Rear Entry Anal Glide


Doc Johnson

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Rear Entry Anal Glide

Elevate your intimate encounters with Doc Johnson's Rear Entry Anal Lube—an innovative solution that transforms anal penetration into an exciting and sensual adventure. Bid farewell to discomfort, as Doc Johnson understands that anal penetration should be thrilling, not uneasy. Enter the realm of pleasure with confidence, thanks to Ona Zee's Rear Entry Anal Analgesic, a game-changer in desensitizing tender rectal tissues and preparing you for an enjoyable anal experience.

This external analgesic is more than just a lube; it's a promise of comfort and anticipation. Crafted to be free from parabens, glycerin, and sugar, it ensures a worry-free and body-safe solution for your pleasure. PETA certified and proudly made in America, this analgesic reflects a commitment to quality and innovation, setting a new standard for anal enjoyment.

Dive into the pleasure of anal exploration, knowing that Doc Johnson's Rear Entry Anal Lube is your trusted companion—an experience crafted for your ultimate satisfaction.

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