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Geisha Super Ball Deluxe

Geisha Super Ball Deluxe

Introducing the Shots Toys Geisha Super Ball Deluxe, a discreet delight that's ready to take you on a journey of erotic exploration. This Geisha ball is a finely crafted masterpiece, designed to provide you with exquisite pleasures and so much more.

Measuring 37mm in diameter and 108mm in length, this Geisha ball boasts a sleek and alluring design that's as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional. It's your passport to intimate satisfaction, bringing subtle vibrations that will lead you to an erotic peak.

Crafted from premium silicone, the Geisha Super Ball Deluxe is not only body-safe but also waterproof, inviting you to explore your deepest desires in aquatic settings. Its phthalate-free composition ensures a safe and enjoyable experience, prioritizing your well-being above all else.

Insert this exquisite ball into your vagina, and let its magic work its charm. The movements you make while walking become a source of continual massage, awakening your senses in the most discreet and satisfying manner.

But that's not all. This Geisha ball is a versatile companion, with the added benefit of keeping your pelvic muscles in shape. A toned pelvic floor opens the door to even more pleasure during sex, making this Geisha Super Ball Deluxe an essential addition to your intimate collection.

For those seeking to enhance their sexual experiences, improve their pelvic health, or simply explore new heights of pleasure, the Geisha Super Ball Deluxe is the perfect choice. Surrender to the sensations it has to offer, and embark on an unforgettable journey of ecstasy.

- Diameter: 37 mm
- Product Length: 108 mm
- Material: Silicone
- Waterproof: Yes
- Phthalate free: Yes

Dimensions: 4.13" x 4.13" x 1.97"

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