What Is Pussy Pumping?

pumping technology

Female pumping is a sexual practice in which ladies participate in vacuum pumping their genitalia. The practice has now stretched out to different parts of the body and can be including the vacuum pumping of the breasts, nipples, clitoris, and labiaas well as any other body part that you’d like to apply it to. Suction containers and cylinders can be applied to virtually any part of the body, and in some cases even between people making for some interesting combinations and techniques.



Some people will find considerable pleasure through the act of pumping. Considering that men have been pumping up their penises for many years both in regards to providing sexual pleasure and in the treatment of male sexual dysfunction, its little wonder that women have picked up the ball and started on the pumping trend themselves. There’s even the ancient Chinese act of cupping which has numerous health benefits which we will explore in another article on this website. Women’s pumping, for the most part provides new spotlights onto the body. Female sex and sexuality has long been regarded as a mystery in comparison to men. It was only in the past few decades where women have been allowed to openly embrace their sexuality without societal judgement. Vibrators and sexual aides are becoming accepted and less taboo, and Adult Stores are changing their looks and images in order to cater to the female clientele. With the stigma breaking down, women are becoming more interested in the idea of fetish and more obscure sexual practices and this is inclusive of pumping.

Throughout time, and since the advent of the internet whereby we can place content on the internet through articles and images there has been a surge in all things obscure and fetish like. Indeed, there are now adult films and sites specialising in all sorts of wonderful fetishes such as fat sex, cougar sex, and even more out there ones such as mechanophilia. This has included pumping, with a range of places now dedicated to pumped up labia’s, extra-large clitorises, and BDSM sites dedicated to pumping and suction play. Suction and pumping play is not something that everyone can understand, and as such is often considered to be one of the more unique sexual practices in the world in the sense that it doesn’t necessarily involve orgasm or ejaculation, but simply is an enhancement of sexual pleasure through the stimulation of the genitalia. This sees a lot of people receiving sexual gratification from the participation of such an activity, which is partially why it’s so popular.

Suction, and the use of vacuum pressure on the body is not something that is new. It has been found in ancient practices all over the world including China which has used cupping for the healing treatment of sore muscles and body aches and pains. In the early nineties, and perhaps even before that, we started to explore the benefits of female pumping. This is despite the first penis pump being developed in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Someone, somewhere had realised the pumps were working on men, so why not try it on themselves? From there, it exploded as people began to realise the benefits that clitoral pumping had. The most notable being that the extra blood flow which was being drawn into the genital tissues were bringing extra oxygen and nutrients to the nerves and thus helping them increase their sensitivity.



We know that the advantages of female pumping are clear, we know that the vacuum and suction increases blood flow and oxygen to the nerves of the genitals. This increased blood flow from the resulting vacuum activates the nerves and increases sensitivity, making it much easier for women who had previously had difficulty reaching orgasms to achieve an orgasm more often. Indeed, the utilization of vacuum pumps is being used with the treatment of anorgasmia and other women’s sexual dysfunction. Women who partake in the activity of pumping up their clitoris and or labia find that they’re receiving far greater stimulation and sensation than before as well as becoming more sexually aroused as they see and recognise the changes that are taking place. One of the main reasons as to this arousal is the centre of attention that has been placed onto the female.

By this we mean that research has suggested that women have a tendency to become more mentally and physically aroused when they realise that someone is aesthetically pleased by their genitals. There are men out there that absolutely love pumped up labia’s and will seemingly froth at the mouth at such an event. The arousal is increased through his both parties explicit pleasure.

The act of pumping is therefore something which can provide physical and mental pleasure to both parties. In much the same way as lingerie and erotic clothing works, excepting a pumped up labia and clitoris provides physical sensation and excitement as well as visual stimulation.

Despite all of this, care must be taken to not over pump the area which can result in pain and temporary numbing. In extreme cases pumping may disrupt blood vessels and cause bruising. It is important that any suction activity be done carefully and with patience. That’s not to say that you can’t take it to the extreme, there are some women which like to push their bodies and their capabilities to the very edge, and this is especially useful within BDSM and role play scenarios, but people that do this have an intuitive understanding of their bodies, know their limits and capabilities and don’t ever push too far beyond them.

Rejuvenate Your Clitoris With Surgery!

Clitoral Plastic Surgery

Women will sometimes complain of an excess amount of skin that is sitting over their clitoris. This excess skin can sometimes project outwards and onto their clothes. An excess amount of skin over the clitoral hood can also result in reduced sexual sensitivity, or result in pain during sexual activity. Clitoral rejuvenation or clitoral hood reduction surgery, also known as Hoodectomy, is considered to be a minor corrective operation which is a procedure to remove excess prepuce tissue, which is the surrounding ‘hood’ through which protects the clitoris on three sides. In normal situations the hood has been anatomically designed to provide protection to the clitoris from abrasion and chaffing, as well as over stimulation. It will naturally retract during sexual intercourse leaving the incredibly sensitive spot to be more exposed. This exposure will allow the application of stimulation to the clitoral node which is commonly referred to as the exterior g-spot, and can result in multiple orgasms.



Sometimes, women with small clitoral nodes, or women that have an excess of skin over the clitoral node will find it exceptionally difficult to achieve orgasm, or might be unable to have an orgasm at all! This is as a result of the clitoris being too covered, or restricted from the excess skin tissue. This reduces the ability to feel tactile stimulation or might even remove it entirely.

A closely related condition in terms of the clitoris has been reported by researchers at the Boston University School of Medicine. The research conducted here found that 25% of women who had undergone treatment for some form of sexual dysfunction suffered from a condition which is now known as clitoral phimosis. This is a similar condition to an excess of clitoral hood whereby the prepuce tissue is too tight to allow the clitoris to protrude natural meaning that there is not enough exposure to provide the necessary stimulation in order to achieve sexual climax. This condition can also be corrected through a Hoodectomy and involves a surgical retraction of the skin tissue surrounding the clitoris.

The procedure is fairly simple and straight forward. Clitoral Hood reduction involves the removal of excess skin for the purpose of a smooth, tight and functional clitoris and clitoral hood. The important thing to note here is that the clitoris itself is not operated on during the surgery. So there should be no need for concerns in regards to things such as sensitivity reduction during sexual activity. On the contrary, a procedure such as this is far more likely to increasesexual sensations.

After the procedure it is normal to feel a little drowsy from the prescribed anaesthetic. You may be required to stay in the hospital overnight or at the very least it is recommended that you be driven home and to have someone stay the night to ensure that you’re okay. On the first night you will need to rest.

On the day of your surgery for a clitoral hood reduction you can safely expect to experience some discomfort which will continue for the few days following the surgery. Your surgeon will prescribe something for the pain if it is required. A few days after your surgery you will need to return back to the surgeon to have your first post operative check up.



Following the surgery you will be able to resume normal and light activities the following day. However it will be recommended that you take off up to two weeks of work to ensure proper healing, and you will need to refrain from sexual intercourse for at least 45 days following the surgery.

Another form of surgery regarding the clitoris is clitoral unhooding. This is sometimes comparatively referred to as female circumcision, as it is a similar procedure to that done in men. Although male circumcision is done for the purpose of genital hygiene and penile complications. Women however, having undergone a Hoodectomy, will be permitted to experience greater sensation and a heightened arousal through the reduction of the tissue that forms the clitoral hood. This will almost always result in stronger and faster orgasms. In some extents, it has been theorized that excessive clitoral hood tissue can result in hygiene-related issues within women as it can give protection to higher levels of bacteria which will sometimes result in yeast or vaginal infections in close proximity to the entrance of the vaginal canal. It is also important to note that a Hoodectomy should not be mistakenly referred to as a Clitoridectomy – which is an entirely different surgical procedure. A Clitoridectomy is Female Genital Mutilation which is practiced in some cultures which sees the complete removal of the clitoral node.

Because of the high density of nerves in the clitoris, there are some gynecologists which are not at all comfortable with performing and recommending a clitoral unhooding procedure. Sometimes this is as a result of a lack of surgical experience, other times they might be unwilling on societal comforts and the implication that it can have on a woman’s pleasure. The idea being that sexual pleasure can be considered taboo and that it isn’t necessary in the overall scheme of things. However, there are an increasing number of respected cosmetic gynecological surgeons and plastic surgeons that have training in urological matters that understand and acknowledge both the need and desire to have such an operation performed.

Designer Vaginas Just Right For You!

Custom Vaginas

It’s a strange world. A consumer and material world of sorts where we can not only design our homes, but also design our babies as well. We can easily take a holiday to an exotic country, experience a new culture and a new land. We can relax, and we can experience new adventures, and we can buy quality vibrators that have been specifically designed with women’s ergonomics in mind.. Now, in amongst relaxing and experiencing we can design a vagina. When we think of plastic surgery we think of face lifts, wrinkle free faces and Botox, but surprisingly these procedures are on the lower end of the growth scale. Labiaplasty surgery is one of the fastest growing cosmetic surgery procedures in the world. Almost doubling in the space of a year and being second only to buttock augmentation, colloquially referred to as the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL). A Designer Vagina surgery is where a woman will have her labia and genitals surgically altered to adhere to a specific look or request, which is known as Labiaplasty. Recent studies have shown that that over 80% of all vaginal surgeries are for the purpose of reducing the size of, or reshaping the labia.

Labiaplasty is specific type of surgery that is used in order to reduce the size or change the shape of the parts of the vagina which include the labia minora, majora or both. The labia’s are the four different folds of skin tissue that make up the vulva. Labiaplasty is usually done either as a completely separate procedure or to be combined with vaginal surgery.

There are some women out there who have become embarrassed because their larger than expected labia’s are large enough that can be shown through their clothing, resulting in the appearance of a ‘camel toe’. Some women will also experience pain when jogging, exercising, riding bikes and wearing jeans which rub against their labia during such activities and can cause chaffing.

Labia reduction surgery can provide relief from pain and chaffing. Here we will briefly explore some of the other types of surgery that are used for vaginal, clitoral and labia procedures.

There are an increasing number of plastic surgeons whom are currently marketing a procedure in which they remove the tissue cover that normally protects the clitoris. This  procedure is usually likened to a female version of circumcision, and in a sense is very much the same kind of procedure. The removal of the clitoral hood is useful for increasing sensitivity and helping with the treatment of anorgasmia. Recently, laser technology has also been introduced into vaginal surgeries to replace the surgeons’ use of traditional metal scalpels.

Now this one is an interesting one. G-spot Amplification is a relatively new surgical procedure which involves the surgeon injecting the patient with collagen to increase her ability to feel pleasure.

In the front wall of the vagina is the clitoral node which is highly sensitive to stimulation. The clitoris is generally considered to be one of the main sources of feminine orgasmic arousal. The collagen injection is placed into this front wall for a more pronounced look and to increase stimulation.

This is a highly controversial procedure. Hymenplasty surgery is the medical term for a surgery whose goal it is to repair and build a broken hymen which has been broken through to trauma or after sexual activity.

Some cultures in the world have exceptionally strong religious beliefs about virginity and its importance within a new relationship. For this reason, the procedure is highly controversial as it is often deemed to be deceptive.

For the most part, these surgeries mentioned above are for cosmetic and aesthetic reasons, though it will be noted that some women require the use of Labiaplasty surgery for medical reasons. In these situations a labia has become abnormally large in the sense that it can cause extreme chaffing and uncomfortable pain through everyday activities. This is extreme cases though, most women will have a folds around the vaginal opening and this is completely normal and there is no reason to panic about something like this. Concernedly, an increasing amount of women are electing to have cosmetic Labiaplasty surgery because they have become aesthetically displeased with the appearance and presentation of their labia. This is despite there being nothing medically wrong with their vagina, and it is classified as normal. Now is this an expression of vanity, or is there something more going on here?

In a story in late 2016, there was an incredibly controversial story where a mother had taken her 15 year old daughter to the GP to discuss the option of Labiaplasty surgery. In this story, the mother was fighting doctors in order to get the surgery because her daughter had an inner labia which protruded past the outer labia. The mother had said comments such as ‘normal women are neater’ and then bizarrely said that “she will never be able to have sex looking like that”. Doctors concluded that there was no medical reason for the daughter to have surgery, and that the surgery was for completely cosmetic reasons. Researchers from the Children’s Bioethics Centre and the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne raised the belief that the majority of genital surgery was driven by cosmetic reasoning and not by any underlying medical condition. Further, an audit of the referral letters for Labiaplasty surgery at the royal children’s hospital concluded that over 25% of the cases involved the child’s mother bringing up the idea.

It’s a controversial story for several reasons. Firstly, readers of the story were concerned as to why a mother had been close enough to a teenage daughter to be able to comment on her labia, and secondly, the more important issue involves the mentality of teenagers. Teenagers are going through a rough period of life, they’re questioning their sex and sexuality, questioning their identities and bodies and experiencing a range of insecurities and social anxieties, the least of which should be a comment from one’s own parent unnecessarily criticising the appearance of ones genitals by saying that sexual activity will be out of the question with a look like that. Psychologists are suggesting that the overall theme that we need to address to young people is that intimate relationships are about the quality of a relationship, about being a good and likeable person, the quality of one’s heart and not the quality and appearance of ones genitalia. Teenagers are impressionable as they go through awkward years of transitioning into an adult, and focusing on the appearance of ones genitalia sends a terrible message to youth.



Medical professionals are reporting a surge in the increase of people that are having Labiaplasty surgery. This video quickly explores what a Labiaplasty surgery is.

Researchers are further suggesting that, like the preference for trimming and shaving pubic hair, the rise for the designer vagina stems from the consumption of pornography. Women, will generally not look at variety of women for their understanding of vaginas, what they will look at is magazines, and pornography which depicts an unrealistic expectation of a vagina in much the same capacity that men have in regards to penis size and pornography. The fact is, that like penises, body shapes, and appearances, that there is a huge variation of the idea of normal. Think about it – why do we have such a variety of condoms, penis plugs, and other toys for the penis if they were all the same? They’re not, and the thing to remember is that there is no normal shape and size of the labia. So when there’s situations where a boyfriend has asked that his girlfriend have surgery because he doesn’t like the look of her labia, then the issue is with the boyfriend and his understanding of vaginas, and not necessarily the individual with the vagina.

When it comes to labia size and appearance, culture will play a significant part in determining the ‘normal’ size of a labia. For example, in Japanese culture a larger labia is generally more desired and thought to be appealing whilst in Western Culture a neater and smaller labia is more sought after. So the question then becomes, who or what is driving the shift towards designer vaginas?



Bethany Jones from the Australian National University in Canberra released a study in 2015 that looked at pornography consumption within women and their desire to undergo a Labiaplasty surgery. Over 1000 people completed the survey which was put on Facebook and at the conclusion of the study, whilst there were small correlating links between the consumption of pornography and the desire to somewhat likely, and highly likely, undergo Labiaplasty surgery, the correlation was simply not strong enough to attribute the consumption of pornography to be the strongest indicator of a designer vagina. Indeed the majority of women that participated in the survey indicated that they were quite content with their vaginas.

Despite the survey being listed as a preliminary study, with further studies to follow, there was not the definitive link that was expected from the results of this survey. Ms Jones noted that the pursuing of cosmetic surgery is a very interesting behaviour and that a study should more closely examine such things as individual difference, psychological characteristics and mental health indicators. Primarily, research that has been done on the use of cosmetic surgery has demonstrated that mental health indicators such as depression, anxiety, and body dysmorphic disorder played a significant role in people’s decisions to have cosmetic surgery.

As with any medical procedure there are risks that are associated with Labiaplasty surgery and they include:

  • Loss of sensitivity in the vaginal region
  • Over cutting the labia
  • Under cutting the labia
  • Patient not being happy with the end result
  • Inability to wear tampons, have sex or partake in exercise for 6 weeks (sometimes longer) following the surgery
  • Risks of infection
  • Walking, sitting down and normal daily activities can be uncomfortable for a few weeks following the surgery.
  •  Taking time off of work is necessary to have this surgery

Vaginas are as unique as every other body part that we have, whether that is our body type, our facial shape, hair, and eye colours. There is no normal definition for the shape and appearance and look of a vagina and unless it is causing severe distress or there is an underlying medical issue which needs to be addressed then it certainly poses an interesting question. Considering the aim of pussy pumping is to promote the appearance of the labia, increase sensation and sensitivity -is Labiaplasty surgery really necessary, or is it just another example of human vanity?

Clitoral Pumping Solution!

Big clit

The clitoral pumping system, produced by LA Pump is a unique line of hand crafted cylinders that have beendiamond cut and flame polished for the specific task of the enlargement of the clitoris, through hyperemiation (Vacuum Pumping). These products have been designed with safety, comfort and maximum size gain in the forefront of their minds. Cylinders are individually hand crafted for you, and come in a variety of different sizes to that you can choose your exact size specification with the knowledge that you will receive comfort and the best vacuum seal without the use of awkward, complex, and difficult to use machines.

The cylinders are made of advanced and high grade polymers for maximum pumping results. The cylinders have actually been made from the same materials and structure that have been utilized in the production of aeroplane windows. All the cylinders that are used in LA pump systems have a quick connect/disconnect safety valve on them. What this means is that you can apply pressure through the hose which will translate through to the cylinder. You can then remove the hose and from there keep the pressure in the cylinder. This is partly why the LA pumping system is considered to be so useful and as such it should be noted that this is not a cheap generic pump versions you find in most adult shops, it is the real deal with results guaranteed if you follow the pumping instructions and will be found in all good quality adult stores.

The L.A. pump clitoris cylinder attachments will come in five different sizes allowing you to get a personalized fitting around your clitoris, remember, not everyone is the same. The cylinders are available in the following sizes: ½”, ¾”. 5/8”, 1” 1.25”. This allows you to customize your cylinder to your body size and not getting disappointed by the cheaper products that primarily cater for “one size fits most”.

la pumps
la clit pumps


L.A. Pump Clitoris Cylinder:-

Enlarge your clit through suction play, you can enjoy the pleasurable vacuum sensation

Temporarily enhances sensitivity for improved sexual play and masturbation

Great punishment tool when used at high pressure levels

How It works:

With proper use you can enlarge and stimulate your clit using our high tech vacuum pump. They utilize the same concept as traditional penis pumps, which have been effective in enlarging penis size, now you can enlarge your clitoris to size. The cylinder is crafted from industrial grade clear acrylic. Uses the same airlock release system as in our other pumps.

Enjoy watching your clit grow with proper use. Pumping your clit enhances its sensitivity and can be a lot of fun for sexual play and masturbation. Clit cylinders can also be used to create great stimulation or punishment with higher pressure levels.

Nancy’s Pussy Pumping Experience!

Pussy Pump Erotica

Hi I’m Nancy and I’m 35 years of age, work a common place Mon-Fri job. I’m single, no children, and live in a little house in an average neighborhood. Nothing unique, that is without a doubt. I wouldn’t worry about living without anyone else. I appreciate the alone time. I do get a bit lonely sometimes, however that is the thing that friends with benefits and my favorite vibrators are for, correct? So the sex is good and it goes without the complications.

By and by, I have a great deal of sex toys. I don’t just use women’s vibrators as well. My ex used to have a variety of sex toys for men, and I’d get into his stash and try those as well. I am insatiable. Not that I get every one of them out and lay them in a line on the quaint little bed and use every single one until I’m exhausted. No, I like some more than others, and once in a while I’ll alternate one with another in case I’m fantasizing about fucking another person. I masturbate a lot and I always want to play with my pussy and delight myself. I imagine I’m getting fucked by two men and push a dildo up my pussy and ass at the same time. Talking dirty saying things like, “Fuck my pussy and ass! “Make me cum everywhere on those enormous dicks!”

I often fantasizing about yelling it so loud that everyone can hear when I’m jerking off. You can say anything you need to, or want to with me as there is nothing to dirty that I do not want to hear.


It was at long last Friday, and payday to boot. The week had simply appeared to drag along and I was looking forward to the time off. I didn’t have any arrangements,  I simply needed time off work to unwind. I went to the store and got my typical bottle of schnapps, and a few videos – perfect for a night in. For some reason, I simply loved gay porn. I just found it to be far more real than anything other type I watched. Maybe that’s why I am single. I am most  a home body, yet Friday’s were constantly perfect for me, particularly the first payday of the month when there were plenty of funds to play with.

I generally treated myself to something new. Indeed, this time I decided to get myself another sex toy. I didn’t need anything but I wanted something that would be an absolutely new experience for me. I generally buy or hire some porn from my local adult store, and use that as an excuse to look at all the new adult toys. I’ve always had an interest in the use pussy pumps and had checked out a few movies where they are used.  I can’t say that I thought it was normal that a pussy should swell up like that.  However it really intrigued me as to how it would feel.  Would if feel great, I wondered.

At the adult lifestyle center I went to they had a new line of pussy pumps.  The friendly consultant corrected me when I asked about them ‘Vacuum Enlargement Devices’s. I put it all on the line and purchased on anticipating testing it later that night. Arriving home I had a mischievous grin on my face anticipating unwrapping the bundle of joy later that night.  I couldn’t eimagine how huge and swollen my pussy would be when I finished with the pump. I have a pretty big vagina already and  was eager to see what it was going to look like when it was significantly more swollen and rubbing against my thighs,  Just the thought of it had me dribbling down my legs.

It was all too much for me so I filled the bath whilst pouring myself a glass of white wine.  On entering the bath I grabbed my shaver and ensured that my pussy and pussy lips were totally free from hair.  This allows for a better suction they had told me at the shop.  The shaving though turned me on and I could not help but run my fingers between my legs, touching my smooth vulva lips and lightly pinching my clit.  I came and drifted off in a wave of ectasy and came too from this  happy place when the bath water began to cool.

I got out from the bath and dried myself on my soft luxurious Egyptian cotton towel.  Once dry I went over to put my see-through negligee on and looked down to see the my dark areola perking up.  Really, I am very slutty and turn on so easily – deciding to not put on any panties but slipping on my strappy high heels.  I look in the mirror and was pleased to see what was before me.

I had a bit of a taste up from the wine and was ready to smash into the schnapps.  I get insane when I drink, more sexually than mentally and smiled as I thought the punishment I was going to put my vagina through.


drunk sex
kinky and drunk


Grabbing my now third drink I went to the bedroom and excitedly opened the wrapping that contained my pussy pump, reading the instructions. It says just 15 minutes of suction for the first time so I settled down and put on my favorite DVD of real men, the ones that know what they’re doing and they enjoy the flesh of younger women and men. The snobby ones, as well as the bull dyke sort, you know,  a man that knows how to take a cock but also can deal with tits and a pussy. It is a bisexual extravaganza and the first scene was of a bull dyke holding a young lady down while she ate her pussy.

“You like Mary’s tongue, don’t you, you horny bitch! You need to make your cunt juices to sprinkle everywhere all over me, huh?” She was said.

She had massive tits and pushed her immense areolas into the young ladies’ butt hole. “I’ll fuck your little ass with my tits, bitch! I’ll fuck your little bodyas my sex toy!” She cried out.

I downed whatever was left of my first schnapps, and made me another ready as a chaser. I could feel the warmth originating from the alcohol and my pussy was responding in  kind.  Imagining now a sweet young pussy in front of me ready for me to suck, lick and swallow.  Grabbing that bitch by the hair, it was all I could do not to play with myself.

I sat on the edge of the seat I was on, and put the pussy pump over my whole pussy mound. I began pumping the valve, and I could feel the suction pulling on every last bit of my fattening twat. I could see my pussy beginning to fill the clear perspex, there was a vibrator setting and I turned it on which sent rushes of delight all through my body. I continued pumping, and with every press of the valve, my pussy became larger and larger until it filled the cup. It was a blend of joy and torment, yet more joy. After a couple of minutes,released the pressure and removed the cup.  I was shocked how enormous my pussy had become.  I could not stop looking at it.

Massive vagina lips
Massive pussy lips

This self voyeurism had my juices flowing and I imagined what it would be like to take a huge cock into my now colossal vagina.  Wondering whether it would feel tighter for him and how it would be for me.  I began to tease myself by playing with my clit making me significantly wetter and turned on.

The scene changed and then some dyke was on TV, this time she had a tremendous dark dildo strapped on, fucking a young lady, and holding a vibrator to her clit. The young lady appeared as though she was going to cum any moment.

“Fuck that bitch!” I said.

Whilst watching I got up and began to rub my pussy on the arm of my sofa, crushing my clit into the harsh fiber, leaning forward I began pressing my tits, and twisting my nipples until they hurt.

“Fuck that bitch until she cums!”  I yelled.  The effects of the liquor were finally impacting upon me and I could feel any restraint that I had dissipating away as I poured my third tumbler or schnapps.

Breaking me from my filthy thoughts and actions I could hear yelling outside.  There was an argument going on and I looked outside my window and saw Justin and Amber, my neighbors having a fight in their front yard.  They were clearly drunk – and I was almost there too.  I could not help but fantasize about Amber, a golden haired beauty in her mid twenties with a bootylicious.

Watching them confirmed to me that I did not want to be in a relationship and that love generally always turned out to be a bitch with someone getting hurt.  I downed by third schnapps and poured myself another -going back to the window and seeing Justin jump in his car and take off, his wheels screeching and burning rubber.

I went back to my porn movie and the scene was of two ladies sucking each others cunts with massive tits.  I began jacking off, fingering myself in my enormous pussy lips, the sensation was more intense because of the engorgement and I began to yell out dirty talk in unison with the adult stars on the screen imagining that I was in a all girl threesome.  I was slamming my pussy with two fingers and my cunt juices were splashing all over my lounge but I did not care.  I just wanted to cum before grabbing my favorite huge black dildo.