Gender X SILI-WATER Hybrid Lube



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Gender X SILI-WATER Hybrid Lube

Elevate Your Pleasure with Gender X SILI-WATER Hybrid Lube

Introducing Gender X SILI-WATER Hybrid Lube – the key to unlocking a world of sensual pleasure and unmatched comfort. This innovative personal lubricant combines the best of silicone and water-based formulas, creating a hybrid blend that's as versatile as it is luxurious.

Indications for Use: SILI-WATER is more than a lubricant; it's a celebration of pleasure. Crafted for penile, anal, and vaginal application, this hybrid formula effortlessly lubricates and moisturizes, enhancing the comfort of intimate activities. Compatible with natural rubber latex and polyisoprene condoms, it ensures a safe and pleasurable experience.

Warning: Prepare for a slippery slope of pleasure! If irritation or discomfort decides to crash the party, discontinue use and seek advice from the pleasure experts – your physician. Given its slippery nature, be on the lookout for spills and clean them immediately. Keep SILI-WATER away from inquisitive little hands and curious pets. While it's a superstar in the bedroom, it's not in the business of preventing pregnancies or acting as a sperm ninja.

Directions: Savor the delights of SILI-WATER by applying your desired amount to the chosen areas. Reapply as needed or desired, and let the hybrid magic unfold, turning your intimate moments into a symphony of pleasure.

Ingredients: SILI-WATER boasts a carefully crafted mix of Propylene Glycol, Water (Aqua), Phenoxyethanol, Dimethicone, Cellulose Gum, Cyclopentasiloxane Sodium Polyacrylate Trideceth-6, and PEG/PPG-18/18 Dimethicone. This blend of ingredients is a testament to the dedication to quality and pleasure.

Elevate your pleasure with Gender X SILI-WATER Hybrid Lube. Unleash the power of the hybrid blend and redefine your intimate experiences.

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