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Barrel Nipple Clamps



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Barrel Nipple Clamps

 Barrel Nipple Clamps

Discover the exquisite pleasure of precision with the BDStyle Barrel Nipple Clamps – a fusion of craftsmanship and kink that promises to elevate your nipple play experiences to new dimensions. Designed to awaken your senses, these clamps and their accompanying weights are meticulously crafted from coated brass, ensuring a blend of elegance and durability.

The distinctive feature of the barrel design allows you to exert the perfect amount of pressure by simply twisting the barrel. This manipulation opens or closes the rubber-coated pincers, catering to your preferred level of intensity. Measuring 3.1 inches in length on their own, these clamps transform into 5.3 inches when the 4-ounce removable weights are attached – each weight an impressive 113 grams.

The allure lies in the details. These clamps and weights come in a sleek, black finish, devoid of any imperfections. This aesthetic refinement mirrors the sensations they promise – intense and flawless.

Materials matter, and the BDStyle Barrel Nipple Clamps are constructed from coated brass and rubber, combining resilience and comfort. The interplay of textures and the promise of adjustable pressure make these clamps an essential addition to your BDSM arsenal.

Materials: coated brass and rubber
4 ounce removable weights
Pressure is adjustable by twisting the barrels

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