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Romant Yoyo Kegel Balls Purple



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Romant Yoyo Kegel Balls Purple

Romant Yoyo Kegel Balls

Elevate your pelvic health with the Romant Yoyo Kegel Balls Purple – an exquisite fusion of pleasure and wellness. This modern take on 'ben wa balls' is not just a pelvic floor trainer; it's a gateway to longer, stronger orgasms and a healthier intimate lifestyle.

The Romant Yoyo stands out as the ultimate Kegel exercise system, offering the unique feature of mixing and matching weights. With two 60g and two 40g beads, you can customize your routine to suit your needs, all secured in a soft and flexible silicone harness.

In a captivating Purple hue, these Kegel balls redefine women's intimate wellness. Beyond the aesthetic appeal, the Romant Yoyo is designed for maximum results with minimum effort. The inner balls respond to your movements, stimulating natural pelvic floor contractions that contribute to your overall pelvic health.

Enjoy the simplicity of use and total discretion – exercise at home, at work, or on the go. The Romant Yoyo Kegel Balls are ultra-safe, comfortable, and hygienic, featuring a smooth FDA-approved ABS shell for easy cleaning.

Guidelines recommend Romant Yoyo Kegel Balls for women over 30 and/or those who have experienced childbirth. Take the first step towards a healthier, happier you – purchase Romant Yoyo Kegel Balls, the best Kegel balls for women, and embrace a journey of wellness and pleasure.


Kegels: the ultimate pelvic floor workout - proven health benefits for women of all ages

Maximum results with minimum effort - inner balls move as you move, prompting pelvic floor contractions

Varied weights to tailor your routine - mix and match weights to build strength over time

Simple to use and totally discreet - exercise at home, at work or on the go

Ultra-safe, comfortable and hygenic - easy cleaning with smoothest FDA-approved ABS shell

Classic Size:  34 mm & 30 mm

Available Purple

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