Pussy Pump Blogs Boner For The Adultsmart Blog!

The pussy Pump Blog is one of the most open sexual blogs you’ll come across. It talks about pussy pumping and goes into the really fine details about it. It’s honestly so refreshing to find a blog channel that talks about women sexual issues and what’s more it’s designed for the male population so they can help their female partners experience the great intensity that comes with sexual pleasure. You can get lost for hours just reading on all the amazing things pussy pumping does to a woman and will definitely make you curious enough to want to try.

The Adultsmart Community Lifestyle blog, on the other hand, talks about everything adult relationships go through, from the sex to general advice. If you feel like you and your partner or just you are going through something in your relationship that you don’t quite understand, then the Adultsmart blog is where you should be taking all your problems to get your questions answered.

While the Pussy pump blog is strictly dedicated to talking about the education and personal experience of pussy pumping, the Adultsmart blog is a bit more general and talks about everything so we see how the pussy pump blog might be a little head-over-heels-in-love with the Adultsmart blog and we’ve got the proof to back-up our claims.

One-stop shop

The Adultsmart blog is a one-stop shop for all things relationships and if there’s a problem pussy pump did not address you can be sure it was addressed here on this blog. They deal with everything so you don’t have to go through a relationship struggling. They are like your secret recipe for keeping a healthy and happy relationship.

Adult sex shop

See all those fun pump toys talked about on pussy pump? You can definitely find them at Adultsmart’s online shop for all sex toys you could possibly think of, lingerie lubes and any other products you’d wish to purchase. Their products are best-quality, highly tested so their customers only get the best experience with whatever product they want to work with.

Best advice on the block

If we started going over all the kinds of different advice offered on this blog, we’d spend an entire day and night just going over it but we are going to list some:

Dating and relationship advice

For couples that are just starting out or have a bit of experience, there’s always something at the corner waiting to break you two up and so need constant advice on how to deal with your partner in such situations and how best to act. They can’t fix everything between you too but they sure do try and we applaud them for that.

Secret fetishes

Fetishes are something most people like keeping secret because they normally fall out of the scope of what might be considered acceptable sexual behavior but not at Adultsmart. Here all your fetishes and secret desires are addressed and talked about openly so you don’t have to feel like you’re the only one.

Sex toy guide and BDSM

The pussy pump blog talks about one specific kind of sex toy and goes into deep details about it the Adultsmart blog talks about all kinds of sex toys and how to use them. It also goes into details for those kinky lovers, going into the ins and outs of what goes down in a BDSM session, what to expect, where the limits may lie and any other kind of information you might find necessary.
Just but to mention a few of the topics on the whole issue of sex.

A page out of the big sister’s book- or brother

The pussy pump blog definitely looks a lot like the Adultsmart blog with the theme colors and some of the items on the menu and one of them is the testimonials. Adultsmart goes the extra mile in letting other people know that there are others like them out there somewhere by collecting testimonials and posting them with the consent and Pussy pump definitely does the same. There are quite a number of women talking about their experience with pussy pumping and it’s a great morale booster. And who doesn’t want to be like someone they admire and look up to?

A little erotica to stimulate you

Stimulate yourself and or with your partner with some steamy erotica to get you in the mood depending on your kink. One of the reasons why pussy pump loves Adultsmart so much is because they post those naughty stories you want to read in the dark and in your bed when you’re ready to go on a little self-exploration journey or you want to get your juices flowing before your partner gets home and really get things going. There are all kinds of stories and they are neatly arranged with titles and categories so you go through the stack like a pro!

They both care about your health

These two sites both go out of their way to discuss sexually-related issues and will even include medical expertise where necessary. Pussy pump addresses issues that could be associated with pussy pumping- anorgasmia and goes into deep details and if you’re looking for other kinds of health-related issues, hop on over to Adultsmart and get to understand a certain condition in full. They go into details about issues covered and will best advise on what to do about said issues.

In conclusion

We could go on and on with all the reasons why the pussy pump blog loves the Adultsmart blogs and like we said, we could spend an entire day and night listing the points because when it comes to sex and relationships there’s just so much to talk about!

Adult Blog Users
Adultsmart Viewers

The one thing that clearly stands out is that both blogs are so similar in that they both want you to get the most out of your relationship, emotionally and sexually. They both go into deep details on the different topics addressed and give a wide range of information.

They talk about topics that are typically considered taboo in a nice and confident way that honestly makes you think about trying some of the things and the testimonials come in handy too. Knowing that someone else somewhere is into the same stuff you’re into boosts your confidence levels into either trying it out to see if it works for you or sees just how far you can push your body to accept your demands, therefore taking charge of what really goes on down there.

And there my friends is some of the reasons why Pussy Pump is crazy for Adultsmart.

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