Things You Should Know About Pussy Pumps!

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Once you decide that pussy pumping is something that you or your partner want to experience there are things that you should know.  Obvious things like ensure that you do not overdo it in the vacuum department that may cause blood to go to the surface skin and bruise.  Or pump it to the point of no return when the skins elasticity will no longer bring back those swollen vagina lips to normal size.

There are health benefits for pussy pumpers too!  So take the time to read all you need to know about pussy pumps!

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3 Top Pussy Pumping Recommendations!

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Are you intrigued by the concept of vaginal pumping and what it can do sexually for you or your partner.  There are many people that are curious about this fetish but just do not know where to start.  Do not despair – we have found a great resource that will inform you of the basics of pussy pumps and the top 3 recommended devices for you.

So check out the top 3 pussy pumping picks and tricks!

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My Pussy Pumping Experience!

Pussy Pump Sex Story

From when I was a small child people have always been describing me as a social person. This is the main reason why I am not surprised that I have so many friends. Whenever I go out I always find myself surrounded by people who want to hang around me. At work I am the one the members of my team send to talk with our superiors. So I can as well say that I am a crowd puller. As a young woman I always like to explore the fun in the world. This is especially when it comes to my sexuality.  Here is my pussy pumping erotic story.

I can remember very well that it was on a Saturday morning and I did not have plans to wake up early. This is because I was not going to work and I had partied the previous night. Around ten in the morning a friend of mine called me asking whether I wanted to hang out. I was reluctant at first especially because I still felt the effects of the previous night. But I decided to accept because I had nothing else going on. We agreed to meet at noon at our usual bar.

After breakfast and shower I decided to wear one of my sexiest dresses. This is because I know Saturdays are usually sexy days when most people have the freedom to wear informal clothes. As I drove to the usual bar to meet up with my friend I was already feeling ready for what was ahead. On arriving I was surprised to find out that there were two more friends with the friend. We choose a table where we were two girls and two guys. One of the guys was cuter and I had seen him several times in the bar but we had not talked. After being on the same table for about thirty minutes I noticed that my friend was into the other guy. So I was left talking with cute guy most of the times.

As we talked I came to know that this cute guy was single and was looking to have fun. I also came to know that he has recently moved in the neighborhood and so was just looking to make friends around. By the time we had sat for two hours we were already comfortable with each other. The cute guy was not only cute, but he was fun to listen to. He told me a lot about himself and this made me feel as if he was someone I could trust.

By the time it was getting dark were already tipsy and I even felt comfortable dancing with the cute guy. He was gentle and in my mind I thought he could make a good boyfriend. I usually do not sleep with guys I meet for the first time. But this guy seemed very cute and comforting. My friend and the guy she was with also seemed comfortable. Time passed really fast and the next time I checked my watch it was already midnight.

I could not drive in the state I was on. So when we finally decided to go home we agreed that we shall take cabs. We were all four outside the bar bidding farewell to each other. My date proposed that instead of going home I should go with him to his place since it was just nearby. I wanted to go home and sleep but i really liked this cute guy. I saw no harm going to the place of my date.

When we got to his place I noticed that he had a relatively big apartment. The guy was very gentle and he even offered me refreshments. After being in his apartment for only thirty minutes I was already comfortable and feeling like I was home. We talked some more as we sat on the couch. This is when I noticed that I had not even asked the guy his name. As we were talking he tried to kiss me for the first time. At first I hesitated but when our lips touched I could not resist any more. The guy held me close to him and kissed me gently. Before I could say anything he had lifted me from the couch and we were heading to the bedroom.

When we reached the bedroom I excused myself to go to the bathroom. I refreshed and headed back to the bedroom. I found that my date had already stripped and was totally naked. He had a nice body which looked well maintained. He held me and we kissed some more. He gently removed my clothes and within a minute we were both completely naked. At this moment I was completely turned on and all I wanted was him to make love to me. We made love until we both exploded.

After we made love for the first time I excused myself and went back to the bathroom. I decided to explore the bathroom some more and while I was opening the cabinets I saw something which I had not seen before. By this time my date had joined me in the bathroom. So I asked him what it was. He told me that it was a pussy pump which belonged to her ex-girlfriend.

At first I was jealous because he had not told me that he had a ex-girlfriend. I have heard about pussy pumps but i had not seen or used one. I asked the guy how the pussy pump was used and he was very eager to explain to me.  That the vacuum would enlarge my clit and labia and would increase pleasures felt because of the increased mass as they both enlarged.

The pussy pump was clean and well kept so I did not see any problem with the guy demonstrating on me how it worked. He gently held the pump against my pussy. This sent shivers down my spine. He started to pump the bulb and I could feel it sucking my vagina and made my clit tingle.  He used it on me and within a few minutes I had already climaxed again right there in the guy’s bathroom.   This wasn’t supposed to happen – maybe the whole idea of using a sex toy with a guy I just met turned me on.  We continued playing around with the pussy pump through the night and by the time we finally fell asleep my pussy was swollen but feeling so horny.  I had already made a decision now knowing how they worked to go and get one.

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Enjoying pussy pumps


That morning my pussy was swollen and raw and my new found fuck-buddy was looking at it with the biggest hard-on.  He asked if I was okay and I just smiled knowing that this was probably the last time I would see  him considering he had a girlfriend.

He said, “Do you have half an hour?”

I nodded yes.

With that he grabbed a control and his interactive TV fired up to life.  He knew what he was doing and within moments had up the pussy licking sites and selected one that had a favorite symbol next to it,  a movie of a man going down on a woman started up.  As the man went down, he went down on me.  I think he had watched this many times before as his tongue actions were in sync with that of the guy giving his girl oral.

As I lay back, I smiled, watching this exquisite porn movie as he went down on me replicating the actions on the screen.  This was an ultimate in virtual 3D sexual relief and probably the best cunnilingus I have ever had!

When I finally got home I took my laptop  out and looked for websites where pussy pumps are sold. I ordered one and within a few days it had arrived. I used it for about a week and I decided to order another more expensive one as I enjoyed the first one so much.  It was as good for solo play as it was with a partner.   Now it is about three months since that night and I use pussy pumps regularly. Right now my happiest sexual moments are the ones where I am using one of my pussy pumps as a sex aid before having sex. So I can confidently say that pussy pumps are the best friend of any girl who is not afraid to have fun.


What Is A Pussy Pump?

Vaginal Pumps

There are many interesting and unique sexual aides on the adult market. Some are considered to be outrageous, others have a practical purpose, and some are very confusing to understand until you’ve read about them. Pussy pumps and vaginal pumps fall into this latter category. So what is a vaginal pump? To put it simply, a vaginal pump works in pretty much the same way as a penis pump for men. The vaginal pump elongates the genital area, promotes blood flow and is used to enhance the genitals by tightening the labia minora, and vagina, which in turn makes a male’s penis feel tighter and bigger when inside the vagina.

A pussy pump is placed over the entrance of the vagina and over the clitoris for the maximum amount of stimulation. Once the air is pumped out of the pump the pussy muscles contract and it is often considered to be a mini workout for your vagina.

There are several different models and designs of the pussy pump which stimulate the pussy and may be able to provide an orgasm to the person using them. The problem is this; in a similar vein to thecock pump which helps with erectile dysfunction, many vaginal pumps have not been tested adequately enough or they may be a cheap generic knock off version designed as a novelty use only without any of the medical benefits of vaginal pumping. Vaginal pumping promotes blood flow, it can change the appearance of the vagina, and cheaper knock off versions and novelty implements cannot guarantee that your vagina will become tighter over any period of time.

The LA pumping System is one of the most widely recognised pumping systems in the world. Indeed, the LA Pumping system, as well as other branded systems, are recognized by the United States Medicare System as being of benefit to people’s health and well-being. In the years between 2006 and 2011, the United States Medicare system spent more than one hundred and seventy million dollars on penis pumping systems. Since vaginal pumping systems work on the same technology, then it would be a fair statement to make that the technology used would have some benefits, else the government would have refused the funding. It is important to note that Medicare, and Insurance agencies still fund the cost of Vacuum Devices across the world.

Apart from Pussy Pumps there are other pumping systems for females such as for the clitoris, nipple or breasts. The nipple and Vaginal pumps work in very similar ways, that being the promotion of blood flow to the genital region for stimulation, increased size, and increased sensitivity. The breast cylinders are purely used for enlarging breasts via a vacuum method but both the clitoral and nipple systems enlarge their respective organs making them more sensitive and increasing stimulation and sexual desire.

Be A Little Game And Enhance Your Sex Life With These Interesting Products.

Pussy pumping and clitoral pumping have proven medical benefits and are recommended by Doctors and Therapists to cure many female sexual problems such as the condition of Anorgasmia.  Clitoral and vaginal rejuvenation can also be achieved in post-menopausal women with the correct use of pussy or clitoral vacuum systems.

Vaginal pumping or commonly known as pussy pumping was once a taboo subject among women.  This sensual activity has many pleasurable and proven health benefits and women are taking advantage of this more openly than ever before. Not only does a woman get extreme pleasure from pumping and the subsequent ‘sucking’ sensation on the clitoris but the added bonus of an engorged vulva and clit make sexual activities more exciting and sensitive areas more tender, susceptible and receptive to the sense of touch. Women may use pussy pumping as a masturbation device or to aid with clitoral and vaginal rejuvenation. Users have even reported a tighter sensation as well as the increased ability to orgasm after their vaginal pumping workout. Some may see vaginal pumping as an adult toy but vaginal pumping is now becoming a vaginal workout that has been seen to have the same benefits to women and their sexual health and lifestyle in a similar way that Kegel ball exercises have proven to be useful and beneficial.

Just like how a man uses a penis pump, there are specially designed attachments made exclusively for use on the vaginal area, clitoris, breasts and nipples. These cylinders are designed to assist with a powerful airflow to help enlarge the desired area by creating a strong suction which helps expand the desired area. Over time users will notice prolonged growth in the pumped area and will experience a heightened sensation to the touch after pumping.

pussy pump vibe
vibrating pussy pump

Use A Vibrating Vaginal Pump For Ultimate Female Pleasure

People may still think this is a taboo act, but the benefits really do outweigh the cons and once you discover this amazing feeling for yourself, you will ask yourself why I haven’t started this earlier. A common misconception is that pussy pumping will damage the vagina or hurt the user. Users will experience growth of the pumped areas which will reside back to normal shortly after pumping has concluded. This experience should not cause discomfort, but rather tremendous pleasure that’s hard to mimic using other adult toys.

Woman have been taking advantage of pussy pumping so they may enjoy larger body proportions which are easily achievable by the use of a pussy pump. Both men and women enjoy the engorged look and feel of the clitoris and vaginal area and the increased pleasure that comes from the result of more blood flow. Pumping may help users reach climax easier due to the increased blood flow to the larger clitoris and vaginal area. These are exciting benefits for both ladies and couples to embark on the mental, physical and spiritual experiences that are brought forth with by using a pussy pump.

The main goal of pussy pumping is the expanded look and feel of the engorged genitals and to provide women with heighten sensations during sex or masturbation.

How To Choose A Pussy Pump!

Fitting Choice

Choosing the right sexual aide can be difficult, the choices are endless and it all depends on the type of stimulation that you want, and a variety of other factors. When you buy a pussy pump, you want to ensure that you can enjoy using the pussy pump that you will see progress with what you’re trying to achieve and most of all that you are getting results from your pussy pumping sessions. Because let’s face it, buying any type of sexual aide can be confusing.

Whether you buy a pussy pump or a clitoral pump will be a matter of personal preference, if the thought of one type turns you on go straight for that. Most women will want to experiment with both types to see which type gives them the best thrill. So in that regard, purchasing a pussy pump might be the best option because it will provide you with stimulation to both the labia and the clitoris. Although, a polite word of warning, you shouldn’t walk in to the local female friendly adult store and start trying them out in the changing room. It’s frowned upon.

Your primary thought is size. Clit pumps typically come as one size fits all, or incorporate distinctive size chambers. Yet, for a vaginal pump you ought to measure up your vagina from mons pubis to perineum (base of the pubic shrub to the beginningof the piece of skin before the anus) to get a rough size guide. On the off chance that the suction cup you purchase is too huge it won’t be able to form a legitimate seal, or it will go over your ass and when you apply suction will pull at the delicate skin of your anus, which in most cases you’re not going to find is a pleasant experience in the slightest. In the event that it’s too little it won’t fit your entire vagina and the sensation will be diminished.

The other issue with a little cup is that all the air gets sucked out after only couple of pumps. In the event that all the air is gone, you’ve got nowhere else to go, so an undersized cup may not have sufficient suction and vacuum power for you in order to achieve the pussy pumping results that you’re looking for. With a cup that is too small, we can guarantee you right now that you’re not going to get the plumped up pussy results that you’re looking for, if that is the goal of your pussy pumping experience. A little cup may be incredible for beginners to determine if they’re going to like the sensations and increased sensitivity from the blood flow.But for people that are more experienced, or for individuals that want to work towards a plumper pussy, then you should opt for a bigger cup that still fits as opposed to a petite. What you’re looking for in this regard, is a large capacity cup that fits the area that you need it to.

The other principle thought is the material of the pussy pump. This toy won’t be going inside you, so you can relax a little in terms of materials and toxicity in contact with your inner vagina. A pussy pump sits on the outside of your body, and you can generally be a little more lax in this regard, because the only parts of the pump that will be touching your body are the silicone edges of the pump cup itself. Basically utilizing a pussy pump is similar to wearing a PVC or vinyl outfit.

That does not imply that you ought to treat them with any less care than inside sex toys. Pussy pumps still need to be cleaned and the cup needs to be regularly washed, both before and after use to prevent any bacteria build up. The cup itself is generally made of a plastic like material, and it will need to be cleaned with a toy cleaner to prevent the absorption of bacteria which can result in discoloration of the cup.

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There’s no right pussy pump that you can buy. There’s higher quality pumps such as the LA pumping system, and they’re recommended because they have a large internal area so that they can get quite a decent suction as well as being available in three different sizes to cater to all body types. Whilst there might not be the right pussy pump to buy, there’s certainly the wrong ones to buy. Pumps that don’t fit, don’t have good connectors and are prone to breaking under the pressure are all poor pumps. You don’t necessarily need to spend a fortune on a vaginal pumping system, unless you’re serious about it. But by using a little common sense, looking at the materials used and the way it is made, you can be well on your way to getting the pussy pumping results that yours after.