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Silicone Breast with Straps


UToo Close To You

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Silicone Breast with Straps

Utoo Close to You – Realism Redefined, Comfort Elevated!

Indulge in the pinnacle of realism and comfort with the Utoo Close to You Silicone Breast with Straps – the epitome of luxurious breast forms that feel as good as they look. Made from medical-grade silicone with a soft outer skin, these breasts redefine the boundaries of authenticity.

In a natural nude skin color, these breasts offer a lifelike weight and feel, complete with raised nipples, eliminating the need for a special bra. The invisible strap-on style ensures that no external bra is required, providing a seamless, natural look. Plus, forget about the hassle of adhesives – these breasts stay securely in place, allowing you to move freely without compromise.

Crafted from premium-quality pure silicone, these breasts not only look and feel 100% real but also resemble the shape of natural breasts. Perfect for cross-dressing, cosplay enthusiasts, breast enhancement, or post-mastectomy surgery, the Utoo Close to You Silicone Breast with Straps is versatile and authentic.

Whether you're seeking a comfortable solution for self-expression or exploring the realms of cosplay, these breasts elevate your experience. Redefine your comfort, embrace your authenticity, and step into a world where realism and luxury converge seamlessly.

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