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Key by Jopen Stella III Pink



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Key by Jopen Stella III Pink

Prepare to embark on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and heightened intimacy with the Key by Jopen Stella III Pink. Crafted with utmost care and detailed precision, this triple set of velvety silicone-wrapped kegel balls from Jopen's prestigious Key range is nothing short of a masterpiece. Stella III represents a uniquely graduated set of ben wa balls, designed to elevate your personal well-being and redefine your intimate life.

Ben wa balls, also referred to as love balls or geisha balls, have long been associated with the strengthening, toning, and fortification of the vaginal muscles. Their benefits extend far beyond this, encompassing improved blood flow, enhanced bladder control, alleviation of dryness, increased sensitivity, and addressing various vaginal concerns. Particularly for women, ben wa balls hold significant value, especially post-childbirth.

The Stella III takes this concept and elevates it to new heights. Three meticulously weighted spheres, swathed in the sensuous embrace of velvety silicone, inspire rhythmic contractions of the vaginal muscles. Over time, the Stella III serves to fortify and tone the pelvic floor muscles, leading to heightened sexual pleasure, enhanced control, and a more fulfilling climax. What sets Stella III apart is its innovative design, which allows you to practice kegel exercises even without the balls in place.

Weighing in at 95 grams (3.4 ounces), this set is more suited to experienced users and those who have already explored the world of ben wa balls. Beginners may find the weight slightly challenging, but Stella III presents an excellent opportunity for those ready to advance in their journey. Surprisingly comfortable, it provides an unparalleled pleasure during use, and each smooth, luxurious ball effortlessly detaches from its snug holder, ensuring easy cleaning. When reassembling, ensure the plastic Key logo is positioned upward.

Beyond its functional benefits, wearing the Stella set is a delightful way to heighten your sexual awareness. As you move during wear, a subtle, pleasing sense of pleasure envelopes you, as the free-moving weights inside gently vibrate and stimulate the vaginal area. The exceptional discretion of Stella III allows you to wear it discreetly, unbeknownst to anyone, enabling you to engage in your workout or revel in your private pleasure, all in comfort and secrecy.

Both the balls and their support are meticulously crafted from body-safe, phthalate-free silicone, offering exceptional hygiene and making them perfect for individuals with sensitive skin. Silicone quickly warms to your body temperature, creating a lifelike and inviting sensation. For added comfort, opt for a high-quality water-based lubricant, avoiding silicone-based options to ensure the longevity of your toy. To make your experience even more convenient, the Key by Jopen Stella III comes with a luxurious black silky bag, ensuring discretion and protection for your pleasure and your toy.

Unlock your intimate potential with Stella III Pink, an extraordinary addition to the Key by Jopen range. It's a testament to exquisite design, self-care, and the joy of redefining your most intimate moments.


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