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Oxballs Hognips-2



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Oxballs Hognips-2

Oxballs Hognips-2

HOGNIPS-2 nipsuckers are big. We designed these for pierced nips, big nips, pumped nips, jumbo nips...we get so many requests for bigger and bigger we just had to make huge nipsuckers a thing. These are hand poured in our LA shop, it's the only way to get the super-cool red/black swirl color and the amazing feel of liquid platinum silicone toys. The design works because our silicone is the right firmness, it has the right amount of spring and they really do _suck_ because the lip is wide for an amazing seal and grip.
HOGNIPS-2 are designed for pierced, pumped or really big nips, we made these huge suckers out of platinum silicone hand-poured mix of red and black for a super sexy look—these work because they are the right firmness with a wide lip that seals for the right amount of suck.

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