Amulet Nipple D'Vice Set


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Amulet Nipple D'Vice Set

Experience unbridled pleasure with the Masters Series Amulet Nipple D'Vice Set in the alluring shade of Black. Brace yourself for a sensory journey as you explore the boundless possibilities this set has to offer. The Bondage Ring Barrel Clamps, with their heavy-duty design, unleash a realm of torments that will leave you breathless.

Feel the power of control as the dangling rings at the base provide the perfect anchor for your wildest fantasies. Watch them swing and jingle with each tantalizing move of your submissive. Transform the experience by attaching chains from one ring to another, creating a mesmerizing dance synchronized with their every motion. For an added thrill, incorporate hanging weights that intensify the pull, taking your pleasure to new heights.

No need to compromise with these clamps – their highly adjustable threaded barrels ensure a customized experience, leaving behind the limitations of spring-loaded alternatives. Turn the screws tight for an unrelenting pressure that will push boundaries. The rubber-coated tips add a layer of comfort, allowing your partner to savor the moment without uttering their safe word, at least for now.

Indulge in the dimensions of pleasure with an overall length of 4.57 inches (including rings), 1.12-inch inner diameter ring pulls, and 0.55-inch diameter barrels. Crafted from coated brass and rubber, the Black and Silver color scheme exudes sophistication.

Note: The price is for one pair, unlocking a world of ecstasy that awaits your exploration.

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