Anal Lube Natural 4.75 Oz


Doc Johnson

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Anal Lube Natural 4.75 Oz

Enjoy intimate moments with Doc Johnson's Anal Glide—an enticing, long-lasting, thick anal lube presented in a convenient 127g pump canister. This isn't just a lubricant; it's the key to unlocking maximum slide and extended comfort, designed for those who seek an extraordinary experience in the realm of pleasure.

Immerse yourself in the antibacterial numbing agent that accompanies this glide, adding an extra layer of extended comfort for moments that transcend the ordinary. The sturdy pump ensures maximum dispersion, offering just the right amount to enhance your intimate encounters seamlessly. It's important to note that this petroleum-based formula is best used without condoms, providing a liberating experience for those eager to explore pleasure without constraints.

Vegan-friendly, body-safe, and proudly made in America, Doc Johnson's Anal Glide goes beyond expectations—it's a testament to quality and innovation, a promise of a journey into pleasure that is uniquely yours.

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