Steel Breast Crusher Vice


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Steel Breast Crusher Vice

Steel Breast Crusher Vice

In a world where breast crushing is an art form, Hell's Couture Steel Breast Crusher Vice takes center stage. Crafted from surgical stainless steel, this breast clamp isn't just a piece of bondage gear; it's your new breast buddy.

Crushing Calamity: If you've ever wondered what it's like to have your breasts squeezed like a stress ball, wonder no more. This adjustable squeeze machine is here to make your "girls" the stars of the show. It's like a spa day, but for your mammary glands.

Breast Equality: Whether your breasts are small enough to hide in your pocket or large enough to have their own gravitational pull, this vice is here to serve and squish. It's the great unifier, leveling the playing field for all "breastizens."

Nipple Picasso's Dream: If you've ever wanted to sculpt your nipples into miniature masterpieces, you're in luck. This breast crusher is your tool of choice, turning your twins into a canvas for your nipple artistry. Picasso would be proud.

Size Matters (In Measurements, Of Course): Precision is everything in the world of breast crushing, so let's talk dimensions. The bars measure a robust 10mm X 450mm (3/8" X 18" inches), and the screws come in at 2X 155mm (2" X 6-1/4" inches). Don't ask why; just know that these numbers matter.

Certified Squeeze-tastic: Safety first! This Steel Breast Crusher Vice is certified 100% Non-Magnate and made from medical-grade steel. No rust or deterioration here, just a whole lot of breast-squeezing fun.

Join the breast crushing revolution with Hell's Couture Steel Breast Crusher Vice. It's time for your "girls" to have an adventure they'll never forget!

Bars: 10mm X 450mm (3/8" X 18" Inches)
Screws: 2X 155mm (2" X 6-1/4" Inches)

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