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Sincerely Fur Nipple Clips



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Sincerely Fur Nipple Clips

Sincerely Fur Nipple Clips

Sincerely Fur Nipple Clips - Purr-fect Pleasure

Unleash your inner wild side with the Sincerely Fur Nipple Clips by Sportsheets—a tantalizing accessory that transforms ordinary sensations into a symphony of pleasure. Elevate nipple and areola sensation to new heights with the sensual touch of faux fur, creating an experience that is as playful as it is luxurious.

These Fur Nipple Clips offer a versatile experience, allowing you to wear them with or without the black caps to customize the intensity of sensation. Dive into the world of full-body foreplay as the faux feather tops of these clips explore every erogenous zone, turning your intimate moments into a sensuous dance of desire.

Enhance the thrill by adding a Satin Blindfold to your playtime repertoire and engage in a game of 'find the soft spots.' Let your senses guide you as you discover the exquisite pleasure of every touch, heightening the anticipation and building a connection that goes beyond the physical.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each pair of Sincerely Fur Nipple Clips measures 2 inches (5.08cm) in length, with a total length of 4 inches (10.16cm). The composition of 42% polyester, 38% nickel-free metal, and 10% phthalate-free PVC ensures both comfort and durability, making these clips a staple in your collection of high-end adult toys.

With the Sincerely Fur Nipple Clips, Sportsheets has redefined the art of nipple play. These are not just clips; they are an invitation to indulge in sophistication and pleasure. Elevate your intimate moments, and let the faux fur ignite a passion that is as fierce and untamed as your desires.

Include a Satin Blindfold to play a game of ‘find the soft spots’

1 pair of 2 inch (5.08cm) clips with total length being 4 inches (10.16cm).

Ingredients: 42% polyester, 38% nickel free metal, 10% phthalate free PVC

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