S&M Brat Charmed Nipple Clamps



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S&M Brat Charmed Nipple Clamps

Welcome, fellow brats and pleasure-seekers! It's time to unleash your playful side with the S&M Brat Charmed Nipple Clamps – the perfect accessory for those who take pride in their mischievous nature. Embrace your brattiest attributes with these tantalizing nipple clamps that let you own your desires with style.

Adjustability is the name of the game with the dual-sided, rubber-tipped nipple clamps. Fine-tune the tension to your liking, exploring pleasure at every intensity. The rose gold chain, measuring a generous 45 cm, adds a touch of luxury and elegance to your play, ensuring that every movement is not just felt but visually captivating.

What sets these nipple clamps apart is the enticing black lettering that spells out 'BRAT' across the chain. It's a cheeky declaration of your playful nature, proudly labeling you for what you love to be – a brat with a passion for pleasure.

Crafted from high-quality materials including PVC, zinc alloy, and iron alloy, the Brat Charmed Nipple Clamps are not just a statement piece; they're a durable and reliable addition to your collection. The rose gold color adds a touch of sophistication, creating a visually stunning contrast against the black charms.

So, whether you're new to the world of nipple play or a seasoned aficionado, these nipple clamps invite you to explore and celebrate your brattiest desires. Own your naughtiness, adjust the tension to your liking, and let the charms proudly declare you as the playful brat you are.

- Dual Sided Adjustable Tension Rubber Tipped Nipple Clamps
- Enticing Black Lettering Spelling ‘BRAT’
- 45 cm Rose Gold Chain

Material: PVC / Zinc Alloy / Iron Alloy
Colour: Rose Gold

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