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Dr. Laura Berman Marilyn Weighted Pelvic Exerciser


California Exotics

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Dr. Laura Berman Marilyn Weighted Pelvic Exerciser

Discover Your Full Potential with Dr. Laura Berman Marilyn Weighted Pelvic Exerciser

The Dr. Laura Berman Marilyn Weighted Pelvic Exerciser is a testament to the power of intimate wellness and self-care. As part of the Intimate Basics Collection, this pelvic exerciser is a reflection of Dr. Berman's profound insights into couple's therapy and sexual well-being.

Experience a new level of empowerment as you engage in kegel exercises with this ergonomically weighted pelvic exerciser. The device is expertly crafted to provide the ideal resistance for your kegel muscles, allowing you to tighten and tone with precision. At its core, you'll find weighted stainless steel balls that offer a smooth and seamless feel, enhancing the overall exercise experience.

Measuring 7 inches in length and 1.25 inches in width (17.75 cm x 3.25 cm), this exerciser is designed to ensure your comfort and satisfaction. Dr. Berman's commitment to superior quality and optimal functionality shines through in every detail.

The Marilyn Weighted Pelvic Exerciser is more than a tool; it's an emblem of self-care and empowerment. It symbolizes your dedication to nurturing your intimate wellness and unlocking your full potential. With this exquisite creation, you're taking a significant step toward embracing a healthier and more fulfilling intimate life.

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