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Wild Rose Suction & Bullet Air Pulse Vibe


Icon Brands

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Wild Rose Suction & Bullet Air Pulse Vibe

Hey there, pleasure enthusiasts! Get ready to join the ultimate pleasure party with the Wild Rose Suction & Bullet Air Pulse Vibe – the toy that's about to become the VIP guest in your bedroom adventures.

So, you've experienced the "airgasm" sensation of the suction rose – bravo! But guess what? We've cranked things up a notch. Introducing the vibrating "bud" with a flickering petal – the extra spice your intimate moments have been craving. Whether it's for insertion or additional clitoral play, this rose knows how to bloom in all the right ways.

Let's break it down: One end, you've got the iconic suction rose, ready to envelope you in sensations that'll make you question if you've just been kissed by a pleasure fairy. The other end? A 10-speed vibrating "bullet" – a rosebud of delight that's not just there for show. It's the secret weapon for G-spot or anal adventures that'll have you singing the pleasure anthem.

But here's the real kicker – use them separately or try them together for a truly amazing sensation. It's like having a pleasure buffet, and you're the master chef of your own pleasure feast.

Now, let's talk features because we know you're curious. Body-safe silicone – check. USB rechargeable – double-check. Waterproof design – for those underwater escapades. Quiet running at 40db – because we believe pleasure should be discreet, not disruptive. Two independent motors – because why settle for one when you can have a tag team of pleasure?

Length? Almost 30 cm – because convenience is key, and we believe pleasure should be within arm's reach. And those 10 air swirls? Consider them your VIP ticket to orgasm town, with a front-row seat to pleasure like never before.

In conclusion, the Icon Brands Clit Tickler - Wild Rose Suction & Bullet Air Pulse Vibe is not just a purchase; it's an invitation to the pleasure party of a lifetime. Are you ready to RSVP?

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