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Body & Soul Connection

Body & Soul Connection

Prepare to indulge in clitoral bliss with a touch of humor and a whole lot of pleasure with the California Exotics Body & Soul Connection Vibe. This cheeky vibrator, in a stunning shade of bright blue and a velvety finish, is not only comfortable to hold but also ingeniously designed to caress your most sensitive pleasure spot with the utmost ease.

The Body & Soul Connection Vibe is your ticket to a world of intense solo play, guaranteed to satisfy your desires. But it's not just about self-indulgence; this versatile vibrator is perfect for adding a spark to intercourse. It offers dual stimulation, enhancing your pleasure during penetration.

Its rounded base, cleverly weighted for perfect control, houses the controls that allow you to explore ten exciting functions of vibration. Whether you prefer a steady buzz, pulsating rhythms, or escalating sensations, this vibe has you covered. What sets it apart is the unique design, featuring two playful ears at the opposite end that come alive with every setting.

Made from flexible silicone, the Body & Soul Connection Vibe is not just about clitoral pleasure. Those bendable ears can be positioned to surround your clitoris, or you can press them closer together to apply pressure on either side. You can also use them for a delightful nipple massage or vary the intensity by playing with one ear at a time. The possibilities are endless, and it's all at your fingertips.

The temperature-sensitive silicone of this vibrator warms up against your skin, providing a sensuous experience. It's hypoallergenic, ensuring it won't irritate sensitive areas. Just remember to use a quality water-based lubricant, and cleaning is a breeze with soap or toy cleaner. Take your pleasure to the next level by enjoying the Connection Vibe in the shower or bath, where the silicone absorbs the warmth of the water, providing a delightful sensation.

This vibrator is not just a load of fun; it's also practical. It runs on two AAA batteries that have the stamina to keep up with your desires through many play sessions.

Get ready to explore a world of sensations with the California Exotics Body & Soul Connection Vibe. It's a vibrator with a playful spirit and endless pleasure possibilities.

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