The reasons behind sexual desire

The human brain is the organ that controls and generates all the human impulses and desires, including the sex drive. Said desire is necessary for the species’ survival, as it is the trigger of sexual intercourse when procreation is the uttermost goal. 


Although the primal origin of sexual desire may have been reproductive, currently, sex is rarely exclusively meant to be for said purpose. It is more commonly had for satisfaction purposes.

Variations of the libido

The stimuli that cause a reaction in the human being highly differs, as it is a matter of personal preference from each individual, which explains the wide variety of hot escorts in Sydney. In the same fashion, the stimuli by which people can feel an increased sexual desire, can be of several types, for example:

Visual stimulation

The most common way of arousal comes from visual stimulation. Some examples could be explicit images or videos, such as a series of pornographic or erotic photographs, as well as a pornographic video. The increase of sex drive can also come from images and videos without explicit sex, from a show, film, advertisements, etc.


But not only images and videos with erotic and sexual content are considered visual stimuli. Meeting people on the street can also cause an alteration of somebody’s sexual desire. It is not surprise for a person to see another one in the subway, at the club, in a concert… and feel aroused, without any explicit signal that points to a potential sexual interaction.


Imaginative stimulation

While not necessarily a sexual stimulus, someone’s imagination is a really powerful factor in the fluctuation of sexual desire. It is connected to our visual sense, and due to the great imaginative capacity with which to visualize any situation, many people get to explore their sexualities, discovering therefore their preferences and turnoffs.


The power of the imagination is limitless, without boundaries. Any individual can imagine a situation with another person, performing any kind sexual practice, at any place… Which means that the imagination occasionally serves as a link to “live” what is not really possible. Inside its imagination every person can have relationships with one another, regardless of it being a fictional characters, famous singers or actors.


Imaginative stimuli may even be influenced by a book or audio. An imagination creating and representing certain situations and scenarios. The only difference is that in this case it is guided and influenced by a text, be it a novel or an erotic story, or even by an erotic audio, or even VR porn something that is becoming more and more widespread. 

What happens when you are aroused?

Sexual desire influences a person’s body. Increased heart rate as well as blood pressure, redness of the skin, erect nipples, dilated pupils … in general, all the expression of the face as a whole is more desirable.


As for the genitalia, in men it is more visible since there is an erection, as well as an ascent of the testicles. Even the appearance of pre-seminal fluid is common if the sexual desire is very strong.


The genital area of women also changes, as experienced on a daily basis by the professional female escorts from Birmingham. The vagina increases in size up to 2 thirds of its initial size, increasing both its length and diameter.


Tips for improving sexual desire

Over time, people may feel that sexual desire is decreasing. It may be normal as you get older, but there are still ways to prevent the decrease or increase your sexual appetite. 


Stress, from a daily nerve wracking routine, or exhaustion can negatively affect people’s libido. Some tips to increase sexual desire are:

Physical exercise 

The positive repercussions in the organism that come by practising a spot are infinite. Physical exercise is one of the best treats that anyone can do to its body, since not only does it affect positively to the physical perception, but also to the mind. Thanks to physical exercise the blood flow of the body will improve, including the flow of the most intimate parts. 


In addition, practicing sport positively affects people’s mental health, as it helps to be more positive because it favors the segregation of endorphins, which help to be happier and in a better mood.


There is no doubt that food is another basic pillar in people’s health, and therefore also in everything that affects sexual health. 


A good and equilibrated diet will help to maintain the ideal weight, which means better self-esteem and self-confidence. 


Obesity can be a serious problem that affects, among other things, the production of testosterone, which is much lower in men who are very overweight.


A good diet, together with physical exercise, will make a person healthier, physically and mentally, as well as better prepared to maintain a sexual relationship, being able to last longer and at greater intensities.


Rest is essential for people. Adequate rest, sleeping a minimum of seven hours a day, will make someone’s health much better compared to people whose rest is not good. 


Failures to rest properly can lead to a drop in testosterone levels in men of up to 10%. Apart from that, if a person is very tired it is difficult to have sexual appetite. 


These are three of the basic pillars to maintain sexual desire. Physical exercise, food and rest. Taking care of these three aspects will not only improve the sexual appetite, but will increase the quality of life, since the physical and mental health will be much better.