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Dr. Joel Kaplan The Original Nipple Enlarger System


California Exotics

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Dr. Joel Kaplan The Original Nipple Enlarger System

California Exotics – Dr. Joel Kaplan The Original Nipple Enlarger System, a groundbreaking advancement in intimate wellness designed by the esteemed Dr. Joel Kaplan, a pioneer in sexual enhancement since 1991. Building upon the success of Dr. Kaplan's Clitoris Enhancement System, this kit offers a unique and comprehensive approach to enhancing and stimulating both nipples and the clitoris.

At the heart of this transformative system is the Deluxe Hand Pump, a quiet, lightweight, and dependable device that provides precise control over the level of stimulation. Paired with a pressure gauge, this pump ensures a tailored experience, allowing users to customize their journey towards heightened sensitivity and pleasure. Crafted with precision, the Nipple Cylinders, which come in matching pairs, are made from industrial-grade clear cast acrylic, reflecting Dr. Kaplan's commitment to safety and quality.

The Nipple Enlarger System is a complete package designed for individuals seeking to enhance and stimulate their nipples while also exploring the pleasures of clitoral stimulation. The dual-hose system provides a seamless experience, allowing simultaneous stimulation of both nipples, creating a symphony of sensations that transcend the ordinary.

This comprehensive kit includes two Nipple Cylinders, ensuring a perfect fit for each individual. The cylinders are crafted with care, embracing the contours of the body for optimal comfort and stimulation. As a testament to the quality and durability of the system, each kit comes with a 3-month warranty, providing peace of mind as you embark on your journey of intimate exploration.

The Nipple Enlarger System is more than a product; it's an invitation to elevate your intimate experiences, explore new dimensions of pleasure, and embrace the empowering journey towards enhanced sensitivity. Dr. Joel Kaplan's legacy of expertise and trust is woven into every component of this system, making it a valuable addition to your intimate wellness routine.

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