Noir Pom Adjustable Nipple Clamps - Black


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Noir Pom Adjustable Nipple Clamps - Black

Dive into the world of luxurious pleasure with Blush Novelties' Noir Pom Adjustable Nipple Clamps in a seductive black hue. Elevate your BDSM play and intimate exploration with these exquisitely crafted nipple clamps that seamlessly blend style and functionality.

The Noir Pom Nipple Clamps invite you to indulge in sensory delights, featuring soft and alluring faux fur "bunny tails" that beckon you to explore further. The excitement continues as you tighten the nickel-free metal clamps using the twist screw, allowing you to customize the pressure for an experience tailored to your desires.

Versatility meets comfort with these adjustable nipple clamps. The soft furry poms deliver delightful stimulation without burdening you with unnecessary weight, creating a sensory experience that transcends the ordinary. Customize your play further by removing the covers on the clamp tips, offering a choice between a gentle, caressing grip or a more intense, biting sensation.

Blush Novelties ensures your peace of mind with the Noir Pom Adjustable Nipple Clamps, crafted with faux fur poms and nickel-free clamps for a safe and pleasurable journey into the world of sensual exploration. With a length of 11.5 cm and clamps that open to 1.3 cm, these clamps are perfect for those seeking an exquisite balance between comfort and intensity.

Unleash your desires, experiment with pleasure, and make a statement with the Noir Pom Adjustable Nipple Clamps – where elegance meets ecstasy.

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