mean a whole lot of money.


Achieving Financial Freedom with your Pussy Pumps


It is not just possible to make money from your sex toys, it is actually possible to achieve ultimate financial freedom through them. Many people on adult webcams have been known to earn more money in a week than most blue-collar jobs earn in a year. That is how lucrative these platforms are.

And that is why we always advise our readers who dont mind showcasing their sexual prowess in the comforts of their homes to thousands of adoring audiences all over the world to try this option. Although of course. you should also be mindful of choosing the right platform to use for your broadcasts.

There are thousands of cam platforms around the world, but we usually recommend Chaturbate thanks to the high level of traffic that they already have, amount of money that models there earn, the convenience of their platform, and their attractive rewards system.

Also, if you don’t want viewers in a particular country viewing your content, Chaturbate also has a system that allows you to block these countries.


Giving Yourself an Edge


You can also give yourself an edge on Chaturbate by customizing your profile to appear more unique and enticing to follow. Many cam platforms don’t have this feature, and with Chaturbate you don’t even have to design your own profile graphic yourself since there are websites out there like that provides high quality templates free of charge for models to increase their popularity on Chaturbate.

When you get your designs from Designurbate you’re also actively ensuring that you gain access to a lot of variety and quality designs made by experts with years of experience in the Chaturbate world.

Customizing your profile on Chaturbate also goes a long way in keeping your fans informed about your kinks and fetishes, letting them know what you are open to trying and what you’re not. You can also use it to design your tip menu that tells them how much tokens are needed to perform certain actions during broadcasts.


How to Use Your Toy on Chaturbate


Using your toys on Chaturbate is an important way of earning more money. Even though there are lot of boy-girl broadcasts on the platform, solo shows dominate the rooms, and that is why models generally tend to go to sex toys, vibrators, and pussy pumps to keep their viewers entertained.

If you already happen to be proficient enough in using these toys, you automatically have an edge on Chaturbate. You can also come up with interesting ways to use the toys, and keep the viewers engaged (let the audience control the toys remotely, for example) to make your broadcasts more interesting and earn a lot more money as a result.


Final Thoughts


If you are able to turn your passion into your source of income, you won’t have to work a day in your life. This quote has never been more accurate as it is for those who go into cam broadcasting thanks to their love for toys and pussy pumps. You can achieve this ultimate dream by following our guide above, and in a short time you will already fund yourself turning pleasure into a profitable business – with ease.