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Le Reve Wild Rabbit

Get ready to hop on the wild side with the Le Reve Wild Wabbit – the cutest and quirkiest 7-function rabbit vibrator you've ever seen! This silicone sensation is designed to fulfill your dreams and desires, but it might just tickle your funny bone along the way.

Crafted from silky-smooth Elite Silicone, this little bunny is so excited about pleasure that it practically does the moonwalk (or is it the hop-walk?)! With a simple one-touch control, you can choose from seven sensational functions, and let us tell you, these vibes are so quiet you'll wonder if it's whispering dirty jokes.

Not only is the Wild Wabbit quiet, but it's also incredibly smooth and nonporous. It's like a luxury car for your most sensitive parts. Choose your favorite pulsation pattern, and let the bunny's fluttering ears give your clit a tickle it won't forget – because, why should the rest of your body have all the fun?

Now, let's talk about the nose of this bunny. It's cleverly curved to hit the right spot every time. If it had hands, it would give itself a high-five. And the control base? It's so polished it could write a best-seller.

You can enjoy the exact amount of direct clitoral stimulation you desire with this little critter. The vibrations will have you dancing like no one's watching (because they shouldn't be!). Whether you're in the shower or spa, this waterproof wonder can turn bath time into pleasure time.

And don't get us started on the power button. It's at the bottom and turns the vibe on or off. The wave button, on the other hand, controls the vibration patterns. You can go from a flutter to a throb in seconds. In fact, you might start a one-bunny dance party with all the wall-banging climaxes you'll be having.

Cleaning up after the fun is as easy as a snappy punchline. Just grab some Pipedream Toy Cleaner and warm water – and that's a wrap on the Wild Wabbit's stand-up performance!

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