Guide To Couples Pussy Pumping!

Female Pumping

I am a pussy pumper. I am proud to be a pussy pumper, and today I write to you to bring you the low down of pussy pumping.

Consider this, pussy pumping 101.

I was once like you, sitting on the other side of the screen reading people write about their experiences with pussy pumping and wondering if it was the thing for me. I asked myself several questions such as;

Will pussy pumping hurt, or will it cause damage?

Will my vagina look like vaginas in porn movies?

Will the vaginal swelling go down?

Will my sexual partner find it weird that I want to pump my pussy?

I had all of these questions in my head, and more. After having used them, after considering myself experienced with them, I think that they are delightfully humble little toys that can bring a whole new meaning to your sex life, your joy of sex, and the pleasures of sex.

Times have changed, my partner and I are incredibly happy and I am very happy to say that we now enjoy the use of a pussy pump together. It’s a unique experience for both of us, as it doesn’t directly provide sexual pleasure, but it can result in sexual pleasure. Over my time as reading pussy pumping forums and the like I’ve seen a hell of a lot of questions being asked about vaginal pumping on the internet. These questions are both from men and women, who might be interested in using vaginal pumps on themselves, or with their partner but are a little unsure of how to begin or what to do. So here it is, my comprehensive guide to vaginal pumping that can be read by anyone, but is primarily aimed at men, so that you can take the fast road into the enjoyment of a pump and avoid all the mistakes that I made.

vaginal pump
Pussy pumps

So Firstly, Why Would Anyone Want To Use A Pussy Pump?

Yes, they look a little crazy and contrary to popular belief their not designed to suck the semen out of you after sex, nor will they cause your insides to fall out. The two main benefits of the pussy pump are the look and the feel of the pump itself. There are many men out there, and women, who are specifically attracted to pumped up pussies. A quick look through Tumblr will reveal page, after page, after page of pumped up pussies with swollen vulva’s. Others might enjoy the sensations that pussy pumping provides. I for one specifically enjoy the increased sensations, and my partner just loves the look. I couldn’t care less for the appearance, my vagina is my vagina and there’s not much I can do about that, but it makes my partner happy and since I also get something out of it, I’m more than happy to oblige him. Still there are others out there looking for a tighter vaginal feel, and there are other folks in the world who get a kick of the medical look of the device and love incorporating it into their BDSM and role play scenes.

Dr Laura Berman demonstrates a vibrating clitoral pump. A clitoral pump accelerates blood flow and increases vaginal sensitivity and sensations. The pump is designed to promote blood flow and assist women who might have delayed orgasms, or take a little longer to achieve climax than others.

I’ve been there. I’ve tried them. And one thing that I learnt was to measure up. There’s no one size fits all pussy pump out there, believe it or not! It makes sense right? Firstly, everyone is different and secondly if you don’t measure up all you’re going to receive is pain and disappointment. You need to be measuring yourself from just above the clitoral shaft, and right down to the base of the perineum. From there you can also measure from one side of your bikini line to the other. Unlike penis pumps which have virtually every size and width available, vaginal pumps are a little more limited, and whilst it’s going to be very difficult to find a perfect fit, you’ll need to just get the closest size one, grip on tight and hope for the best.

When the suction cup is too large the cup might include the anal region. Resulting in the fact that every time you suck, it’ll be sucking at a particularly sensitive area, and pulling the skin around your anus. Not very comfortable, and doesn’t at all feel good. Cups that are too large can be quite painful as a result of this.

Conversely, when the cups are too small, there will not be enough suction provided to the area that you need it to, resulting in a disappointing level of suction. After my experience with the large cup I had mistakenly thought that my vagina was on the petite size of the scale and bought a cup marketed at the petite. I could never get the level of suction I wanted resulting in some very disappointing sessions.

The use of a pussy pump is covered elsewhere in this site, so I don’t want to rehash that too aggressively. What I will stress the importance of is the use of lubricant and shaving the bikini line to ensure the perfect seal.

This is probably the trickiest bit of the entire session, trying to get the right seal to begin your pumping session. Lube it up and begin. Having a partner might help in this regard because they can more easily check the placement and make the adjustments necessary in order to get that seal. For this the best position to be in will be to be laying on your back with your legs spread outward. From here, have the resting on the pubic mound making sure that the bottom of the pussy pump cup has covered your vaginal entrance, and is resting on the perineum and not too far down.

From here, you’ll need to add a teeny tiny bit of pressure. Push gently onto the cup and push it into the skin. This will help enormously in the development of a seal and ensuring that there is an airtight connection. Just remember to be gentle with this. Once you have applied a small amount of pressure, squeeze the bulb and gently release it to form the seal. If you’ve done everything correctly you will see the labia and the clitoris being sucked into the pump. If you haven’t, then a seal won’t be formed and you’ll need to reposition the cup into the correct place and repeat the above process until a seal has been formed.

If you’re using the pussy pump on your partner, ensure that you’re communicating, especially if you have any doubts. If you’re a little unsure. Hand her the cup and the bulb and let her guide it. She will know her body, and she can feel what’s going on more closely than you. If you’re a little worried about hurting her, or unsure of how much pressure she can talk, walk through it together. If she’s a little nervous, try upping her arousal with a small clitoral vibrator, an external massage, or some oral sex.

What is suction play? This video goes through the variety of suction play, why it is important for BDSM kink play, as well as all the fun things you can do with suction play. This video explores clitoral and nipple suction play as well as how to ensure the utmost of safety during these types of play.

It is important to note that the effects of the suction are felt most during the release of the bulb, and not necessarily during the squeeze. It is important to remember this as you don’t want to cause your partner any pain during the exercise, and nor do you want to lose any suction. When my partner and I first started playing with suction play and a vaginal pump, he would squeeze the bulb slowly to increase the suction, and then release it fast. This is not what you want to do at all. I know that it seems more logical to do it like that. What happens though is that through releasing the bulb quickly, it causes the air to be sucked out of the cup very quickly, and that can cause the vulva to be sucked back quickly into the cup. If one is already at their limit that sensation can be a little too painful and intense. The problem with squeezing the bulb too slowly, means that there’s the potential to quickly lose suction as well, so the golden rule that seemingly applies to this situation is to squeeze fast and release it slowly.

The entire session will need to done slowly and not rushed. Sucking with a toy is a lot more intense than through cunnilingus and other such foreplay activities. The cup has a much larger surface area, and there can be a higher level of suction that can be achieved with one’s mouth, meaning that the seal on the cup is much stronger. If I need to spell it out to you, I will – mouths have nice soft plump edges whereas pussy pumps do not. Pussy pumps will have a silicone or rubber edge which is rigid.

If you’re watching porn during this kind of sexual stimulation do not let the porn guide you. When I am using a pussy pump it can take up to 30 minutes plus before I achieve that plump look that my partner likes. I don’t know what they’re doing on some of the fetish porn or whether that’s just me being wimpy, or what’s happening there. But if I don’t take it slowly I end up in pain and it’s just not going to work for what I want it to do. I guess what I’m trying to say in some convoluted way, is to be patient, if what you’re after isn’t happening right away, then that’s perfectly okay. It might take some time, or it might require the use of a different pump, but don’t let disappointment ruin the buzz because as long as it fits, and you can get a decent seal and some solid suction – then something is definitely going to happen.

The first time that you use the pump, whether that’s alone or together, there’s going to be mistakes. It happens when you’re using new toys and especially toys that use suction, or are inflatable, or vibrate in a different way to normal. It takes a while to get accustomed to. It happens, you’re learning it’s a new sensation and you’re just learning how to apply that new sensation into your sexual activity. It’s important that there’s an open and honest communication here. If something hurts, or something is not feeling just quite right, then it needs to be adjusted and reapplied, or something else needs to be done. My partner and I had many giggles as we learnt how to use the pump, and from there we had to distinguish whether it was the pump that was causing the issue or our use of the pump. As such we’d use the same pump continuously over several different sessions to see if the pump was at fault, or whether it was us.

As you experiment with the pump, you’ll realise that it is primarily a game of stop and start. There can be massive differences between the intensity of one squeeze in comparison to the second squeeze. So take it one squeeze at a time, until she lets you know that she’s there, hold it at that point for either a few seconds or minutes depending on the ability to handle the sensation. Air will slowly release from the cup, even with the best of seals, so it’s important to keep the pump ‘topped up’. As with any seal, air can and eventually will leak into the cup. If she starts to feel the pressure of the cup dropping – then give the bulb a gentle quarter squeeze just to refresh it. You might need to do this every 20 seconds or so, depending on the body and the cup

By now, if you haven’t realized, the best way for a pussy pump to work is with a continued level measure of pressure and suction. To do this, you’re going to need a pump that works properly. If you’re finding that the pump you’re using or have previously purchased, just isn’t doing what you want, and you’ve ensured that it’s not through user error, then head to your local adult lifestyle store and get some further advice. In saying this about your pump, it is advised that you release the suction every now and then during the session – the sensation of this can feel absolutely amazing though it really depends on her personal preferences and her ability to handle sensation. This will also prolong the session – if you pump her up, keep her at her limit for a while, and then release the suction, either a little bit, or completely. This will also help with blood flow, sensitivity issues and a variety of other sexual dysfunctions as well. Penis pumps work in a similar way, the vacuum will help with erectile dysfunction for mature men, as well as a variety of other sexual dysfunctions. With vacuum pressure being applied across both genders, and having proven success, you can rest assured that your vaginal and clitoral pumping will assist in some way. The breaks in suction will also give a break from the intense sensation of being sucked at. Taking the break will end the session, nor will it impede on the swelling or the increased sensitivity. Keep repeating this process, and trying to push the body further a little each time.

The first few sucks of the pump are going to feel absolutely amazing. She’ll feel the suction on her labia and her clitoris and it’s going to drive her insane. Her clit will harden, and she will feel some swelling from the rush of blood to the region. There’ll be a nice tingly sensation as the nerves are activated and this is the perfect place that you want to be for people that are having difficulty in achieving orgasmic pleasure.

Notice how I said the first few sucks. The more you pump, the more intense the sensation and feelings can get. If you’re specifically looking for the swollen look, then you will need to be pushing the body to its limits on the pleasure and pain sensation scale. It’s a mix, on the one hand the suction on your genitals are going to feel absolutely amazing, but on the other hand the sensation can feel a little uncomfortable due to the ferocity of the sensation. It can feel a little uncomfortable due to the edges of the cup which can dig in as the pressure increases, it’s certainly not a horrible pain but it can be distracting. Just remember to take it slow, increase the pressure slowly and overtime, and you should come out alright.

There’s also a bit of mental stimulation in this as well, at least that is what I found. The knowing that you will get more sensitive, that the feelings will drive you over the edge. Then there’s the thought that your partner is holding the cup, the taboo and naughty nature of the activity, and of course the pleasure of watching each other’s eyes light up as both of you enjoy the situation at hand.

A short instructional video on how to use a pussy pump from a person who loves to pump her own pussy. Simple, straightforward and to the point.

This is a Pussy Pump FAQ, and it needs to be stated that the swelling is only temporary. In fact once you stop pumping the swelling will subside and go down pretty quickly. The majority of the effects will last up to an hour or so, and everything will have returned to normal by the next day.

Keep in mind that I am not a doctor, nor do I have any qualifications in the medical profession. However, I will point out that most doctors that would comment on pussy pumping, might never have tried it themselves, or they might have seen cases of extreme pumping. Any sexual activity has risks, especially when user manuals are not adhered to or the toy is misused, or used incorrectly. I personally have never experienced any harm, or damage from the use of a pussy pump. But there is always a possibility with any sexual aide that you use. Take it slow and listen to your partner.

LA Pump Vacuum Enlargement System!

Pussy Pumped

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Have you missed the memo on the latest rage. . .  large swollen pussy lips! These are the lower “love lips”… the labia and vulva. And this is just what everyone’s been looking for! Create the popular “Camel Toe” by using quality pussy cylinder and pumps!!!

These high quality pussy cylinders have three different sized cups that have been tailored for individual needs tapered toward the top to match the natural shape of your anatomy for maximum comfort. They have a dedicated safety air release valve which allows for quick and easy disconnection from the pump while maintaining pressure within the cylinder. No further parts are required.

Through a strong vacuum, you can increase the amount of blood in your vaginal area. Through a regimented pumping schedule you can increase the size of your labia. Just think of it like you’re pumping up for sexual satisfaction! Due to different physical makeup’s you may need to adjust the cylinder so you can get a tight seal around your vaginal area. A high level of pressure will be required to get a good seal.




We know that penis pumps work, we’ve seen them used, we’ve seen adult films with penis pumping, and we are pretty confident based on the repeated recommendations from the medical community, that they’re beneficial as well. For any pumping experience, and those that are into suction play, for either gender we recommend the use of an L.A. Pump. These are the highest quality hand pumps with a strong piston utilizing vacuum power for the intake of air pressure. These guys also make a rosebud pump for puckered up anal lips which can help with prostate stimulation. That’s how good these guys are, offering a style of pump that you just don’t see every day. What makes the L.A. Pump extremely user friendly is that there are various sized attachments that is suitable for users individual and unique sizing. This means you will not be stuck with a cylinder that does not fit your individual size and more importantly allows non-pressurized air inside the cylinder. If non-pressured air enters the cylinder, the pump will not efficiently work and results that you are looking for will not be obtained. All L.A. pump cylinders are interchangeable that connect to the hand pump, meaning that you only need one pump and can use that with multiple cylinders.

The L.A. pump has female cylinders that are made exclusively for the breasts, clitoris and vagina. There are multiple sizes for each cylinder so you may pick the appropriate size for you. All L.A. cylinders are designed with a tapered top to allow swelling in the natural shape of your anatomy.




Pumping is one of the oldest methods of sexual play and enhancement and has been used for over a century. A cylinder that is fitted over a part of the body, with a manual or motorized pump is used to create suction. They create a partial vacuum around that specific body part, which allows for blood to be drawn into the organ, helping it to become engorged. As vacuum increases, the difference between the inner blood pressure and the pump pressure increases as well.

All pumps are not the same and to ensure results and comfort then it is recommended that a high quality vacuum system like the LA pumps should be used. These pumps with different cylinders may also be used to increase the size of the female clitoris, the vulva, nipples, breasts, and even testicles.

Pussy and clitoral pumps, usually described in this context as vacuum pumping systems such as the LA PUMP, are used for the elevation and increased sensitivity of sexual awareness and enjoyment of the female. Pussy pumps also increase the size of the lips of the labia giving the male the sensation of increased tightness during intercourse.




A personal lubricant of a type that is deemed not to be harmful to the ring material is used, primarily to make a good seal at the base of the pump to prevent air leakage, in the same way that vacuum grease is used with a laboratory vacuum pump. Water based lubricant is primarily recommended for this, as the rings for the end of a cylinder are usually made from silicone. It also makes it easier to slide the ring off the cylinder, and later to remove the ring. Pumping must be done very carefully to avoid serious injury: over-enthusiastic pumping can burst blood vessels and form blisters. Caution should be used whilst pumping to not over decompress the chamber as extreme misuse have resulted in severe injuries because the suction is far too powerful.

Pumps used with erection rings are virtually always effective, as they operate by a simple mechanical process, even when pharmaceutical methods fail. Pumps only give short term enlargement and like a bodybuilder when the organ is not pumped for an extended period of time the penis will revert back to its original size. Designed and manufactured in the United States, the L.A. pump has an ergonomic design and each cylinder is handcrafted from an almost unbreakable diamond cut transparent airplane window quality material. All cylinders are clear so users may see the results of the powerful vacuum action while pumping.

The L.A. pump comes in two hand pump options; one with a P.S.I meter to assist in gauging the air pressure and a trigger handle and the other with no P.S.I. gauge and a pump handle.




It is recommended that a pumper use the L.A. pump for approximately 10-15 minutes per session and repeating this activity 3-4 times a week.

After use, the cylinders should be cleaned with an antibacterial adult toy cleaner and stored dry. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials in order to preserve the transparency of the cylinder. Cleaning the cylinders or pumps in a dishwasher is not recommended.

Instant results are noticeable after pumping however; these results may diminish after a short period of time. Do not get discouraged over this; continue to use the L.A. pump on a regular routine to ensure results will be longer lasting. Do not strain yourself pumping daily for long periods of time because this may cause harm on the body including broken blood vessels and long term problems with the pumped area. Keep a positive mind set and over time you will witness results which you will be proud of. Do not use the L.A. pump on inflamed skin, areas that have existing rashes or inflammations as this may further aggravate your body.



Pussy pumps are designed to increase the sensitivity of the clitoris and surrounding area, pussy pumps stimulate, tone and temporarily enlarge the labia and clitoris for enhanced sensations. Here at pussy pumps Australia we offer the widest range of pussy pumps available on the market for the best pricing online. Discrete and fast shipping will ensure your pussy pump is delivered fast and with no hassle.  Available in various sizes and able to detach from the vacuum device if required.

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