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Kama Sutra Lovers Travel Kit

Kama Sutra Lovers Travel Kit – a carefully curated collection of petite, sensual treasures designed for passionate adventurers. Whether you're off on a romantic weekend getaway, a honeymoon, or a spontaneous rendezvous, this travel kit ensures that your love knows no boundaries.

Each component of the Lovers Travel Kit has been thoughtfully chosen to create an atmosphere of passion and intimacy, no matter where your travels take you. This kit meets TSA standards, meaning you can tuck it into your luggage without a second thought. It's compact, discreet, and ready for action.

Inside the elegant keepsake toiletry bag, you'll discover four petite romance products, each promising to ignite desire and spark unforgettable moments:

1. OIL OF LOVE The Original (0.75fl oz / 22 ml): This kissable body oil is the perfect prelude to sensuous encounters. With a delectable flavor and a touch that invites exploration, it sets the stage for a night of passion.

2. HONEY DUST Sweet Honeysuckle (2 oz / 56 g): Accompanied by a mini feather tickler, this kissable body powder adds an element of sweet anticipation. Sprinkle it on your lover's body and delight in the art of caressing and tickling for a unique, intimate connection.

3. BODY SOUFFLE Strawberry Crème (1.8 fl oz / 53 ml): Immerse yourself in the exquisite fragrance of strawberry crème with this kissable body cream. The velvety texture enhances every touch, making your moments of intimacy even more delicious.

4. LOVE LIQUID Classic (1 fl oz / 38 ml): This personal, water-based lubricant ensures your encounters flow effortlessly. Its gentle, long-lasting formula is designed to enhance your experiences.

A tea light candle is included to set the mood, casting a warm, intimate glow over your shared moments. The keepsake toiletry bag adds a touch of elegance and discretion, ensuring your sensual treasures are always within reach.

Love knows no bounds, and with the Kama Sutra Lovers Travel Kit, you can explore new horizons of passion with your beloved. Unleash your desires and make every journey a journey of love.

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