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Crystal Premium Glass Eggs

Elevate Your Intimate Wellness with NS Novelties Crystal Premium Glass Eggs

Introducing NS Novelties Crystal Premium Glass Eggs, the embodiment of elegance and functionality. Crafted from 100% Borosilicate glass, these exquisite gems are designed to not only awaken your senses but also strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

These glass eggs are a sensual masterpiece, sized at a discreet 1.75" x 1" (45mm x 27mm). Their petite dimensions make them perfect for discreet storage while maintaining their allure. The Crystal Premium Glass Eggs are not just visually captivating; they offer a dual benefit by enhancing your pelvic health.

Once you gently insert these glass eggs, they set in motion a series of rippling sensations that stimulate your most sensitive areas. While you relish the heightened pleasure, you'll also be unknowingly engaging your Kegel muscles. Strengthening your pelvic floor has never been so enticing.

With the purchase of Crystal Premium Glass Eggs, you'll receive a luxurious silk storage bag that ensures your gems remain pristine between uses. Additionally, a comprehensive instruction manual accompanies your purchase, guiding you through PC muscle exercises specifically designed for both pleasure and muscle control maintenance.

Indulge in the opulence of NS Novelties Crystal Premium Glass Eggs. Elevate your intimate experience to new levels while promoting your pelvic wellness. Experience luxury, aesthetics, and health, all in one exquisite package.


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