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Pumped Breast Pump Set Rose


Shots Toys

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Pumped Breast Pump Set Rose

Pumped Breast Pump Set Rose - Roses for Your Bosom, Darling

Attention all fabulous individuals! The Shots Toys Pumped Breast Pump Set Rose is here to make your breasts the stars of the show. Roses aren't just for romantic gestures; they're also for enhancing, plumping, and pampering your lovely lady lumps. Get ready for a rose-infused journey to breast perfection!

Let's cut to the chase – this breast pump set is like a magic wand for your bosom. Firming, plumping, and making your breasts feel like the royalty they are. Quick and efficient vacuum suction is the secret sauce, ensuring your breasts are not just noticed but worshipped.

Comfort is key, and the Pumped Breast Pump Set knows it. The cup, designed with a smooth silicone seal, is your breasts' new best friend. It's like wrapping them in a cloud of luxury, preventing any unwanted air or moisture from crashing the party.

Using it is a breeze – attach the hose, place the cup over your breast, and pump away. It's like a breast pump ballet, turning your breasts into the prima donnas of the show. And here's the best part – all breast sizes are VIPs. It's a breast celebration, and everyone's invited!

But, let's be sensible about it. No marathon pumping sessions here; keep it to a comfortable 20-30 minutes for both breasts. It's like a spa day for your breasts – indulgent, rejuvenating, and utterly fabulous.

This kit is your breast companion (yes, another pun) – 2 breast cups, 1 hose, and 1 hand pump. And don't forget the dimensions – Medium: 20.08" x 11.81" x 4.72" and Large: 20.08" x 13.78" x 5.63". It's like a breast enhancement party, and you're the guest of honor!

So, why settle for ordinary when you can have rose-infused fabulousness? Get your Pumped Breast Pump Set Rose now, and let the breast transformation begin!

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