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LA Pump Clitoral Enlarging & Rehab System


LA Pumps

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LA Pump Clitoral Enlarging & Rehab System

LA Pump Clitoral Enlarging & Rehab System 

Handcrafted, diamond cut 5/8" clitoral enlargement cylinders coupled with the LA Pump Vacuum Device will enlarge the clitoris and rejuvinate tired clits.  Enlarged clitorises will have more area mass thereby allowing more sensations and may help women achieve orgasms quicker and fuller.

Dont make the mistake of buying inferior cheaper versions as the LA Vacuum system is the one preferred by most USA Doctors and clinics when recommending devices for clitoral rehabilition and rejuvenation.

A unique line of hand crafted, diamond cut, flame polished cylinders for enlargement of the clitoris, through hyperemiation (Vacuum Pumping.) Products are designed with safety, comfort and maximum size gain. Cylinders are individually hand crafted for you to choose YOUR size specification with comfort and the best vacuum seal without the use of awkward rubber gaskets.

     The cylinders are made of advanced polymers for maximum pumping results. All cylinders include a quick connect/disconnect safety valve that allow for disconnection from the expansion tube while maintaining the vacuum you have chosen.  This is not a cheap generic pump versions you find in most adult shops, it is the real deal with results guaranteed if you follow the pumping instructions.


1/2"   3/4"   5/8"   1"   1.25"

  Clitoral vacuum cylinders offer intense stimulation and growth potential.
Main features:

  • Enlarge your clit
  • Through suction play, you can enjoy the pleasurable vacuum sensation
  • Temporarily enhances sensitivity for improved sexual play and masturbation
  • Great punishment tool when used at high pressure levels

How it works:

With proper use you can enlarge and stimulate your clit using our high tech vacuum pump. They utilize the same concept as traditional penis pumps, which have been effective in enlarging penis size, now you can enlarge your clitorus size. The pair of cylinders is crafted from industrial grade clear acrylic. Uses the same airlock release system as in our penis pumps.

Enjoy watching your clit grow with proper use. Pumping your clit enhances it's sensitivity and can be a lot of fun for sexual play and masturbation. Clit cylinders can also be used to create great stimulation or punishment with higher pressure levels.

NOTE: This product does not include a hand pump or hose!!

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