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Pillow Talk Frisky

Pillow Talk Frisky: A Symphony of Sensuality in Every Movement

Indulge in the exquisite pleasure of Pillow Talk Frisky, a set of non-vibrating Kegel balls that redefine the art of intimate exercise. Designed with sophistication and crafted for pleasure, Frisky introduces a symphony of sensations, providing not just physical strength but also an exploration of excitement that transcends the ordinary.

Progressive Pleasure: Frisky Pleasure Balls form a dynamic duo in the world of progressive Kegel exercises. Immerse yourself in the art of strengthening pelvic muscles and heightening excitement. These perfectly weighted pleasure balls offer a unique and stimulating rocking motion inspired by your body's natural movements. Elevate your intimate experiences as Frisky takes you on a journey of pleasure that's both empowering and sensual.

Luxurious Texture, Sensuous Design: Frisky boasts a super silky high-grade silicone finish, ensuring a touch that's as luxurious as it is sensual. The flexible and comfortable cushion-textured grip adds to the overall experience, creating a seamless connection between you and the pleasure balls. The elegance of the design is not just functional; it's an expression of your commitment to both self-care and pleasure.

Swarovski Crystal Elegance: What sets Frisky apart is the attention to detail, and nothing says attention like a Swarovski crystal. The stylish silicone cord connecting the pleasure balls dazzles with the brilliance of Swarovski, transforming a functional element into a dazzling accessory. It's not just about sensation; it's about making a statement of elegance and sophistication.


  • Length: 203 mm
  • Diameter: 32 mm

These dimensions aren't just measurements; they are a promise of satisfaction and comfort. Frisky is designed to fit seamlessly into your intimate routine, ensuring that every movement brings you closer to a stronger, more confident you.

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