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Posh 10 Function Silicone Pleasure Pack 2


California Exotics

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Posh 10 Function Silicone Pleasure Pack 2

Ahoy, pleasure seekers! Prepare to set sail on the good ship Ecstasy with the Posh 10 Function Silicone Pleasure Pack 2 – the treasure chest of delights that's about to make waves in your intimate adventures. This isn't just a pleasure pack; it's a pleasure fiesta, a vibrating egg extravaganza that puts the power of pleasure right at your fingertips – literally!

First up, we have the star of the show – a remote-controlled vibrating egg with an LED light. It's not just any egg; it's the James Bond of the pleasure world, equipped with a remote control that's cooler than a secret agent's gadget. With the click of a button, you hold the power to unleash 10 unique functions of vibration, pulsation, and escalation. It's like having a pleasure orchestra in the palm of your hand, ready to serenade you to climax paradise.

But wait, there's more! The vibrating egg is connected to a Universal plug-in jack – because why settle for a regular jack when you can have a Universal one? This isn't just about convenience; it's about making your pleasure experience as smooth as silk. No need for complicated setups or deciphering cryptic symbols – just plug in and play your way to pleasure heaven.

Now, let's talk about the pièce de résistance – the attachable silicone sleeve. It's like the superhero cape of the pleasure world, adding a layer that the vibrations can permeate through. Why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? The silicone sleeve transforms your pleasure experience, ensuring that the vibrations reach a wider range, turning every touch into a symphony of sensation.

Turning off this pleasure powerhouse is as easy as deciding to hit snooze on a Monday morning – just hold the button for 3 seconds, and you're back to reality. But who needs reality when you have the Posh 10 Function Silicone Pleasure Pack 2? This is your escape ticket to a world of pleasure, laughs, and maybe a few surprises along the way.

Now, let's get technical, because even pleasure has its engineering marvels. The pleasure pack is crafted from silicone (sleeve, controller inlay), ABS (stimulator), ABS with PU Cote (controller), and Phthalate-Free PVC (cord). It's like having a pleasure cocktail of the finest materials, ensuring that every touch is not just delightful but also safe and secure.

And let's not forget the measurements – 5.75 cm x 3.25 cm. But who needs numbers when you're about to embark on a journey of pleasure? It's not about size; it's about the sensations, the giggles, and the "oh my, did that just happen" moments that the Posh 10 Function Silicone Pleasure Pack 2 brings to the table.

This pleasure pack isn't just a collection of toys; it's a revolution, a riot of sensations that breaks the monotony of the ordinary. It's like having a pleasure carnival at your fingertips, ready to turn every mundane moment into a celebration of ecstasy. Stuck in traffic? Suddenly, it's a pleasure parade. Enduring a boring meeting? It's your own private comedy show. The Posh Pleasure Pack 2 turns every moment into an opportunity for laughter and delight, reminding you that pleasure should be a constant companion in life.

For those who appreciate a good laugh with their pleasure, the Posh Pleasure Pack 2 Review section is your backstage pass to the comedy show. It's where pleasure enthusiasts share their tales of joy, surprise, and maybe a few unexpected plot twists. Spoiler alert: the vibrating egg always steals the show.

In conclusion, the Posh 10 Function Silicone Pleasure Pack 2 is not just a collection of toys; it's a carnival of pleasure, a laughter-infused delight that's ready to make waves in your intimate moments. With its remote-controlled vibrating egg, Universal plug-in jack, attachable silicone sleeve, and 10 unique functions, this pleasure pack is more than a treasure chest; it's the map to ecstasy island.

Embrace the pleasure fiesta, conduct your symphony of sensations, and let the Posh 10 Function Silicone Pleasure Pack 2 be your passport to a world where joy and satisfaction fit neatly into the palm of your hand.


  • Measurements: 5.75 cm x 3.25 cm

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