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Pretty Love Purple Desire 5-piece Kit



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Pretty Love Purple Desire 5-piece Kit

Ladies and gentlemen, hold onto your hats because the Pretty Love Purple Desire 5-Piece Kit is here to deliver five times the pleasure, five times the excitement, and five times the fun. If you've been craving a collection of toys that'll leave you breathless, satisfied, and craving for more, you've found your treasure trove.

This kit is not for the faint of heart. It's designed for those who crave adventure, who are insatiable in their desires, and who are ready to explore new horizons of pleasure. With a pair of vibrating bullet-powered nipple clamps, a versatile vibrating egg, a sensational rabbit vibrator, a powerful wand massager, and an attachment head for the wand, you're in for a journey you'll never forget.

Let's start with the nipple clamps. Adjustable for your comfort, they provide even pressure around your erect nipples. But here's where it gets really exciting – they come with multi-speed bullet vibrators that add an electrifying dimension to your nipple play. The sides of the bullet casing are lined with dozens of soft, silicone bristles that deliver a tickling, teasing sensation like no other. Your nipples are about to become the center of an electrifying storm of pleasure.

But we're just getting started. The kit also includes a vibrating egg, a petite powerhouse of pleasure. With 12 tantalizing vibration modes and a convenient finger loop for easy retrieval, this mini massager is perfect for on-the-go adventures. Its compact shape makes it ideal for slipping into your bag, ready to ignite your passion whenever the mood strikes. Plus, its ridged design adds an extra layer of stimulation as you navigate it across your body.

For those seeking simultaneous internal and external stimulation, look no further than the rabbit vibrator. This unassuming toy holds the key to a whopping 30 vibration functions that will thrill and tease you for hours on end. The phallic head is adorned with skin-like ridges under the bulbous G-spot tip, delivering intense stimulation. As if that's not enough, a pair of pointed bunny ears on the clitoral rabbit dance all over your clitoris, delivering sensational dual stimulation that's just a click away.

If you're in the mood for something larger, the Pretty Love Purple Desire 5-Piece Kit has you covered with a full-sized body massaging wand. With an extra attachment head for a variety of sensations, this wand massager features super powerful multi-speed vibrations that are sure to leave you breathless. Its soft, flexible head bends with your body for maximum comfort during use, ensuring that every touch is a delight. The attachment's curved chamber envelops your erogenous zones while dozens of bristle-like nodules send micro-vibrations all over your body, driving you to the brink of ecstasy.

Now, let's talk about the material. Everything in the Pretty Love Purple Desire 5-Piece Kit is made from silky-smooth purple silicone. It's not just visually appealing, it feels incredible against your skin. Plus, the waterproof material makes it a breeze to clean, and it opens the door to hot, wet, and steamy fun in the shower or bathtub. You're not confined to the bedroom anymore.

In terms of power, you have options. Some of the toys are USB-rechargeable, ensuring that your pleasure knows no bounds. Others come with batteries included, so this feisty five-way is always ready to whisk you away to a pleasure paradise.

Key features of the Pretty Love Purple Desire 5-Piece Kit:

• Comes with 4 exciting toys & 1 attachment to spice up sexy fun (vibrating nipple clamps, egg vibrator, rabbit vibrator, wand massager & attachment)

• Multiple speeds of vibration across all toys for extra stimulation

• Fun for singles or couples

• Silky-smooth silicone that feels soft on the skin and pairs perfectly with water-based lube

• Waterproof toys for easy cleaning and versatile play in the shower or tub

• 1 rechargeable toy for never-ending fun, with the non-rechargeable toys' batteries included.


Nipple clamps:

• 5cm / 2" bullet vibrator length

• 9cm / 3.55" overall length

Egg vibrator:

• 9.2cm / 3.6" length

• 3.1cm / 1.2" width

Rabbit vibrator:

• 18cm / 7.1" overall length

• 3.4cm / 1.3" overall width

Wand massager:

• 4.5cm / 1.8" head diameter

• 25cm / 9.85" overall length

Wand attachment:

• 4.5cm / 1.8" head diameter

• 5.8cm / 2.3" overall length

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