Mimic PLUS Rechargeable Massager


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Mimic PLUS Rechargeable Massager

Discover Sensual Bliss with Mimic PLUS Rechargeable Massager

Unveil the secrets of unparalleled pleasure with the Mimic PLUS Rechargeable Massager from Clandestine Devices – a masterpiece in the world of luxury intimate toys. This visionary creation promises to transform your intimate moments into a symphony of satisfaction, leaving an indelible mark on your journey into pleasure.

With 8 vibration patterns, the Mimic PLUS keeps things interesting, offering a diverse range of sensations for your exploration. The enticing ascension is complemented by 6 levels of intensity, ensuring that you can tailor each experience to your unique desires. Crafted from body-safe silicone, this massager is dedicated to your most sensitive parts, providing a touch of opulence to every encounter.

Waterproof and versatile, the Mimic PLUS invites you to enjoy its delights anywhere. Whether submerged in a bath or enjoying a sensual shower, this massager is ready to accompany you on your aquatic adventures. The discreet vibrations and a 50% dimmer LED beacon make it the ideal companion for intimate moments when the lights go down.

Charge your pleasure with the updated magnetic charge port, offering increased attraction and ease of use. Revel in 2 hours of intense vibrations from just a single charge, with a quick 120-minute recharge time. The Mimic PLUS also boasts improved button haptics, providing a luxurious and responsive touch for your convenience.

Explore the depths of pleasure discreetly with the Mimic PLUS Rechargeable Massager – where innovation meets luxury to create a truly extraordinary intimate experience.

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