Shane's World Bedtime Bunny Pink


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Shane's World Bedtime Bunny Pink

Shane's World Bedtime Bunny Pink, a delightful addition designed for simplicity and satisfaction. Whether you're a beginner exploring the realms of pleasure or an experienced connoisseur seeking a discreet companion, this Bunny Vibrator is crafted to bring you the ultimate in sensual gratification.

Designed for Pleasure and Discretion:

This Pink Rabbit Vibrator is a testament to simplicity and sophistication. Engineered for ease of use, it caters perfectly to beginners who are ready to explore the peak of sensual pleasure. Its compact design ensures discretion, making it your perfect travel companion. Wherever you go, this beautiful device is ready to deliver pleasure whenever and wherever you desire.

Effortless Operation, Easy Cleaning:

Simplicity extends to every aspect of the Bedtime Bunny Pink. Cleaning is a snap, ensuring your post-pleasure routine is as effortless as the device's operation. Designed for easy use, this intimate Bunny Massager ensures frustration-free pleasure even on the darkest nights. With just one push, intense stimulation awaits, bringing you to the height of gratification.

Bath Time Bliss:

Take your pleasure to new depths with the Bedtime Bunny Pink as it joins you in the bath. Completely and safely submersible, this Dual Stimulation Toy adds a splash of excitement to your intimate moments. The freedom to explore in the water enhances your sensory experience, making bath time an indulgent ritual.

Variable Speed Control and 10 Exciting Functions:

Enjoy a customizable experience with the variable speed control that takes you to the height of gratifying pleasure. This Dual Motor Rabbit Vibrator offers not just simplicity but versatility. Explore the 10 exciting functions designed for the ultimate in sensual pleasure and the peak of gratification. Each function throbs with excitement, offering a variety that caters to your ever-changing desires.

Dimensions: 4.25" x 1" / 10.75cm x 2.5cm (Vibrator)

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